Little Ferric sat by his father's leg, leaning against him, playing with his toys. Today, they were Space Marines, another day, they might be cars or other vehicles; on yet another, it might be animals, a tool set or a chemistry set. Little Ferric was a very intelligent boy, just like his father had been.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" his auntie Nefer asked him, as she patted his hair. Beside her, Konrad was sitting, taste-testing the cookies he was served. In her lap, tiny Aura (who held forth that she was the BIG sister and Ferric was the baby even if he was taller...) played with her own toy, a dataslate and its stylus.

Ferric gave this the necessary amount of thought, brows furrowed before he made his decision. "I dunno. Not a Space Marine, though. Maybe an Inquisitor like Mama."

"Why not a space marine?" Nefer asked, puzzled. With the way he'd grown up surrounded by space marines he admired, she'd have thought...

Ferric looked at her as if it was obvious and he was surprised she didn't see his reasoning.

"Because almost all of my older brothers are space marines!"