Chains on me

(Avie Pov:)

Greetings, Rookie!

Let me introduce you to a thousand-year-old genie. I'm Avie. As you can see, I look like 17, right? Well, we grow only until our teenager stage. Some are until they're adult stage. It's not an exact age, actually. During our childhood, we don't live on lamps. We live on the Great Genie World. Then when we reach the right time, we stop aging and get on chains. There, we'll start granting wishes, living in our prison lamps.

Our homes are randomly hidden around the globe. Some appear on the houses of children. When our lamps get rubbed, we swirl to Earth. We grant three wishes. Those who are kind and nice to us, genies, get up to five wishes. We grant them trickily because if we will, they'll have problems. And problems make our stay on Earth longer. We will be out of our dusty rubbing jails. Every time we get to your world, we feel freedom. That's why we love it here. We feel no chains on us.

But it doesn't last long. We'll be back to our prisons. It's hard to live in our lamps. You'll miss your parent genies. You'll be bored. And worst is, seconds feel like minutes. Minutes like hours. Hours like days. Decades like centuries. You know what I mean? It's hard for us. Then humans laugh at your lamps, play with them and dirty them.

Sometimes, we wish we were like humans. They can walk. They are free. They have companions. Humans are really lucky. Genies like us experience joy in our homes also. But it doesn't last. We get frustrated, worried and sad many times. Sometimes we wish we were free. Well, we can be if our master wishes for it. But no... They think of theirselves only. They use us for they're own pleasures. We never have the share of our own work. That was until...

"Avie, I wish you were free,"

I felt like Aladdin's genie. Little by little, my sorrow broke. The last thing I saw, my gold glass chains were on pieces laying on the floor. Feet strted to arise from me. I was full of enjoyment. I can't explain how much joy I experienced.