When the men dragged Spock through the adjoining bathroom into the Captain's quarters, he'd thought he could participate in this human ritual and be unaffected, after all ethanol had no effect on him. Unfortunately, McCoy was also in attendance and he knew the Vulcan's immunity to traditional intoxicants; so in addition to the Bourbon, Scotch and Wodka, there was a box of chocolate truffles waiting for him.

The Captain had wanted a Bachelor Party and the male Bridge staff had obliged him. Gaila offered to be the entertainment but the best man, Mr. Scott, elected to engage all the guests in performing lap dances for each other. The best lap dancer turned out to be the young, nubile (and flexible) Ensign Chekov. He'd tried to stick his tongue in the Doctor's mouth and had knelt between Spock legs, eerily similar to positioning himself for oral sex and caused Spock to blush green.

Jim played special attention to the Vulcan, hand feeding him the entire box of truffles. After consuming twelve, Spock had danced traditional Vulcan moves to Jim's collection of rock music. At the 24th, Spock was openly laughing with Chekov over jokes only the two of them understood. By the last truffle, Spock was staring at his shadow as if amazed it followed his every move.

But now he was paying for his indulgence with a pounding headache.

"Wake up." Spock called out.

"Don't wanna . . ." came the reply from under the covers.

"Today's the wedding," another voice piped in.

"Fuck, am I late?" The covers were thrown off the bed in Jim's hurry to rise.

"Aww, shit, kid," Bones grumbled, as he was left bare in Jim's panic. "They can't have the darn thing without you, without us for that matter.

"Leonard is correct. To seal our bond, we must all be present." Jim relaxed at Spock's words.

"Damn fool idea to have a Bachelor Party." Bones complained. "My head is aching . . ."

"It's tradition," Jim whispered, careful of his and his companions' hangovers.

"Yeah, tradition," Bones rose and pulled on his pants. "I'm gonna whip up my old hangover remedy."