OK, just so everyone knows, this is the first poem that I haven't been forced to written. And it's the first poem I've ever done in rhyme (dunno why, I just decided it would be a nice touch, though I regretted it later on!) So, please understand this when I read it - I'm not amazing at poems! I just happened to have the idea when studying WW1 poetry in English, and this came out of it. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer - If I owned Primeval, do you really think I'd be sat at home writing FanFics and poetry? I'd be writing episodes, idiot!

Her long black hair and chocolate eyes

That will never again see a sunrise.

In the Future, just left there

Not even buried, like we don't care.

They say it wasn't worth the risk.

But isn't that just taking the piss?

After she worked and fought and died

For the cause. I wish they had lied

When they told me I couldn't go back

Through the anomaly, I cried for the lack

Of her in my life. I miss her so much.

They shut down the ARC – the final touch.

They don't give a damn, they just want results.

Oh, can't they see how those same results

Make shells out of people, not long out of school

When their friends die. I am such a fool.

I shouldn't have let her go through that day.

I shouldn't have let her get her own way.

I never did tell her the truth, that I know.

I want to say it, it's too late though.

To tell her 'I love you', and see the surprise

Blossom and show in those chocolate eyes.

And you never know, she might have said it back.

No, she wouldn't have said it back.

Why would someone as perfect as her love me?

I remember the time she fell out of a tree.

I was there in an instant, brushing her down.

Asked if she was OK, told her she was a clown.

Laughed it away, flirted for hours.

Wasted the day, picked her some flowers.

I could have told her then, the perfect moment.

Then an alert, ruining the moment.

I'm quitting, I have to. I'm leaving today.

I told Lester I just had to get away.

He said he was sorry to see me go.

That he wanted me there, by his side. Did I know

That there was a letter she'd written to me?

I read it, it said that she loved me.

Just reading it gave me a small thrill.

Sarah, I miss you, I always will.

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