Just had to write this. Becker is the perfect soldier, and one of my favourite characters, and Die Hard is one of the best series of films ever (and that's having only watched three of them!). Anways, I love the first one and it's almost my favourite film ever, so I decided to recreate it a little differently. And in case anyone complains in later chapters that it's too different from the film, then I should probably explain that I love the book as well, so it will be split between the two with my own ideas also :)

Hope you like it!

"I won't go."

Jess threw her hands in the air angrily and glared at him.

"Fine. I'll go ask Matt then."

Becker's eyes flicked to the team leader then back to her.


"Well who should I ask? I can't go on my own."

"Don't go."

She sighed.

"I have to go. It's my father's retirement party. If I don't go, he won't have any family there at all."

He didn't bother asking why the rest of her family would be missing. He'd heard about her mother walking out after she'd been caught cheating, and how her eldest brother, Tommy, had ended up in prison. Her younger brother, Jason, was the only one she ever talked to or about. He'd joined the army a year ago, and had been sent to Afghanistan soon after. She'd spent the last couple of months begging Becker to let him join the ARC, as she missed him and worried about him constantly.

"So why are you after company if you'll be with your father?" he asked instead.

"Because he'll have to mingle, you idiot," she cried exasperatedly. 'And it's not company but a date I'm after,' she added silently. 'That's why I asked you!'

He studied her. She was worked up and clearly wanted someone to accompany her. He looked over at the team leader again. 'Not him,' he thought. 'She can do better than him.'

"I'll think about it."

He'd got barely two paces when she set off at full speed.

"Oh brilliant. I'll tell father you've agreed, I know he really wants to meet you, and it'll be so much fun now you'll be there. I wasn't really looking forward to it before but not it'll be really cool and we can have a nice time and shouldn't get bored and..."

"Calm down, Jess. I only said I'll think about it."

"Oh." She looked downhearted at this. "I see."

Becker couldn't bear it.

"Fine," he said, gritting his jaw. "I'll go. Just don't expect me to stay for long," he warned.

"Thank you!" she called after him as he walked hurriedly away, shaking his head at his foolishness. She was his weak spot, though if he had his way, she'd never find out. There was no space in his life for a woman, it would only break one of their hearts when the other got killed.

"So she talked you into going," Matt commented, leaning on the back of the chair next to Becker. Becker didn't bother answering or even looking up from his gun but just continued to clean it.

"Well, I'm glad. It'll stop her asking me. I mean, no way was I going to dress up in a monkey suit and go to some fancy party. Not when I could spend the evening at home and have more fun."

Becker looked up at this, one eyebrow raised.

"Sounds very interesting, Matt, but I'm slightly busy at the moment and don't really fancy hearing about your love life with Emily. Can we possibly have the bonding chat later? Only without the love life thing."

"Are you gonna wear a fancy suit, then?" Matt continued, ignoring him. "'Cause, if you are, I'm gonna have to take a picture." He smirked at Becker.

"I'm a soldier," came the reply. "That means I go in dress uniform, not some 'monkey suit'."

"Whatever you say, Becker, but remember, I've worn dress uniforms. They're not as comfy as soldiers make out."

He turned and left the room, finally leaving Becker in peace.

"That's what he thinks," Becker muttered, knowing that no way was he going to turn up in dress uniform or anything else fancy. But he wasn't quite planning on Jess finding that out just yet.

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