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"At least some of them are German," Jason commented quietly, glancing round at the men lining the room. "He's Austrian and his friend is Swiss, but all the others I've heard talk are German." He gave a small smile at the blank looks people nearby were giving him. "They have different accents and sometimes different words. Think of it as the difference between Scottish and English, or English and American."

"And how exactly does that help us?" one man snapped.

"Well, it may tell us something about why they're here."

"Nick doesn't do any business in Germany, just here, America and Canada."

"Does anyone even know what kind of work he does anymore?" someone else asked. A small group had gathered now, with Jason and Jess in the middle.

"Rumour has it not even his family knows, though some say that it's for the Prime Minister." The siblings exchanged glances, but neither could prove them wrong.

"Silence," a man ordered, and the group quickly obeyed.

"If anything happens, they'll tell us," Jason breathed softly in his sister's ear. "We won't be left in the dark too long. Who knows, maybe Becker's finding and rescuing him." He didn't believe it himself though.

Becker could hear the murmur of voices on the other side of the door and he looked round, noting the second door, which was partly open. He made his way over and allowed himself a small smile at his new luck, for one of the cabinets was perfectly placed to give him both cover and a view into the office. Nick was standing in front of his own desk, face looking like it was carved from stone. The leader of the terrorists was sat in Nick's chair, feet on the desk in front of him, talking away.

"Now then Mr. Parker, we need information. This information is highly classified, but we know you have it." He paused. "I want all security codes into a building called the ARC." Becker's eyes widened. "This building deals with anomalies leading to other times. Your daughter works for the ARC, and you are the man the Prime Minister set in charge of leading this. You are the man James Lester reports to, and you are the one who makes the big decisions, though no-one else officially knows this."

"Then what makes you think you do?" Nick asked calmly, giving nothing away.

"Every government has leaks, Mr Parker. So," he clicked back the safety on a gun he pulled out of his pocket, "the codes, if you please. Be a shame to ruin your suit with blood."

"I don't know them."

"I will count to three."

"I will tell you nothing."


"You are gaining nothing here. If you kill me, you lose what little chance you have of escaping here alive."


"Oh, go to hell."

"Three." He fired. "Go yourself," he said simply as Nick's body hit the ground. "Geld, deal with the body."

Squeezing his eyes shut, Becker took a deep breath and pulled himself together for long enough to get out of the room via a second exit. Running down the stairs, he stopped on the floor where he'd killed the German and re-entered the empty room.

"Why didn't you do something?" he muttered to himself, pacing the room. "Because they'd have killed me too," he answered himself, running a hand through his hair. "Fuck!" His mind kept reshowing him the death of his friend's father and part of him wished he was in the room downstairs with Jess, to help comfort her when the news was broken. Checking his guns, he noted how many bullets he had left. Mind made up, he left the room and headed to the body lying halfway down the stairs. Now that he wasn't hurrying to find Nick Parker, Becker had the time to search his pockets, finding a radio, cell phone and a pack of cigarettes. Remembering how coldly Nick had been killed, Becker made a rash decision, choosing to send a message to the men who wanted to harm his friends and enter his work place, getting past his security. Dragging the dead body up to the second lift, he called it, working quickly both before and once it had arrived. Once the body was ready, he pushed the ground floor button and climbed up through onto the roof of the lift, wanting to see their reactions for himself.

Jason automatically drew Jess nearer as the man who'd taken their father arrived in the doorway again.

"You will all listen to me. I wanted this to be professional, which requires one thing: cooperation. Not a lot to ask really. Sadly, your Mr. Parker did not agree... so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life." He paused when the screaming started, only continuing when the men had managed to quieten a group of hysterical women. Jess pressed her face into her brother's side as he drew her nearer, both hiding their grief as much as they could. "This can go however you want it to. You have two choices: you can walk out, or be carried out. Just bar this fact in mind – we are in charge. So make your minds up now, and remember that we have left nothing to chance."

He turned and was about to leave again when the elevator at the back of the room pinged, its doors sliding open. All the captors in the area span at once to face it, guns aimed. Hearing the babble of German which followed, Jason pushed his way through the crowd to see what was going on, smiling slightly when he could.

"Your precious Becker's still alive," he told Jess, pushing his way back towards her. Behind him, he heard the leader snap to his men to move the body.

"What's happened? How do you know?" she demanded quickly.

"Dead body sat in the elevator, with Fuck you, now I have a machine gun too written on his chest. It sounds like the monkey is in the wrench." Inside, Jason was fuming at the idea of Becker having been playing action man while his father was killed, but he kept it hidden.

"We have a chance," she whispered, a small smile lighting up her face slightly. "He'll get us out of here."

Maybe, but how many will die first? Jason thought silently.

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