Title: Love at First Sight

Author: The Original Bad Girl

Summary: Santana owns a successful night club, and Brittany is a frequent visitor.

They do not belong to me; they belong to Ryan Murphy, & Fox. If I had them there will be Brittana goodness in every show.

This is my first ever Brittany/Santana story. I am used to writing Buffy/Faith, hopefully I don't suck lol! This story is based on a concept for one of my other stories that I had written a while back, but I wanted to give it a Brittany/Santana twist to it

Brittany Pierce entered La Playa del Sol with her usual group Quinn, her girlfriend Rachel, Tina and Mercedes. Tonight was the re-opening of New Yorks most popular and beloved night spot. The owner Santana Lopez wanted to do something different to keep up with the changing times and to make sure her night club stays on top of the map and Lopez Enterprises was still up there. Anyone who was anyone would probably be in attendance; you couldn't go anywhere without running into a celebrity or many different famous people. Brittany and her friends made their way to the bouncer.

"May I see some ID please?" He asked each of the ladies standing in front of him. Brittany was the first to show her ID with a smile, she was dying to get inside so she could dance. She was born to dance and came to New York to pursue her dream, owning a world famous dance studio where she is choreographer to the starts. Everyone else followed behind her as the bouncer lifted up the velvet rope for them to enter.

"Thanks" Mercedes told the bouncer after he closed the rope behind them.

"Enjoy your night ladies." He gave a smile and nodded his head.

Brittany looked around at all the changes that were made, "Whoa, this place is even better than before." She said in complete amazement to Quinn.

Quinn laughed at the blonde, "I am right there with you." She put her arm around her girlfriend Rachel.

"Well I have never been here before, so I can't say if it's better or not." Rachel chimed in; honestly she didn't know why her friends wanted to come here instead of going to see a Broadway show. It would have been so much better than this place, but her girlfriend insisted and what Quinn wanted she got.

Tina finally spoke up after being silent most of the time, "I wonder if Santana Lopez is going to be here tonight? A friend of mine said that she saw her once and that she was gorgeous." She informed the group, she was quiet by nature but she was always in the know when it came to all the entertainment gossip. She does have a job in public relations and deals with a lot of high profile celebrities.

The inside was equally as awesome as the inside, to the left there was a waterfall with a lot of colors behind it surrounded by palm trees and sand which pooled into a little pond area to look like an oasis. Along the sides were tables with different lights on the inside; to the further right was the bar that looked like a tiki hut complete with tiki lamps on either side. The dance floor was clear with water underneath and multi colored lights that moved with the music. You were literally dancing on water and Brittany was taking it all in.

"Come on I see a table." Mercedes lead them to an empty booth by the dance floor, that way they can get a better view of the place. Mercedes just wanted to see if there were any cute guys here tonight that she could possibly get with. She slid in first, then Tina, then Brittany and on the other side there was Rachel and Quinn talking and whispering among themselves.

Tina looked around and whispered to Mercedes, "Wow there are a lot of hotties here tonight, I hope some of them are single because I am definitely going to hook up with someone tonight."

Mercedes hit her friend on the arm, "We all know that you are just here so you can get laid, since you and Artie are no longer together."

Brittany was heard this and started laughing, "Alright guys, I am going to make my way to the bar what does everybody want?" She asked.

"Two Sex on the Beaches." Quinn answered for her and Rachel

"I will have an apple martini." Tina answered moving her head to the music.

Brittany looked at Mercedes, "Do you want anything?" She asked.

"I want a chocolate martini." She told her friend with a smile, while looking at a guy standing in the corner.

The blonde made her way to the bar, trying to make her way through a sea of people, it was packed to the hilt tonight, but she wasn't complaining. All she wanted to do was have a few drinks and get out there and dance. Luckily there weren't a lot of people standing around, so she was sure to get her drinks real fast. Immediately she was a brunette behind the bar talking to a man that was serving the drinks.

Santana Lopez was helping behind the bar tonight, since Mike had an emergency and couldn't come in but she knew that he had plans with his oh so mysterious girlfriend he's been keeping a secret. She didn't mind though she loved being involved in every aspect of running her club, which was kind of like the modern update Studio 54. Yes, this was a risky adventure, but she wanted to do something different instead of working in the family business. Her dad was a little disappointed, but he was none the less proud of his daughter's investment.

"Wow, I didn't expect this place to be so busy tonight." Santana Lopez told her friend Puck as he was serving drinks at the bar.

He gave her a raised eyebrow, "Seriously San? Now you know that the opening of this club was the talk of the town and everyone wants to come up in here. Besides it the hottest club in the Upper East Side." He went back to serving drinks.

She smirked, "I know, I just wanted to hear you say it." She laughed and started taking orders, out the corner of her eye she could see a blonde coming towards the bar and she was looking fierce. She had blonde hair, blue eyes an enigmatic smile, legs for days and she was very in shape. The Latina couldn't help but let out a small damn as she saw her approaching the bar, she definitely wanted to serve her in more ways than one. Brittany approached the bar and she came face to face with a woman who was stunningly beautiful. She had caramel colored skin, brown eyes that you could get lost in for days and she had a smile that could melt anyone's heart, with long flowing brunette hair that fell in waves around her face and on her shoulders. Puck was about to take her order, but Santana beat him to it.

"What can I get you tonight?" She asked a slight smile playing on her face.

Brittany had to snap herself out of it when she heard the other woman asking her what she wanted, " I would like two Sex on the Beaches, one apple martini, one chocolate martini, and one screaming orgasm please."

The brunette smirked as she prepared the drink orders the double entendre not being lost on her. Brittany was grinning inwardly she still had a little something left in her repertoire, because the brunette was blushing. Brittany was using this opportunity to check her out she had on some dark blue skinny jeans, a blood red halter top and some stiletto knee high boots, the woman's body was banging from what she could see. She stopped looking her up and down when she turned around to give her the drinks she ordered.

"Your drinks are ready." She said putting a tray down on the bar. "That's a lot of drinks for just one person." She commented.

"There not all for me, they are for my friends as well; I am the designated drink girl." She smiled and locked eyes with the Latina. "How much do I owe you?" She asked.

Santana smirked, "That will be $14 all together."

The blonde handed her a twenty, Santana had reached out to get it when their fingers accidently touched. Neither one noticed Pucks annoyance as he took the money out of the woman's hands to make change. Puck came back with the change, "Casanova here's her change, you wanna give it to her?" He asked impatiently, the bar was getting full and he did not have all night for his friend to play a game of "who can I take home with me tonight?"

She came out of her trance taking the money from her friend, "Here's your change and enjoy your night." She handed it to the blonde. Brittany took the change and grabbed the tray from the bar. "Thanks, you too." She turned and walked away.

Brittany left the bar with drinks in hand and one thing in her mind. "Oh yeah, I think I'm in love."

Santana watched the woman leave checking her out as she did and had one thing on her mind as well, "I think I'm in love." As she watched the woman disappears into the crowd.

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