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Santana woke up when she felt the plane land on the tarmac of the private airport, she looked out the window at the all too familiar scenery as the plane made it's way around the runway. She didn't want to return to Lima, but it was her safe haven away from anything and everything most of all though she needed her grandmother. Santana has always shared a special bond with her grandmother, she seemed to understand her when no one else could. When she was sent to live with her all those years ago, it was her grandmother who loved her in ways that her own parents wouldn't or couldn't and it was her that Santana was eternally grateful for helping her through middle school, high school and her transition to adulthood. The plane came to a stop and the doors opened, Santana took off the seat belt that had been holding her back and stood up making her way off the plane. She stepped into the hangar and breathed a huge sigh of relief welcoming the quiet peacefulness that engulfed her.

Santana saw that a car was already waiting for her and made her way too it, giving everyone a little wave before getting into it. She had called her grandmother earlier to let her know she was coming for a visit for a while, much to the older woman's delight. Estella had always had a soft spot for Santana and was really the only one who could tame the fierceness that was Santana. She finally turned her phone on and saw that she had six text messages a couple from Quinn, two from Rachel and two from her father she didn't bother responding she just turned off her phone again. The car turned down the familiar street that Santana knew so well, the memories of her and Quinn playing hopscotch, and riding bikes flooded her mind. Those were the simpler times when boys were gross, there was no competition and the only drama was who was going to wear what and whose turn was it to host the weekend sleepover. She longed for those days again when things weren't so complicated.

The car pulled into the driveway and came to a stop, Santana saw her grandmother standing on the porch with a huge smile on her face. She got out the car not caring about it being left open and ran up the stairs and into her grandmother's opened arms. Estella wrapped her arms around her granddaughter and kissed the top of her head.

"Welcome home Tana. I missed you so much."

Santana sighed in relief, "I missed you too abuelita, you don't know how much." She replied not letting go of the elder woman.

Estella let out a sigh of contentment she missed her granddaughter so, the house was empty without Santana's laughter and her incessant talking about boys and the latest happenings in middle school and high school life.

"You're home now, come on lets go inside before you catch a chill. Your room is all made up for you are you hungry?" She broke the hug and looked at her granddaughter.

Santana looked at her grandmother, "I'm not really hungry right now abuelita, honestly I just want to sleep." She told the woman honestly, it felt like she hasn't slept for days.

"Okay baby girl." She answered as she led Santana into the house. Once inside the house her grandmother let her go and she looked around the all too familiar living room. Everything was still the way it was when she left except for the rocking chair was by the bay window and not in the corner where her trophy cabinet now stood. There were still pictures on the wall of her in various poses and doing different things and a few pictures of her mother and father together and pictures of all of them together as happy as could be, without a single care in the world. Those smiles on her parents faces were all a facade, on the outside it seemed like they were the perfect family, but in reality they were anything but. Santana walked further into the living room as her grandmother disappeared into the kitchen. She came across a picture of her brother, his wife and a little girl that looked just like her when she was little. Even though she talked to her brother every now and again, he didn't mention that she had a niece.

"That was taken a few months ago that's your brother's wife Megan and their daughter Charisma. She is such a handful, and very head strong she reminds me a lot of you actually. So full of life and feisty as could be." Estella's voice brought Santana out of her musings.

Santana turned and faced her grandmother, "I don't think anyone could be anything like me, I am an original everyone else is just an imitation." She gave her grandmother her signature smirk.

Estella couldn't help but laugh at her, somethings never changed but no matter how old she Santana got, she would always be her baby. Estella sat down on the couch and pat the seat next to her, motioning for Santana to sit down next to her.

"I'm really tired abuelita, I just want to take a shower and go to bed." She gave her an apologetic smile.

The older woman shook her head and held out her hand for Santana to take, "You came here for a reason, we don't have to get into everything tonight, but I do want to know what's wrong and what brought you here. What are you running away from?" She asked.

Santana knew that this was one battle that she was not going to win, she walked over to her grandmother and held onto her hand as she sat down beside her.

"Things have gotten so out of control abuelita and I don't know how to fix them or at least get everything back on track." She said softly, laying her head on her grandmother's shoulder.

Estella let out a small chuckle, "Dime chiquita, is it life or does it have to do with a special someone? Y..you're not pregnant are you?" She asked the last question with a little hesitation.

Santana laughed a little, "No abuelita, I am not pregnant and if I was it would be by immaculate conception considering I'm a lesbian. You're right though it does have to do with someone, she is someone that I have come to care about and maybe even love but I don't know." She said with some uncertainty.

"Did she do something wrong to have you doubt your feelings for her?" She asked, trying to open up her grandchild some more.

"We met at my club one night and we hit it off, I'd like to think it was love at first sight or some sh- something like that. We had a date and I even took her to my summer house in South Carolina, for the weekend for us to enjoy each others company. We returned and daddy decided to have the casting party for The Chorus at my club and I was the MC for the night. To make a long story short, Brittany made out with Naya Rivera and it was the cover story on Page Six. It broke my heart because I realized that I've fallen for her hard." She finished waiting for her grandmother's response.

"Did you ask her why she did it? And if I remember correctly, you and Naya look a lot alike so I can understand why she would be confused, but that is no excuse for what she did."

Santana gave her grandmother an unreadable look, but the woman continued, "Running away and avoiding it will not make it go away, tu sabes." She kissed her granddaughter on top of her head.

Santana sighed softly relishing in the fact that being in the arms of her grandmother always made things better. Right now she was too emotionally drained to try to come to a conclusion about her and Brittany all she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and go to sleep.

"It's getting late Tana, go get some rest and I'm sure things will look better once you wake up in the morning." Estella softly whispered.

Santana lifted her head and looked up at her grandmother with tired eyes, "You're right abuelita, maybe sleep will do me some good." She got up off the chair and placed a kiss on the woman's cheek. "I love you abuelita." She turned and walked away, making her way upstairs.

"I love you too baby." She replied to the young woman's retreating form, with a sigh she stood up and turned off the lights. Before making her way upstairs herself.

Santana entered her childhood room and turned on the light, she looked around and noticed that it still looked the same as it had when she left. On the wall over her bed she had various pictures of family and friends, several of them were her and Quinn. She walked over to her mirrored dresser and open the drawers to find her something to sleep in. Once she found what she was looking for, she changed into her night clothes, turned off the light and slid into the bed.

Brittany woke up to the smell of coffee and two female voices, she pushed the blanket down and squinted her eyes trying to block out the brightness of the sun. With a small sigh of frustration she got up and made her way to the sounds ignoring the fact that her back was hurting. At the breakfast bar she saw Rachel and Quinn talking, which surprised her since they had broken up not too long ago. Rachel and Quinn stopped all conversation when they saw Brittany enter the kitchen.

"Good morning Britt how did you sleep?" Quinn asked, getting up and fixing her friend a cup of coffee.

"I slept alright, why didn't you tell me that couch wasn't soft to sleep on?" She asked taking the cup of hot liquid from the other woman. "Hey Rachel." She greeted the other woman sitting at the bar.

"Morning Brittany, I'm sorry that you didn't sleep well last night. Anyways, how was the tour? Did you any interesting things in the different cities that you visited?" She asked a little too enthusiastically.

Brittany sat down on the stool on the left side of Rachel, "Yeah it was fun, met a lot of interesting people too. It wasn't so bad, it was a break from everything else that was going on." She shrugged.

"When you get a chance I would love to hear all about it. Don't you just love rush that you get being on the stage performing in front of a bunch of people night after night? It's like the best feeling ever, well to me anyways." Rachel replied.

"Maybe when I get over this jet lag, then we can talk. Right now I just want to get to the studio and get back to a sense of normalcy you know?"

Rachel nodded her head in agreement, the room fell into a comfortable silence, that was until Quinn's phone started to ring. Quinn made a made a mad dash to her phone picking it up before allowing it to go to voice mail.

"Hello? Hi Mr. Lopez." Quinn greeted the man on the other end.

Rachel and Brittany exchanged looks of concern and confusion as to why Santana's dad would be calling Quinn of all people.

"No, I haven't seen or heard from Santana since last night sir." She continued, "I don't know, I will try to get in contact with her and when I do, I will have her call you. I'll talk to you soon, bye." Quinn hung up the phone and walked back into the kitchen.

"What's the matter Quinn you look like you've seen a ghost?" Rachel asked.

"That was Santana's dad." She told them sitting down next to Rachel.

Rachel looked at her urging her to continue, "And? Why would he be calling you?" She asked, trying not to panic.

"Santana is missing. Her dad went over to her apartment and she wasn't there, he's been trying to call her but she won't answer." She replied, putting her phone down on the counter.

Brittany looked at Quinn in shock and disbelief, "Missing as in she can't be found or went on vacation?"

Rachel couldn't help but roll her eyes, it wasn't like Santana to just up and leave without at least letting someone know she was going somewhere. That has always been a rule of hers considering what her father has done in the past.

"Missing as in they don't know where she is Brittany! Is that so hard for you to comprehend? No one knows where the hell she is right now." Quinn snapped causing everyone to jump a little.

Brittany couldn't help but look down at the counter top, this whole thing was her fault, if they wouldn't have argued last night Santana would still be here. She started to feel guilty as a single tear ran down her cheek, she was the one to blame for putting the one person she truly cared about through this. Quinn looked over at Brittany and saw this, she got up and went to give her a hug.

"It's not your fault Britt, Santana probably went somewhere to blow off some steam. She was the queen of disappearing during the school year sometime, I'm sure wherever she is she will be fine." Rachel tried to reassure the girl.

Brittany let out a sob, "It is my fault, if I wouldn't have made out with Naya and if we wouldn't have got into an argument last night..S-Santana would be here right now and not lost." She mumbled into Quinn's shoulder.

Quinn and Rachel exchanged glances over the other woman's head. They both knew that this was a pretty messed up situation, and if Santana wasn't found it would be a disaster waiting to happen.