Title: Little brother do you hear me (1/5)
Author: scyllaya
Pairings/Characters: Castiel/Gabriel (and a bit of Castiel/Gabriel/OFC), various minor characters and pairings only mentioned
Rating: NC-17 for the entire story
Warnings: cursing, graphic sexual content: slash and a bit het, threesome, male/male(/female), possible underage drinking and sex (depending on the laws of your country), also drunk sex (might appear a tiny bit dub-con for some), and pretense-incest I guess (is that a kink?, I have no idea)
: None, AU
Word Count: 4 014 (this chapter)
Summary: Gabriel and Castiel are step-brothers, who grew up together.
Disclaimer: All names and characters in this story belong to CW/WB and . I'm playing, not stealing! If you sue me a fairy will die.
Author's Note: My Kitty Muse decided that it's been too long since I wrote Castiel/Gabriel. The idea struck my mind and it stuck. So here it is.

Title is from: Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Power Of Equality

Un-betad, all the mistakes are my own! Sorry about that, try to ignore it!

Part One

'This is Castiel; he's going to be your little brother from now on.' His father said and Gabriel remembered that the first thought entering his 7 year-old brain was: 'Is a little brother as fun as a puppy?' Because he remembered asking for a puppy a while back, which he didn't get, but he knew that he definitely didn't ask for a little brother. Then he was looking at the small boy with enormous blue eyes looking at him, three years younger than Gabriel, his father told him. He was quiet and Gabriel was pretty sure that a puppy would've been more fun.


'Give it to me you freak!' Gabriel heard the voice of Charlie Holt from around the corner. Gabriel never liked him because he was a stupid bully always picking on the kids in pre-school. Gabriel didn't plan on interrupting, because he got in way too much trouble already and it was only the second week of school, but the moment he saw the glimpse of dark hair and that ridiculous light blue sweater he ran. Of course it was Castiel in the circle of Charlie and two other boys, Gabriel didn't waste words on him, just shoved him away with enough force that the other boy stumbled and fell onto the pavement with a hard thud.

'Leave my brother alone!' he said in an even tone, one finger raised and threateningly pointed at Charlie's face and he was looking back at him with wide eyes. 'I won't warn you again.' Then he took Castiel's wrist and pulled him onto his feet. The younger boy was looking at Gabriel and his attackers with wide eyes, but no trace of fear or a single tear was on his face, he was just glaring stubbornly instead.

It wasn't until they were a few corners away when Gabriel heard the first sob, he stopped and turned back to see Castiel shaking while his eyes were red from suppressed tears.

'Hey, what's wrong kiddo?' he asked. 'Did they hurt you?' Castiel shook his head. 'What then?' it took a few moments before Castiel stepped closer, to clutch Gabriel's forearm tightly with both of his small hands.

'I was afraid' Castiel mumbled quietly.

'That's okay, there were three of them, anyone would've been afraid.'

'You weren't' Castiel argued. Gabriel had to smile at that.

'Well, I'm… big brothers don't get scared.' Castiel just nodded while his face was practically buried in Gabriel's T-shirt at this point. 'But you were real brave too; you didn't look scared at all.' He told him. Castiel stayed quiet, but he started walking when Gabriel did, even if he didn't let go of his arm.

Gabriel only realized much later that it was the very first time he called Castiel his brother.

From that day on they were inseparable, at home and at school, not paying too much attention to other kids. Gabriel didn't like his classmates whatsoever.


Castiel was thirteen when Gabriel's dad adopted him, their parents were really happy that Castiel wanted to be his son officially, so they took care of every legal paper immediately after Castiel told them one morning that he wanted to change his surname from 'Becker' to 'Vinge'.

Castiel told him the night before, that he wanted to have the same name as Gabriel.


The day after his twentieth birthday Gabriel was nursing the worst hangover of his life – even if it was only the second hangover he experienced altogether – and he wondered how on Earth one night out of town with his cousins could have turned his life up-side down completely. And he wished more than anything that he would be able to pick up the pieces and repair whatever he broke and hope that his little brother won't loath him for the rest of their lives…


2 days earlier…

Visiting their cousins for his nineteenth birthday was an awesome idea, the fact that their parents allowed Castiel to go with him was even more awesome. When they arrived at the Milton house and realized that their aunt and uncle were gone on a cruise and they wouldn't be back for another week it seemed like everything would be perfect.

Even if his cousin Michael was a control freak – thus the reason Castiel was allowed to come along in the first place – and a "responsible adult" as they say. Nick assured him that he would make sure that Michael doesn't spoil the party while he shared a conspiring look with his sister Anna, who smiled back at her brother in a downright comic villain way. Gabriel could never figure out how Michael was still sane and alive with the two of them around.

At dinner Michael explained the rules for the party, he specifically emphasized the part about alcohol and any type of sexual activity. Beside him only Nick was above twenty-one, the required age for such activities in Michael's opinion, so it seemed like he was dead set on making sure that all his rules were followed.

And it's not like Gabriel wanted a modern bacchanal, but he did want to have at least a few beers at his own birthday. And he also hoped to hook up with someone to celebrate properly; he was old enough for crying out loud, what the hell was Michael's problem was beyond him. So he really hoped that the plan Nick and Anna had was good, because he definitely planned to have sex on his birthday and even more importantly Castiel was seventeen and still a virgin so Gabriel saw it as his big brother duty to remedy that and arrange it for the kid to get laid already.

He shared the guest room with Castiel, the bed was big enough for them both, and he was dead tired at this point. He was slowly falling asleep but he never quite managed to do so as Cas was shifting and turning next to him almost constantly.

'Do I need to tie you up?' he asked more humor in his voice than annoyance.

'Sorry' Castiel whispered back as he shifted some more.

'Don't tell me you're worried about the party' Gabriel teased.

'Of course not' came Castiel's gruff reply. It was a shock how deep his voice got after his change of voice a few years back, it definitely made him seem older when he started talking. They were silent for a while, but when Castiel still didn't stay put Gabriel turned around, blue eyes fixed on him immediately.

'Hey, I'll be there too. I promise I won't leave you alone, so no need to worry.' He smiled reassuringly.

'Oh good, and here I expected you to drop me in the lap of the first girl who seems interested in me.' Gabriel chuckled.

'Give me a little credit little bro. I won't just let any bimbo get her hands on you. Trust me, if I drop you into the lap of a chick, she will be the best there is on the party… or y'know second best, since I'll be there too.' He let a grin spread on his face and was glad when Castiel smiled in return.

'Of course I trust you' Castiel replied and he finally seemed relaxed enough. They both fell asleep in minutes.


'Did you drug him?' Gabriel asked. Nick was looking down on the sleeping Michael with a fond and pleased expression on his face, his arms crossed.

'Of course not' Nick answered. 'It's just my Mom's sleeping pills.'

'So you drugged him' Gabriel concluded, he couldn't keep the shock out of his voice. 'He's gonna be pissed when he wakes up' he added.

'Nah, he won't remember' Nick answered easily.

'You're a sociopath' Gabriel told him.

'Thank you.'

'So, what's the next step in your evil masterplan?' he asked after a second.

'We're gonna pick up my girlfriend, most of the booze is stashed in her apartment, then the party can really begin.'

'Do you really need me? I don't really want to leave Cas alone.'

'Anna stays, she'll look after him. It won't take more than thirty minutes.'


An hour later when Gabriel was finally back at the Milton house the party already notched up a few levels. Seemed like Anna's friends also contributed to the liquor stash now that Michael was out of the picture. Gabriel found his cousin in the backyard, where she was cheering for an ongoing drinking battle between two guys.

'Anna! Where's Cas?' he asked when he reached her. She just looked around swiftly then shrugged.

'I don't know' she answered.

'You've got to be kidding me!' Gabriel replied angrily.

'Oh come on! He's a big boy, he doesn't need a babysitter, I'm sure he's here somewhere' Gabriel wanted to snap at her. Of course Castiel didn't really need a babysitter, but that was not the point. He stormed off after throwing one last angry look at Anna. He promised Castiel that he wouldn't leave him alone and he left him behind with the most irresponsible person of his family. There goes his "Brother of the Year" award.

Nick didn't see Cas either, but the way he was busy playing tonsil hockey with his girlfriend Meg, Gabriel was not that surprised about that. The house was not that big and Gabriel was beyond relieved when he finally spotted Castiel's blue shirt and dark hair. It was not an easy task to fight his way through the crowd to reach the other side of the living room. The view was surprising, to say the least. Castiel was sitting on the couch, but not in his usual manner – correct posture and calm demeanor – but all relaxed limbs and with an easy smile on his face. More importantly there were girls on either side of him, giggling and laughing, six in grand total, or eight if he counted the two who were sitting in the armchair, practically in top of each other.

'Hey!' he greeted, raising his voice a little so he would be heard despite the music. Castiel turned his head towards him and his face practically lit up, a big grin on his face immediately.

'Gabriel!' he raised both of his arms and made a motion that either meant to be a gesture that he wanted to be pulled to his feet or he was inviting Gabriel to join them, or that he wanted a hug, it was really hard to tell.

'Ah, you're here, we were waiting for you!' one of the girls exclaimed. And they started to scoot over to make him some space. And okay, he was not going to argue with that. He stepped aside the coffee table and sat down next to Cas, who wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug.

'Happy Birthday!' he said and he grinned when he let go. He was again a bit relieved that his brother was not as drunk as he first seemed to be. It actually took a really small amount to get him to be all smiling and touchy-feely, but he kept up that state for a very long time after that. A drink was shoved into Gabriel's hand after that. He was soon aware that the girls were Anna's college friends and they definitely had a few drinks before coming to this party, because no way any of them were completely sober.

'We told Cas that he was definitely the cutest guy in the party' one of the girls said.

'But he told us that he came here with someone even cuter' laughed another one.

'So we've been dying to meet the birthday-boy' said the black-haired girl right next to Gabriel. At this point he was 80% sure that they were a group of sorority girls.

'Twenty-first Cas told us' the blond one said from Cas' side.

'Yeah' Gabriel agreed easily and then the girls started to drink up to celebrate his birthday and he got a bunch of hugs and kisses. Gabriel leaned on Castiel so that he won't be overheard when he spoke.

'You're awesome' he told the younger boy, because damn there were half-dozen hot chicks around them, and he was ready to admit that he wouldn't have been able to achieve that on his own. His brother was the perfect chick-magnet, seriously. He looked cute and innocent sure, but it had to be the eyes… and maybe the voice too.

'Learnt from the best' Castiel answered with a smile and Gabriel was laughing in delight at that.


Gabriel lost track of time and also many things that were happening around him. He was making out with a blond girl a while back – Katie, Karla or Karen, he wasn't sure – but she disappeared after she went to the bathroom. Things went in a blur; the only thing he could keep in mind was that he couldn't leave Castiel alone. And it was good that he didn't because first there was that hippy chick hitting on him and then that weird girl in a very weird T-shirt, she was particularly creepy, and then the hell knew who, but she looked like a hooker and not the pricey type, so Gabriel stayed.

He told Cas that he would stay repeatedly, he couldn't have just any chick pawing him, he deserved better, he promised a really hot girl, so he would get that for him. Castiel told him that they should celebrate Gabriel's birthday instead, together like every year. Gabriel just told him that they are celebrating together, but now they could pick up girls together too, since they were at an awesome party.

Then there was that gorgeous girl, long black hair and white skin, she was definitely older than the sorority girls who came and went, but were still mostly around them, giggling and drinking and dancing to the music from time to time. She had to be twenty-four, twenty-five at least and she was looking towards them seemingly rather intrigued if Gabriel read her expression right. He wasn't sure whether she was looking at him or Castiel as they were sitting somewhat close, but either way it counted as a win.

He couldn't really tell how they ended up the way they did. Her name was Salina and Gabriel was way too turned on and had just enough alcohol in his system to just do what felt good without giving it a second thought. She had her mouth on his dick even before he was out of his clothes as soon as the guest bedroom door closed behind them. Gabriel just rested his head on the door and enjoyed it as the wet heat encircled him and as her tongue was stroking the underside of his cock with every movement she made with her head. She definitely knew what she was doing and it drove Gabriel downright crazy how good it felt.

Then the warm wetness was gone suddenly and he groaned as the cool air hit his sensitive flesh. She already stood up and turned her back on him by the time he opened his eyes and he could only watch with a pounding heart as she walked to the bed and climbed in Castiel's lap.

Castiel. It took a second for it to register. And somewhere in the back of his mind there was a little voice telling him that there was something not right with the situation. That he shouldn't find it hot how she was unbuttoning his shirt while they kissed, and that he shouldn't be turned on by the fact that Castiel was watching as a girl was going down on him a minute ago. But the little voice was drowning in arousal to the point that Gabriel forgot about it, the much louder voices, the ones telling him that he needed to loose some clothes and that someone should be touching his dick right the hell now successfully beat up and gagged the one being concerned for some reason. Gabriel pulled his T-shirt over his head when Castiel's shirt landed on the carpet and Salina was only in her bra.

He let his body move without thinking, touching her and removing clothes. He was mouthing at the soft skin of her back and neck. He lost himself in the touches and the soft sounds. Salina was straddling Castiel and he was also breathing heavily as she was rocking down onto his erection in a slow rhythm. Gabriel only snapped his attention back completely when she asked for condoms.

The expression on Castiel's face when she lowered herself down onto him after she rolled the condom in place was so precious Gabriel couldn't tear his eyes away. He remembered his first time, how glorious it felt to sink into the tight heat, he was unexplainably and ridiculously happy that he was there to see it happening to Cas. Castiel clutched at her hip as she started to move and his whole body was tense. Gabriel slid up behind the girl – he too got rid of his jeans and underwear now – and he put his hands on Castiel's on either side. He was uncertain, even if it felt good, Gabriel could tell from his expression, he hoped to make him relax, Castiel always relaxed if he was there. Castiel's eyes snapped open at the touch, he looked at Gabriel and his body went loose a second after, all tension leaving him as he gave himself over to the feeling of Salina around him and riding him. He was finally enjoying himself to the fullest and that made Gabriel smile as he watched his face, he pressed his dick forward to have some pressure on it, because he really needed to get some attention now. He was considering jerking off while sitting behind her, but she urged him to take her and it took Gabriel a moment to realize what she meant.

He knew his way around porn and the internet – and then some – to know how it should go technically… and that knowledge had to be enough. It was as it turned out, and it was definitely not the first time she did this if the way she relaxed at the intrusion was any indication. Gabriel's pulse speeded up as his hand was so very close to where Castiel's dick was sliding in and out of her, slowly still. His hand was practically shaking from excitement as he rolled on the condom and he was breathing hard, his skin covered in a thin layer of sweat, overheated and hyper-sensitive. She leaned forward to give Gabriel a better angle; she was laying on Cas now her head at his shoulder. And blue eyes caught his amber ones as he sank into her body slowly, first pushing through the tight ring of muscle then sinking in all the way.

He couldn't tear his eyes away from the way Castiel was watching him, and he could feel him, she stopped moving as Gabriel pushed forward and they were not moving, just breathing, giving her time to adjust, but God he could feel Castiel inside of her. He felt like his heart would explode any second and that the sensation would kill him but he still couldn't look away from the blessed out expression on Castiel's face and the deep blue eyes watching him.

Then she rolled her hips down and they were moving again. Gabriel had his hands on her thighs on both sides, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. It was too much and he knew it will be over way too soon, but she was so very tight, and he could still feel as Castiel's dick was moving inside of her and he knew Castiel felt him too and that shouldn't make it better, but it did. He felt as Castiel's fingers closed around his forearm and he opened his eyes again – he didn't notice that he closed them – his brother was looking at him, while the girl between them was moaning loudly and writhing and trashing lost in her own pleasure, Gabriel speeded up his pace then, he was too close he couldn't hold back any longer.

A few sharp thrusts from Gabriel made her ride Castiel harder and the fingers in his forearm tightened, Castiel was at the end of his limit. So Gabriel just fucked her even faster, so she would move more, and a few seconds later Castiel's body went tense again, his hand now painfully tight on Gabriel's arm, his mouth dropped open soundlessly, his face open and lost in sensation, satisfied.

Gabriel became aware of Salina moaning louder and louder, her body trashing even more and when she went tense under him, her muscles clamping down on Gabriel, pulling a groan out of him and from Castiel too he also let go. Still looking at Castiel, and he was looking back at him intently with darkened eyes. Gabriel rocked his hips until he rode out his orgasm and then pulled out not to collapse on her. He got rid of the condom and cleaned himself up with his T-shirt (it was dirty anyway), she rolled off of Castiel and Gabriel handed the piece of clothing to Cas, since there was no need to get anything else dirty.

Then he just slumped down onto the bed, Salina was on Cas' other side. He enjoyed his blissful post-orgasmic state, he was sated and relaxed and it was downright perfect.

'Monroe' he heard Salina say. He didn't look up, but she continued. 'My last name, it's Monroe, I guess we should at least know each other's names properly' she laughed. 'So… you two…' she prompted.

'Vinge' they answered at the same time, which made Gabriel chuckle, cause it happened too many times. Then he felt as the bed shifted.

'What?' Salina's voice did not sound blissfully post-orgasmic now, Gabriel opened his eyes. She was sitting again looking down at them.

'You have the same surname?' she asked and she was frowning now.

'Brothers usually do' answered Castiel lazily, his eyes were still closed and Gabriel was pretty sure that he was on his way to pass out completely.

'What the fuck?' she yelled and she was off the bed like it was on fire. It took Gabriel a moment to realize what was going on, but his mind was too hazy to interrupt her stream of angry words to clarify the situation, especially since she was dressed and out of the room in a record time. Well fuck.

'What just happened?' asked Cas as he opened his eyes, he was not really focused. And Gabriel was too tired and doubted that Castiel could follow the conversation the way his eyes were closing by the second. He just chuckled despite of himself.

'You're the master of saying inappropriate things little brother.' Castiel smiled as his eyes closed again. 'Just sleep now.'

He managed to drag the covers up on them and then he was out a few minutes later.

Part Two