Title: Little brother do you hear me (5/5)
Author: scyllaya
Pairings/Characters: Castiel/Gabriel (and a bit of Castiel/Gabriel/OFC), various minor characters and pairings only mentioned
Rating: NC-17 for the entire story
Warnings: cursing, graphic sexual content: slash and a bit het, threesome, male/male(/female), possible underage drinking and sex (depending on the laws of your country), also drunk sex (might appear a tiny bit dub-con for some), and pretense-incest I guess (is that a kink?, I have no idea)
: None, AU
Word Count: 2 828 (this chapter)
Summary: Gabriel and Castiel are step-brothers, who grew up together.
Disclaimer: All names and characters in this story belong to CW/WB and . I'm playing, not stealing! If you sue me a fairy will die.
Author's Note: My Kitty Muse decided that it's been too long since I wrote Castiel/Gabriel. The idea struck my mind and it stuck. So here it is.

Title is from: Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Power Of Equality

Un-betad, all the mistakes are my own! Sorry about that, try to ignore it!

Part Five

Gabriel didn't have dinner and he was perfectly fine with laying on his bed and stare at the ceiling for the unforeseeable future, but he was also very tempted to just get out of the house and get shit-faced, very tempted. It would numb things perfectly, especially the sharp pain in his gut that didn't want to go away no matter what. He should've known that it would end in a disaster; it was his main reason not to give in to Cas is the first place, but he wanted to and Castiel seemed so sure and determined, and fuck it he was happy with the way things were going.

He was forming plans where to go and celebrate Cas' birthday that was due in a few more weeks, he even contemplated some ideas that were embarrassingly girly, but it would've been something more of a couple-thing, because they never did that, so he wanted to try. He was thinking that they could maybe move out from their parents' house when Cas started on the Columbia, look for an apartment that was closer to the university and Gabriel's workplace.

Fucking hell he was running the possible scenarios through his head how they could possibly break the news to their parents with minimum damage, because he was fed up with sneaking around even if it was thrilling and exciting sometimes.

He obviously went way too ahead of himself.

He was thinking that he should ask for a few days off from work and crash at the Milton house. He was sure that either Nick or Anna or possibly both of them would be ready to assist him if he wanted to drink himself unconscious and switch off his brain for a while.

Some music was blaring in his room, he didn't pay attention to it, but it was not loud enough so he heard the knock on the door.

'What?' he barked, and he didn't care if it was his Mom or Dad, the whole world could go and fuck themselves as far as he was concerned right now. No answer came from the other side, but the door opened, and Castiel, of course.

He closed the door and leaned on it. Gabriel looked at him with a stormy expression for a few moments before turning away.

'What do you want?' he was aware that he never spoke to Castiel this harshly in his life, but he had a right to. This was not a brother situation; Castiel was not his little brother right now, so he could act like a pissed-off boyfriend all he wanted. There was silence for a while and Gabriel didn't look to confirm, but he was sure that Castiel was surprised by his animosity. Good, the message should be clear that he won't take bullshit like this wordlessly. And he could be a dick if he wanted to be so Castiel better not push it.

'I don't want to end things' Castiel said sternly. Gabriel sat up at that and looked up at his brother.

'Come again' and yes Castiel was uncertain, it was clear, but if he expected Gabriel to be in a sharing and caring mood he was very much mistaken.

'I don't want to end things, but I thought you would want to, so leaving would've been the simplest solution.' Gabriel rolled that through his head, poked at it a few times, but no, it didn't make sense. He stood up from his bed but didn't walk closer.

'Care to elaborate what the ever-loving fuck you're talking about?' he asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

'I felt like… I was forcing myself on you. I thought you only did all this because you didn't want to hurt me by rejecting me.' Gabriel was shocked and it must've been clear on his face.

'What? The hell you're talking about? Do I seem like someone who gives pity sex?'

'How was I supposed to know what you were thinking?' Cas exclaimed. 'You never say anything about all this and you never showed any sign that you actually wanted to sleep with me!'

'The fuck do you think we were doing in the past weeks then in your opinion?' Gabriel shot back.

'I meant proper sex' Castiel explained. And sweet mother of mercy he really wanted to get violent now. He walked closer and the way Cas stepped back until his back hit the door again was enough proof that his face showed what he was thinking. He didn't stop until he was inches away from Castiel.

'Did it even occur to you that maybe I just wanted it to be more than a quick fuck while we had to hide and be careful? That maybe, just maybe I wanted to wait more than two weeks so we were both sure and ready for that?'


'Shut up! This is the same bullshit you pulled off at the very beginning! I told you clearly that I'm not going to be a casual fuck! That I'm not going to rush things just because you can't keep it in your pants in your new-found hormone-haze dammit!'


'Do I sound like I'm done?' he snapped again. 'I am this close to actually hit you right now, so how about you just listen! I am really angry with you, because you went ahead and decided to leave without opening your fucking mouth first and your reasons for everything are that I was not declaring my undying love or that I didn't fuck you yet? Really? Because you're right, those things must mean that I don't care about you, obviously.' He took a deep breath so he could continue in a calmer tone. 'Run that through your head again.' He told him. 'And when you're done, we talk again. Now get out' he said and stepped back so Castiel had room to open the door.


'Don't push it Castiel' he warned and he knew he had the right edge of determination and finality in his tone. He needed space because he really was too close to get violent and he didn't want that. Castiel just looked at him for another second then he nodded and left.


When Gabriel came back from work the next day he found Castiel in his bedroom. He had an early shift so it was barely after noon, Castiel must've skipped school.

'Can we talk?' he asked.

'Sure thing' Gabriel replied, he closed and locked the door, it was a habit now. He dropped his jacket and bag then sat down next to Castiel on the bed.

'I'm sorry' was the first thing Castiel said, Gabriel turned a little towards him. Now that he was not really angry he could see how anxious Castiel was.

'Good start' Gabriel said. Castiel looked up at him.

'And um… I was an utter and complete imbecile I guess.' He continued. 'I should know you better than that, I mean I do know you better than that, so I was… not sure… since things changed, but I really just wanted to do what I thought you wanted.' Cas shifted his eyes away and Gabriel also saw the slight movement of his hands like he wanted to reach out, but didn't dare. So Gabriel turned and put his legs on the bed then lay down. Castiel followed the movement and he looked really surprised when Gabriel held out a hand.

'C'mon. I only bite when you ask nicely' Castiel shifted and Gabriel drew him into an embrace. He was half on top of Gabriel and he held himself close as grabbed Gabriel tightly.

'You're not angry anymore?' he asked and he did sound confused.

'No' Gabriel told him and he put a light kiss on his temple, it was almost fascinating how Castiel's entire body relaxed at that.

'I'm really sorry' Castiel said again, his voice was barely audible as his face was pressed into Gabriel's neck.

'I know' Gabriel answered, he didn't want elaborate apology speeches, he just wanted Castiel to understand and he obviously did now, it was hard to stay angry beyond that. They stayed like that for a while. Gabriel was stroking his back idly with his fingers and Castiel held onto him closely, almost clinging, it made Gabriel smile.

'Was there really a program you were interested in on UCLA?' Gabriel asked then.

'It doesn't matter, I'm not going anywhere.' Cas replied with an almost stubborn tone.

'Not what I asked' Gabriel told him, Castiel stayed quiet for a while which was an answer on its own.

'It's… there was, but the Columbia is great too, so it really doesn't matter.'

'You sure? Damn… Mr. Odinski will be disappointed that I won't go work for his brother in LA then.' Castiel jolted up immediately and was looking down at Gabriel with stunned eyes.


'Well, if you wanted to go there I guess I would have no other choice but to go with you obviously, but like you said it doesn't really matter.'

'No! It does… I want to go there, but I didn't want to without you. Would you really do that? But you love your job.'

'I would have the same job, minus the daily urge to strangle Patrick or drown him in dishwater.' He added.

'Are you sure?' Castiel asked.

'I wouldn't be telling you this otherwise' and Gabriel definitely loved the smile that spread on Castiel's face, and he definitely didn't mind the enthusiastic kiss he got a second later. Fingers were stroking his hair and face, then neck and chest and Castiel was climbing on top of him without tearing their mouths apart. Gabriel reached out to bury his hands in the black hair and his other hand kept stroking Castiel's back, now sliding slowly below his shirt just a little. The moment his hand touched naked skin Castiel rolled his hips down onto his and it was obvious how much Castiel enjoyed the kiss, it was really easy to arouse him that was sure.

They kept kissing and touching, slowly grinding, until finally they had to pull apart to breath properly. Castiel's hair was a mess and his lips were red and swollen, glistering. He had a faint blush on his cheeks. His blue eyes were darkened by lust. He slowly moved his hand from Gabriel's chest downwards and he only stopped when he reached the button on Gabriel's jeans, then he looked at Gabriel with an unspoken question in his eyes.

'Knock yourself out little brother' and as per usual a shudder went through Castiel at the last words. He bit his lips and closed his eyes for a moment, when he looked at Gabriel again his eyes were practically black from the way his pupils were blown. Gabriel couldn't actually figure out why this pushed Castiel's buttons so much, but he stashed into the 'Who's your Daddy' category and didn't dwell on it unnecessary.

Castiel already unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and Gabriel let out a low moan when his dick hit the cool air. Castiel stroked him a few times, eyes kept focused on his face, but then he glanced down onto his own hand and the way it moved on Gabriel's hard cock and he licked his lips, it was probably an unconscious movement, but it caught Gabriel's attention.

When Castiel started to lower himself Gabriel's pulse jumped and his dick twitched in Castiel's hand, they didn't really do that, but his mouth was dry and his body was humming with anticipation and there was no way he wanted to stop this.

Castiel first licked the head, gathering the moisture at the top with his tongue then smearing it, when he kept his tongue going on the side of Gabriel's erection. Gabriel threw his head back and barely suppressed a loud moan. Thank God they were alone in the house.

Castiel probably didn't want to tease him as the next thing he knew was that his full lips were wrapped around Gabriel's dick, his hand holding him firmly at the base where Cas couldn't take him into his mouth. He bucked up his hips a little, and then murmured sorry for it, even if his body shuddered with lust at the idea of fucking Castiel's mouth while keeping his head in one place. He couldn't stop himself to buy his hand in his hair, but he did stop before thrusting his hips up again. Cas started to bob his head up and down, his lips wrapped tightly around him and his tongue pressed to the side of the hard flesh, he kept stroking him at the hilt. He was surprisingly good at it, not like Gabriel had that many blowjobs in his life, but he did have a little experience in the matter. He couldn't stop himself commenting on that.

'You've done your homework on this, huh little bro?' he asked and Castiel moaned around his length, which made it even better. 'Fuck' he groaned too. 'Been watching porn and thinking about doing this, huh?' he said, he was a little breathless, but the image was burning in his mind hotly and it just made him harder. 'I'm sure you did' he said. 'You wanted it or wanted me to like it?' Cas gripped him a little tighter and sucked more, which shut him up completely. Damn it was good, but they could both play this game. He was getting closer now, Cas mouth warm and wet and tight around his dick, but no way he would fell apart alone.

He tightened his grip on Castiel's hair a little, that earned him a moan from him too and Gabriel really had to focus not to empty himself right away.

'Naughty Cas, really' he started, he was panting now. 'Sitting in your room, touching yourself' he definitely did not whimper, but how was Cas doing that with his tongue. Fuck. 'I know you did that.' Cas was moaning constantly now, he became sloppier, but he was moving his hand and mouth faster too. 'You were jerking off and thought about sucking big brother down.'

Castiel growled low in his throat and tightened his grip, the extra pressure and the vibration was enough to send him over the edge and he felt for a second bad for not warning Cas, but then everything whitened out and his body tightened as pleasure rushed through him. He was not responsible for any noise that was coming out of his mouth as Cas didn't back off just kept sucking as Gabriel emptied himself into his mouth. He couldn't swallow everything so his mouth was painted with the white fluid and it was dripping down Gabriel softening cock.

Cas let go and dropped his head down on Gabriel hip, resting there. And he knew his body language enough to know that he was also in his post-orgasmic state and that was just all kinds of hot, that he got off on this. A moment later Castiel started crawling up and Gabriel helped him until he was draped half on him within his arms both of them trying to catch their breaths.

'You really liked that, huh?' he asked, his tone was lazy and teasing.

'You're evil' Cas told him, and he chuckled in response.

'You're kinky' was his reply and Castiel huffed out a laugh himself. Gabriel kept stroking his hair and enjoyed how they were wrapped around each other.

'I really love you' Castiel told him and Gabriel was surprised how natural it felt, but then again it was not the first time he heard it, just the first time it had a new layer of love on it.

'I do too Cas, I do too' he answered as he pulled him even closer to put a kiss on his forehead. And he really did, more than anything.