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People May Say Things

My name is Dr. John Watson and I live at 221b Baker Street. My best Friend is Sherlock Holmes.

"Always a nice to see you, Watson."

We catch exceptional criminals.

"Lord Blackwood."

"Wasn't a very nice man... Frankly a bloody awful cabbie."

"Colonel Sebatian Moran."

With the exception of one...

"If you are clever enough to bring destruction on me, rest assured that I will do the same... for you."

"I will stop you.

No, you won't."

People have said things. I suspect out of jealousy.

"Freak's here... You're not his friend. He doesn't have friends... 'Cause he's a psychopath. Psychopaths get bored."

"Everyone is stupid. Even you."

Sometimes Holmes deserves the comments and the names.

"Really? I thought it a big improvement. Mouth's too small now."

Other times he deserves worse.

"However, the jewels you are not wearing tell us rather more. You were engaged... you spent some time abroad proudly wearing it... until, you were informed of its true and rather modest worth... you broke off the engagement and returned to England for better prospects. A doctor, perhaps."

But we all have our faults. Myself especially.

There I stayed for some time at a private hotel in a comfortless, meaningless existence and spending such money as I had, considerably more than I ought.

"Those days are behind me.

Right behind you. He cost us the rent more than once."

People have said different things about our friendship.

"Sherlock Holmes and his loyal dog."

"A colleague? Since when do you get a colleague?"

"He's sweet. I can see why you like having him around. But, then people always get so sentimental about their pets. So touchingly loyal."



My name is Dr. John Watson and my best friend is Sherlock Holmes, private consulting detective. We live at 221b Baker Street.


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