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KimPossible: X-Factor

By LJ58

Part 1:

"Who are you people," Shego huffed as Kim glanced at her, and then nodded.

"Professor Xavier runs an academy for gifted children," Kim told her. "Only I didn't realize how gifted. Or am I wrong in thinking that you've been taking in mutants under the guise of playing school all this time?"

"Oh, it's a real school, Kimberly," Charles told her. "And, yes, most of my students are gifted in special ways. Just as you both are. That is, after all, why we're here. To give you an opportunity that very few outside my academy are going to allow."

"Why does this sound like a cult," Shego grumbled as they were led down the alley, to a back lot, and then right to a long, sleek black jet that looked very ominous. One of the women with him, a startlingly silver-haired woman with cocoa skin he had called Ororo, went inside to warm up the jet's engines as the others boarded.

"No cult, young lady," Charles told her as Kim stared up at the jet that dwarfed her small car. "We…. are the X-Men."

"Yeah, because that just makes everything….."

"Time to go," Jean said abruptly. "Everyone into the jet."

"I can't leave my car," Kim told them, only the Professor and Jean not reacting as she glanced to one side as the Roth shimmered into view where it had been concealed.

"Nice trick," Scott murmured, his visor fixed on the vehicle.

"Here comes Logan," Jean said.

"Just follow us," Professor Xavier told Kim, knowing she could. "Jean will give you the coordinates while we are en route," he told her as they all headed for the jet even as Wolverine bounded over the roof, landed in a low squat, and then dusted himself off.

"We might want to blow this pop stand. We have a few more uninvited guests on the way. Heavily armored ones," he told them as he joined the other X-Men on the jet's open ramp. "See you two girls in a few days," he sneered after one look at her small, purple car.

Kim and Shego climbed into the Roth, the car's shrill turbines warming up almost instantly as she took the controls even as the sound of the larger jet's engines began to fill the air. Even as they both rose on VTOL turbines, Kim spotted the two armored mini-tanks, and over two squads of GJ agents rushing along the alleys below.

"Definitely a trap-trap," Kim muttered.

Shego shot her a glare, and hung on as they banked, and followed the Blackbird that was pulling away at high speed even as it went almost straight up after rising from the city below.

"What are you waiting on," Shego huffed as the jet began to disappear slightly overhead, and then really disappeared as it shimmered behind a stealth cloak of its own.

"I'm getting coordinates from Jean," she said, a glazed look on her face as she began typing in numbers into the Roth's navigation console.

"How many of you mind-readers are there out there," Shego grumbled irritably.

"I don't know. But how did you know…..?"

"I get the feeling you heard the old man's voice in your head the same as I did," she huffed. "And he did almost say….."

"Your real name? No big. I already knew it. Shego."

"How did you….? Did you….?"

"Actually, Wade dug it up for me years ago after I met your brothers."

"I forgot how much of a busybody you can be," she growled at her. "If you knew, why didn't you ever…..?"

"I figured you had reasons to keep it quiet. And I would never use that kind of knowledge to hurt you, or your brothers. You ought to know by now that it's not my style," she told her.

Shego's glower softened, and she nodded. "Yeah. You're just too nice for your own good, Princess. Even if you can't spot a trap to save your life."

"I can, too!"

"How many times did Drew and I grab you two?"

"That was…. I was just starting….. I….."

"Then there's Dementor. That fruity Scot. DNAmy. And what about Lucre? How could you let him get the drop on you?"

"Okay, okay. Not my best moments," she glared as she finished typing in the numbers she had been given. "Annie, you have the coordinates locked in?"

"Yes, Kim," the AI told her.

"Then open it up, and get us there. Let's show that hairy midget what you can do," she grinned.

"With pleasure," the AI chirped, and even Shego gasped as the powerful rockets roared as even the trunk opened now, and booster rockets increased their thrust as she felt herself slammed into her seat.

Shego just sniggered. "Hairy midget. There might be hope for you after all, Kimmie."


"They got away," Betty said even as Will walked into the office.

"They got away," he echoed, looking grim.

"What else?"

"They met up with someone. They were apparently warned off from entering the trap at the last minute, and met up with several people that also escaped our net."

"I was afraid of this."


"This is worse than I thought," she grumbled. "The trap must have brought him in, too, and they've joined forces. This is not good."

"Drakken," William asked.

"Worse. Xavier," she murmured softly, the very name almost a curse.

"Him? I thought he was just a….."

"He's more than an activist, Will. Much more. And if Kimberly is joining him, we had better come up with a much better game plan."

"For one man? A glorified school teacher."

Betty stared at him.

"What's your security clearance, Agent Du," she asked, though he knew both of them already knew it.

"Delta-3, Dr. Director," he replied all the same.

"You're about to raised to Bravo-1," she told her. "Tell me. Have you heard of the X-Men?"

"Aren't they…..an urban legend?"

Betty shook her dark head. "Far from it," she said, and opened a super-encrypted file that existed only on her private computer. Spinning the monitor around, Will stared at the team of some twenty, brightly costumed characters in a colorful collage of bizarre men and women. All of them with an 'X' insignia somewhere on their costumes, or bodies. Bodies covered in ice. Fur. Even flame.


"The X-Men are all mutants," Will was told. "Mutants so powerful that they could conceivably topple nations if they are not stopped. I had hoped Kimberly might give us the answer to finally putting an end to their threat. As well as empowering our own agents."

"My…..God," he murmured as he read the file.

"You thought Possible was the only one? There could be hundreds. Thousands of them. We just don't know. That's the problem. We hoped Kimberly could help lead us to them. Perhaps harness them. Even control them. Only she had to spot our lure, and bolt. If she joins Xavier…."

"We need to come up with a plan," he murmured, absorbing the scant details on the few known facts regarding the mysterious band.

Betty didn't argue the obvious.

"We still have one advantage. We know what they're both after."

"We do?" He frowned, then snapped his fingers. "Of course. The anomalies we already hold."

"Exactly. I do not think it's a coincidence they both showed up at the same location after Kimberly's hacker learned where we were allegedly holding other mutants."

"So, there were no captives at that location."

"Do you think I would actually put that kind of data on open systems," Betty asked him.

Will didn't bother replying. "So, we can expect them to try again."

"Exactly. This isn't over, Agent Du. We have to be ready for the next attempt. We have to be more than ready. Next time, I want Kimberly, and her new associates, all sharing the same cell for proper….debriefing."

Will frowned.

"Figuratively speaking," she growled at the literal-minded young agent.

Will simply nodded.


Even as the jet lowered itself to the open platform that rose out of the basketball court, Kim saw Logan staring out of the cockpit as she leaned against the side of her car as she and Shego waited for the sleek jet to arrive.

The professor, she noted, looked amused as he looked down at her from the cockpit. The others looked as stunned as Logan.

"Score one for us," Shego smirked right alongside her.

"Well, I felt it necessary to show the stage."

"And show the hairy midget what 'girls' could do."

"Well, that, too," Kim glowered. "Honestly, that guy is like…..a dinosaur. His thinking is so….."

"You can tell what he's thinking," Shego asked, looking more than a little upset by that one.

"I couldn't help it. Gah, honestly, Shego. I didn't peek. His thoughts just…..radiate. And he's such a…chauvinist! He thinks we all should be in the kitchen, or something. I mean, honestly, he's so old-fashioned he makes my dad look positively feminist!"

"Wow. That bad?"


"So, the mind-reading thingy is still there, though?"

"It's….getting stronger," she admitted as the professor met them at the front door when they went to knock after the jet had vanished, and the basketball court had closed again, looking like any other normal court beside a huge, brick mansion.

"Peachy," Shego grumbled.

"Welcome to the Xavier Institute," the smiling man told them as Jean opened the door, though he looked up from a wheelchair now.

"What happened to the Lego-limbs," Shego snorted.

"They are for mission's only, I'm afraid," he smiled as he took no offense at her manner. "Forge hasn't yet managed to overcome the battery-life issues necessary to give them true effectiveness for long-term use."

"Hmmmmm. I could probably….."

"Trust me, Kimberly," Jean cut in. "Forge is the best there is, and…."

"Did he build your little airplane, too," Shego asked wryly as they walked into the long receiving hall as Scott, now out of uniform, and in casual denim jeans and a tee came up to peer out the door at the car parked to one side of the manor.

"How did that little thing beat the X-Jet," he demanded of them, but more out genuine envy and curiosity than animosity. "Forge said our engines were the best….."

"Obviously not, Cyclops," Shego snorted.

"How'd you know my code-name," he asked, peering at her through ruby-tinted glasses. "That's top secret…..?"

Kim couldn't help but chuckle.

"She didn't, Scott. Relax," the professor told him.

"Shego just has the habit of using…..nicknames that pop into her head. She apparently chose the obvious for you," Kim told him. "As to my car, my best friend, and my twin brothers helped rebuild it for me. And it does a lot more than just fly."

Scott just gaped.

"It might help, my dear, to explain your best friend is a teenage genius with five PhDs, and that your brothers are also mutants of incalculable mental acumen."

"Oh," Scott nodded. "That explains it," he said, and went outside.

"Don't get too close. My security shield packs a punch," Kim shouted after him as the door closed.

"Security shield," Jean echoed even as a body came flying through a window, slammed into a wall hard enough to crack the paneling, and knocked down several paintings.

"Son of a…..!"

"Logan," Jean snapped as the man still wearing tan and black, but having removed his mask rose to his feet, dusting himself off as he stretched kinks out of his body. "Language."

"Whoa," Shego quipped, watching a long gash on his brow heal. "And I thought my metabolism was hyperactive."

"Logan's healing factor has kept him alive for centuries, my dear," Charles Xavier told her as they left the scowling man to follow them as he led them toward a wide study where he rolled behind a desk, and looked back up at them.

"Now, before we begin….."

"I wanna know how that damn bug hit me," Logan growled.

"EM pulse shield with randomly alternating frequency modulators," Dr. Hank McCoy drawled as he walked into the room. "Incredible piece of work, young ladies," the furry scientist remarked as he walked into the room wearing a suit now. "Simply incredible. Forge is going to be drooling over it when he hears you outran the X-Jet."

"Well, to be fair, we went suborbital, and arched down past you at high speed," Kim smiled.

"Suborbital. In that…..thing," Logan sputtered.

"It punched you out, didn't it, Shorty," she sniggered.

"Watch it, Greenbean," he growled back.

"Hey, Princess is the one that called you a hairy midget," Shego shrugged.

"A hairy…..what," the short man seethed, his teeth flashing angrily as Kim blushed.

"Shego," she moaned.

"Logan. Calm down. Ladies, if we could get to the issue at…"

"No one calls me a…."

Kim yelped, ducked in a backward summersault even as three gleaming claws sliced the air near where she had been.

Just before green flame exploded, and Logan went flying through another window.


Drew Lipski, AKA Dr. Drakken, sat in the dim recesses of his lair considering his next plan.

Next to him were several newspapers and magazines. All featuring two very different women. Women, he knew, that should have been at one another's throats. That should have been fighting for supremacy. Not…..working together.

Yet all the articles claimed they were.

One magazine even features them standing side-by-side. An old photo that showed her standing by Shego during their probation hearings back during that 'second chance.' A recycled photo. The headline, however, was new.

'Mutant Sisterhood?' it suggested, going on to imply they were now not only working together, but might even be up to nefarious ends.


His Shego. With Kim Possible!

It was not to be borne. Not to tolerated. Shego belonged to his evil family. He gave a wordless growl, and shoved at something as he rose to his feet. He promptly tripped over whatever he had shoved off the table, and fell, shattering a small table, and the lamp on it.

A door opened, casting long shadows from overhead, and his mother screeched, "Drew! Be quiet down there, boy. I can't hear Biggest American Morons on the TV!"

"Sorry, mother," he sighed, and reached for the lamp that was broken, but still worked. "I just….tripped."

"Oh! You didn't hurt yourself, did you, Drewbie?"

"No, mother," he muttered through grit teeth.

"Well, then, be quiet, dear. Mommy wants to hear her program."

"Of course, mother," he grumbled, and glared at the image of the redheaded mutant menace onm a front page addressing the city in L.A. not very long ago, calling for sympathy, and justice.

He found that ironic. Until the news broke that she was likely also working with Shego. That she and Shego were on some kind of rampage, and apparently GJ had been after them all along to stop some wicked plot they suspected might be in the making.

Well, Dr. Drakken was going to teach them both that he, and only he, was the undisputed master of evil.

Just as soon as he figured out how.

To Be Continued….