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KimPossible: X-Factor

By LJ58


"Where have you been," Kim demanded as the boys walked into the house looking dusty, weary, and smiling suspicious smiles.

Four days ago, she and a few unlikely allies had put an end, temporarily at least, to Dr. Director's mutant hunt. She had then helped bring back her family from a deadly dimension, and then had to give a less than impromptu speech that essentially declared she had been working incognito for Shield all along on a covert operation that could not be discussed in detail.

Incredibly, Dr. Director was there, too, and gave a vague semblance of authority to her words even as she spent most of the time glaring at Shego who had been publicly pardoned for her 'role' in the undisclosed operation. The simplistic, and vaguely plausible scenario suddenly had people declaring her a hero again, and suddenly she was popular, and could walk in public without fear of arrest once more.

What Fury added for her alone was that he 'suggested' she return to college in California, and work with a local division of Global Justice more closely aligned with Shield headquarters. The suggestion was more of a command than not.

She and Shego were both still mulling that one over.

Meanwhile, two days ago, the twins had ducked school, disappeared, and had yet to be seen by anyone until they came dragging in this morning even as she looked up from the college papers she was filling out for Cal-Tech.

"Around," they both answered evasively.

"Let's see you try that one on mom," she said as Shego came down from showering after their morning workout in the backyard.

Her dad had been filled in on their new relationship, professionally and privately, and his only comment was that at least he no longer had to worry about boys. His only instruction beyond that comment was not to 'entice' the boys with any PDA.

Shego had yet to really stop sniggering over that one.

Her mother, while not disapproving, was still withholding outright acceptance, though. She suspected it had something to do with grandchildren.

"Tweebs," she demanded. "What did you do?"

"Well, after we figured out what that quantum projector could do, we rebuilt it, and used a better interface for more stable transport between dimensions," Tim finally admitted.

"And you did what with it?"

"We, ah, visited a few of the nicer dimensions we peeked in on."

"Such as….?"

"Well, we could tell you, but you still wouldn't believe what happened to us this time."


Shego's response was typical, having come in at the end of that one.

"They built a new pan-dimensional vortex inducer," Kim grumbled, and Shego moaned, too, slapping a hand over her face. "Then went dimension hopping."

"Not again," the woman complained.

"Just tell me you shut it down properly."

"Or got rid of it," Shego muttered as she reached for the television remote.

"Funny you should ask," Tim smiled, and Kim felt a shiver of dread trace her spine.

"Not going to ask," Shego said, and walked over to switch on the television.

Kim sighed, and shook her head. "I am suddenly looking forward to California."

The boys just grinned, and headed upstairs, looking as if they were already plotting some fresh mischief.

Kim did not doubt it for an instant.

"Hey, Kimmie," Shego suddenly pointed as she paused before sitting after switching on the television.

"Oh, no," she sighed, seeing a battle that was tearing up the streets in a Midwestern town as a massive man in crimson armor was charging anything in sight as the authorities scrambled just to keep civilians out of the way.

Even as she looked up at the screen, she heard her Kimmunicator chirp even as she saw a familiar, feral face on the screen as Wolverine leapt at the back of Juggernaut.

"Let's go," she sighed, hoping she could make it back for supper tonight.

"So, who's side are we on this time," Shego asked eagerly.

Kim didn't reply as she shoved her paperwork aside, and bolted for her room to grab her mission gear. She wondered if things would ever get any easier. Or simpler. She had the feeling she already knew the answer to that one.