Well this is it. The last chapter. Here we go.


The first frost of winter had settled about the well-groomed field, light conversation buzzing about the few figures that took their seats upon rigid ebony chairs, their figures donned in extravagant dresses and light coats, insulating their forms. Mei exhaled with a squeak as Michiko tugged on the strings of her charcoal black corset, fastening it to her figure as she leant against the front seat of the rabbit demon's glossy vintage vehicle. After finally returning to an upright position, Mei smoothed out her ruffled skirt about her fair legs before combing her fingers through her pinpoint straight dark locks, settling them about her accentuated waist. She turned to her lifelong friend with an arch of her eyebrows, her ashen flecked eyes searching for approval on how she looked.

"You look great," She beamed, her charcoal rimmed dark amethyst eyes glittering with excitement.

Michiko ruffled her lace glove clad hand through Mei's slanted bangs, ensuring the single strip of ivory was visible through them before guiding her out of the vehicle gently. Michiko's curvaceous figure was dressed in a strapless violet dress, the waist hugged by a laced rim, emphasizing her already well-developed bust whilst the loose skirt hid the slight bump that was beginning to form along her lower abdomen. Her dark purple locks were cut to her collarbone, bouncing about it in an array of lustrous curls that framed her attractive face that did not look as if it had aged a single day since their school years. Above her glossed over lips sat a single ebony stud, pierced over the left of her upper lip, forming her trademark Monroe Mole whilst matching the tall raven rabbit ears that poked out of her curled hair.

"Are you still feeling nauseous?" Mei piped, but she simply brushed off her concern with a grin that revealed her slightly bucked teeth.

"Don't you worry about me," She replied with a chuckle. "Today is my day to worry about you."

"Well I would love to take some of the attention off of me before the ceremony or I am going to march back into that car," She challenged before grinning back at Michiko, the pair standing as if their short, voluptuous figures were completely impervious to the nipping cold. "When do you learn the sex?"

"We learn the sex and quantity pretty soon," Michiko explained, placing a soft hand on her stomach affectionately before glancing at Mei with an awkward frown. "Reiko keeps offering to do it for us, especially has her and Semu's clinic have a monster with certain abilities, but that kind of creeps me out. I do not really want a friend of so many years know what goes on in my uterus."

"We all went to see what was going on in Reiko's both times," Mei defended, arching an eyebrow at Michiko in confusion as she continued. "Why are you concerned about quantity?"

"Let's see, I am a rabbit demon and my wonderful husband is a wolf demon, both animals reproduce like crazy and often in litters," She stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "So chances are I am going to end up with about fifty children."

"That will be a fun day at the hospital. Now you see why I have not had any yet."

"Don't worry, your time will come," She teased with a smirk. "Trust me."

The sound of gentle footsteps gliding across the stiff grass alerted the pair as a dainty figure bounded towards them, dressed in a pixie dress of ivory and pale rose tones, her slender legs compressed into a pair of ivory tights with her feet hugged by a pair of ballet flats. Spirals of ebony swept about Reiko's petite form, sections of it pinned back elegantly with silver pins with pink sapphire flowers along the edges. Her pale blue-grey eyes were rimmed with soft eyeliner, framed by her straight-across bangs whilst sitting on either side of her adorable slightly upturned nose.

Her arms cradled a small baby, dressed in a pale lemon dress with a hand knit cardigan, ensuring none of her skin was bare for the cold to gnaw at. From her hair sprouted a bundle of golden locks, tickling over her fair flesh as she slumbered peacefully in her mother's arms, her long ebony lashes brushing over her cherub cheeks as a pacifier gently sat in between her rose petal lips, her miniature set of fangs digging into the pacifier as she slept.

"You two need to get a move on, you really do not want to be late," Reiko beamed with a grin that revealed her own pointed fangs. "Wow, Mei, I am sure you look gorgeous."

"Thanks for the sentiment," Mei joked, the duo creeping closer to Reiko, glancing at the young monster softly. "Aiko has gotten so big since I last saw her."

"Just wait until you see the boys," Reiko added with a beam. "They are definitely out of the toddler stage."

"Are any of their monster abilities coming out yet?"

"I am not sure, for obvious reasons," She was referring to her lack of sight that the daughter she cradled mirrored. "But they definitely have their sight and Eiji has just learnt how to use his wings. I am starting to fear that the both of them will have Semu's sight though. Imagine that, a whole trio of medusa monsters."

The trio of girls laughed at the memories of the mischief Reiko's husband's abilities had caused over the years, particularly when he was graced with his wife's alluring company. Even little Aiko peeled her clouded over eyes open, bubbles of adorable laughter escaping through her lips before she snuggled back into Reiko's embrace, the corners of her lips curling into a childish smile. Michiko awed with a squeal, once again clasping a hand over her stomach whilst her grin became one of anticipation.

"I think I might actually be looking forward to having my own children," She admitted before glancing at her friend seriously. "But if this ends up being more than twins, I will have to check myself into a mental asylum in preparation."

"It is not that bad." Reiko replied with a shake of her head.

"For you, you love children. In fact you are the most maternal person I have ever met." Michiko stated.

"She has a point." Mei added.

With a few more words of reassurance and a tight embrace of congratulations, the trio of comrades locked Michiko's car and guided Mei towards the field where the small wedding ceremony awaited. As they reached a tall, familiar figure that waited before the row of chairs, the duo reluctantly parted from Mei, pecking her on the cheek and whispering congratulations once more before returning to their partners.

Semu welcomed Reiko with a grin, two young boys, Eiji and Eiri, sitting alongside him with ruffled mops of ebony locks, dressed in ivory collared shirts and ebony slacks, their blazers neatly folded on their laps. They grinned at their mother as well with excitement, bursting out into whispers of conversation before she shushed them for the ceremony strictly. It was almost strange seeing Reiko act so strict to anyone, let alone her sons, but she was quite the disciplinarian where Semu could not be.

Michiko sat alongside Reiko, her sapphire-haired wolf demon husband slipping his arm around her waist affectionately. He left a lingering kiss on her plump lips before snuggling her figure into his, their fingers lacing between one another as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

"You look beautiful, Mei." Oniyuro's voice interrupted her thoughts as she halted at his side, staring down the aisle he was about to walk her down.

"Thank you," She replied with a grateful smile spreading across her pale lips. "You don't look so bad yourself."

His full lips curved into a smile her comment, his narrow golden, ivory-highlighted eyes glancing down at her, tracing her figure before his smile grew once more in approval of her dark apparel. His towering figure was compressed into a pair of black slacks held to his hips by studded belt, a button-down ebony top with a loose slim tie loosely swept around his neck, and his feet stuffed into a pair of glossy equally as dark shoes. His shiny black hair was cropped about the back and right side, clinging to the nape of his neck whilst the left hung far passed her slanted jaw, sweeping over his forehead and shadowing his eye darkly. His high cheekbones were even more defined as he grew older, yet his appearance was equally as youthful as all other monsters, many humans believing that they almost defied the effects of aging.

"What a conventional dress." He teased with an arch of his thrice black hoop pierced right eyebrow.

"Yeah, because you are the most normal person around," She retorted with a roll of her eyes before grinning up at Oniyuro appreciatively. "Thank you for doing this."

He shook his head, insisting it was nothing to escort her down the aisle in the place of her deceased parents, she meant a lot to him and he was happy to help, that and it gave him something to hold over Michiko's head for the rest of their lives. After a little more witty banter, the ceremony commenced, Oniyuro leading her down the aisle graciously, the onlookers both baffled and impressed by her choice of dress. Amongst the small crowd, Mei could identify many members of the Xiantha clan, including her grandmother, Kimie A. Xiantha, as well as a few comrades of Haine–who she reluctantly allowed to attend–and her own companions. As they reached the end of the aisle, Oniyuro planted a single longing peck on her cheek before retreating to sit alongside Reiko, Michiko, and their partners–and in Reiko's case, children.

Maboroshidou Haine turned to glance at his wife to be, his shapely lips folding into his charismatic smile as he shook his wispy light chocolate tinged ashen locks out of his handsome visage, his similarly coloured, grey-hued eyes narrowing at Mei with seductive affection. His tall, well-built figure was slipped into a dark suit, his legs encased in a pair of finely pressed black slacks whilst a blazer was slipped onto his chest, an ebony collared shirt clinging to his chiselled torso, Haine well-aware that Mei still felt fury towards ivory and ebony styled impeccable suits from her encounter with the Pandora's Box Corporation.

As Mei reached him, he took her petite hands in his large strong ones, holding them tightly and affectionately. Once the speaker began to conduct the ceremony, Mei refusing to have a lavishly dressed minister present, the couple whispered amongst themselves, his booming voice easily drowning their words out from the audience.

"Better late than never, right?" Mei snickered, well-aware that Haine had spent many years impatiently waiting for marriage to finally become a reality for the couple.

"I suppose," He teased. "Could you not bring yourself to wear a white dress? Not that this one is not incredibly sexy."

"Just be thankful that I did not make you wear the dress," She challenged with a wide smirk. "Although, the day is not over yet, I can still torture you so watch what you say."

"After being in a relationship with you for so many years, I have given up on watching what I say and grown used to the torture." He replied with a mischievous smile.

"Oh do not pretend you don't love it."

"I would not dare," Haine murmured before lowering himself, his lips mere millimetres from her ear. "In fact it just makes me want you even more."

Within a second he had returned to his upright position, grinning down at Mei knowingly as her wide-eyed look was soon replaced with a smirk once more. A few minutes later the phase the pair had been waiting for to bring the ceremony Mei dreaded to an end brushed over them after they had been legally regarded as man and wife.

"And with that, you may now kiss the bride."

The service at their secluded home ended as soon as possible after the ceremony, Mei quickly filing everyone out of the house politely, leaving only a few of her friends, and reluctantly Haine's too, behind for idle conversation. They all sat in the quaint living room, sipping away at cups of freshly brewed, steaming jasmine tea which filled the room in a delectable aroma. As Jiro, Semu, and a few other males spoke amongst themselves, Mei shuffled away from the testosterone filled area and settled herself amongst Michiko, Reiko, and Oniyuro.

"How did you guys enjoy the ceremony?" She enquired as she settled into a plush armchair, folding her legs underneath her figure.

"It was dreadfully boring." Michiko teased playfully as she cradled Aiko in her arms, Reiko busying herself trying to keep her twin boys calmly sitting on the couch with her whilst giving Michiko an insight into motherhood.

"Then maybe you should not have come." Mei teased back.

"Relax, I am just kidding," She clarified whilst gently bouncing Aiko in her arms as she began to stir. "On the plus side, I think I may have mastered motherhood."

"I am not kidding, it was boring as hell. I have sat through three of those by now, seriously, no one get divorced. I will not sit through another." Oniyuro complained with a roll of his eyes, slumping into his chair.

"And you do not master motherhood in an afternoon, Michiko," Reiko corrected after finally having Eiji and Eiri settle, the duo tuckered out from the hours they spent running the length of the field where the wedding was held. "Plus you still have to master pregnancy; it is not the most fun in the world."

"Then why did you do it a second time?"

"Because what would I do without my beautiful little Aiko?" She beamed, taking her daughter from Michiko as she began to become restless, snatching a bottle from her bag to feed the bright-haired infant. "And I could never handle being the only woman in a family of crazed males."

"I really hope my kids are not all boys." Michiko added in agreement.

"Really? I actually prefer boys to girls," Mei admitted, flicking a stray strand of ebony out of her eyes. "I swear if I went through all the trouble of birth to have a cutesy girl who grew up to end up like Hiyo or one of the Tamaki sisters, I would probably jump off of a cliff."

"That's true," Michiko mumbled thoughtfully. "Imagine the horror if I had a daughter and she ended up looking like Komugi. I would ask you just to kill me now if I thought that was coming."

"I guess any daughter of yours will be prohibited from pigtails then." Oniyuro piped as she frantically nodded in agreement.

"Definitely and I am sure Mei agrees with me on that."

"I am not exactly planning ahead for children right now," Mei replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "I have only just made it over the hurdle of marriage."

"Come on, being married to me is not that much of a burden," Haine's voice froze her in her seat as his arms suddenly wrapped about her shorter form, picking her up with great ease. "I hope you three don't mind, but I need to borrow my wife for a moment."

After receiving three nods of approval, Haine swept out of the room, Mei in tow despite her wriggling and curses of protest. Eventually he set her down upon the balcony overlooking the extensive forest surrounding their home, decorated by a thin layer of ivory snowflakes. He dropped his hand to hers, entwining their fingers together before smirking at her.

"Enjoying all the baby talk, are we?" He prodded as she rolled her eyes.

"What did I tell you about eavesdropping?" She retorted, playfully punching him in the arm in retaliation to him carrying her in his arms.

"I am your husband now; I have a right to be interested."

"But not to be completely creepy," She corrected with a wide grin. "Why else do you think I am not having any of your kids? I fear your creepy nature might be genetic."

"You would be so lucky to have children with my fabulous genes," He challenged with a vain smirk, his ashen wings spreading from his back as he posed before her. "You cannot deny that I am one sexy monster."

"Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, Maboroshidou." Mei muttered, chuckling lightly as she shook her head at his foolish behaviour.

"Okay, Mei, let's be serious now," Haine replied, folding his hands behind his back as his expression became grave, his voice lowering. "I have done a lot for you, I even took your last name, although I am pretty happy with still being called Haine, please do not let anyone else call me Maboroshidou or Xiantha."

"Do not worry; I will not let you soil my last name." She taunted before Haine rolled his eyes and continued.

"Anyway, I did want to ask you something," He unfolded his hands from behind his back, nervously smoothing out his top. "In all seriousness, are we going to have children? It is something I honestly want and I know you seem to agree, but sometimes I worry otherwise."

"I am so glad you brought this up now," Mei replied in a tone of false affection, taking Haine's hands with her own and gazing up at him. "Because I just found out this morning that I am pregnant."

"You are what?" Haine shrieked, startling the slumbering birds out of the trees about the house, his eyes the size of dinner plates in shock, his heart racing so fast that Mei feared he might pass out on the spot.

As Haine struggled to blurt out a single syllable of a word, Mei burst into snorts of laughter, unable to contain her amusement any longer. She clung to the banister, preventing her from buckling over with laughter as she slowly contained herself, glancing up at Haine's irritated expression.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but that was so priceless," She grinned impishly, flicking a tear of laughter away from her ashen eyes. "I never imagined it would shock you that much, I thought you were going to faint."

"Oh you are just hilarious, Mei." He muttered, wrapping her in his arms and holding her figure to his.

She lifted herself onto the tips of her toes, pressing her lips to his whilst sliding her arms around his neck for support. As they parted, her fingers laced through his locks of hair whilst they panted for air before diving back into their lip lock.

"Wait," Mei murmured, their lips mere millimetres apart. "We will have children someday, I promise."

"Really?" He enquired, arching his eyebrows at her, suspicious after what she had just pulled.

"Of course," She replied after pecking him on the lips in reassurance. "If you reacted that way when I was kidding, imagine what it will be like when I am serious. I cannot wait."

"Neither can I."