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Susan Pevensie, the Gentle Queen, Queen of the Radiant Southern Sun, the Archer Queen, one of the bravest and most beautiful women in all of Narnia and beyond… was hiding like a coward. And not just any hiding spot, oh, no. A queen doesn't just hide anywhere. Susan had taken refuge in the highest, most menacing tower of the Telmarine palace… in the broom closet. Nestling herself between the mop and rake, (why was there a garden rake in the highest tower?), Susan thought back to the event that had caused her to take refuge in such a degrading spot…

It was mere hours ago, on this, the day of Prince (now King) Caspian's coronation. Susan stood before the tree-portal back to her world, positioned in her usual spot between Peter and Edmund, watching as those who did not wish to remain in new Narnia passed through, seeming to vanish into thin air. Susan was beyond relived she and her family would not be walking through that portal on this day. Aslan had pulled her and Peter aside earlier, stating that his initial intentions were indeed to send them back, but circumstances he hadn't counted on had come up, and it was for this reason they were granted the great pleasure of staying in Narnia. However, when they asked him what circumstances, he had only said they would understand in due time.

"I'm not surprised this many are choosing to go." Peter whispered, snapping Susan out of her musings. She nodded thoughtfully.

"Some people don't do very well with change. Especially one as drastic as this." she mumbled back, aware that the cause of all this change was standing just on the other side of Peter. The cause of more change than he was actually aware of. Never once in Susan's life had she ever looked at a man and felt her heart beat quicken, her breath shorten, and the butterflies in her stomach go insane. Never. But the very first time she ever laid eyes on Caspian, that's exactly what happened. Despite the fact he and her brother were trying their very best to kill each other.

"True. Hopefully our presence here will help smooth the transition." Peter replied, unconsciously fiddling with his crown. This caused Susan to unconsciously fidget with her own, a constant reminder of the great responsibility she and her family bared, resting atop her head. A responsibility they now shared with the unfairly handsome Telmarine that stood a few feet from her. This thought caused Susan's heart rate to increase, and she cursed inwardly. She wasn't even looking at him! Susan exhaled deeply, trying to slow the erratic rhythm. She hoped it wasn't loud enough for Peter or Edmund to hear. Instead, she turned her attention to the departing Telmarines, trying to focus on them rather than how handsome Caspian looked today, dark hair shining in the sun, stern kingly gaze aimed at the departing masses…. Damn it. Her heart was going even faster and she was finding it a tad difficult to breath.

"Su? Are you alright?" she heard Ed whisper. She had to stifle back a groan. Stupid Edmund and his uncanny perception of the world around him…

"I'm fine Ed." she whispered back, starting at one dark grey stone in the wall opposite her. Staring at Telmarines wasn't helping, but staring at a dull rock certainly was.

"You sure? Is something scaring you?" he persisted. Susan turned to glare at him, and he turned away. 'Scared' was not a word used in the Pevensie vocabulary, not after everything they'd been through. 'Scared' was not a word directed at Susan Pevensie, who fought just as fearlessly and valiantly as her two brothers in this war. And she didn't even need a sword to do it.

"Very funny Ed." Susan heard Lucy whisper. She sighed. This was highly inappropriate. They shouldn't be talking at all, let alone bickering. This was a serious matter, a big step in the acceptance of Caspian and his way of doing things. Though, having the four of them by his side definitely was scoring points with the Old Narnians.

"What? Her heart sounded like it was going to come flying into the courtyard." Ed hissed back. Susan cleared her throat softly, and both Edmund and Lucy grew quiet. Peter stiffened a snicker next to her, and Susan fought the urge to elbow him. Honestly, they were supposed to be these legendary rules of a Golden Age in Narnia, and they were behaving like little children. Out of the corner of her eye, Susan almost thought she saw Aslan smiling. However, Aslan was standing on the other side of Caspian, who was demanding all of her attention. Even at the awkward angle from the corner of her eye, he was unfairly handsome. She strained to stay focused, and was most proud that she had once the last Telmarine had vanished into the doorway between worlds. Caspian started rambling off another speech, but she wasn't really listening. It was more for the benefit of the crowd gathered than for the monarchs themselves. She had to admit, he was an excellent speaker. Eventually, the crowd began to mumble amongst themselves, and the monarchs could relax slightly, resting their poor spines from being ram-rod straight for the past hour.

"Finally. I thought they'd never all leave." Caspian sighed, his delightful accent tickling Susan's ears. He removed his crown and ran a hand though his dark tresses, causing them to become completely disarrayed. And yet he looked even better than before. He looked up, right into Susan's eyes, and it was at this point she realized she was standing alone, as her three siblings had moved to talk to Aslan. Caspian took a few steps, closing the distance between them.

"Hello." she said softly, trying (and failing) not to meet his eyes.

"I'm glad you're still here." he mumbled. She smiled.

"So am I. It almost didn't happen…" she said, trailing off. She didn't want to think abut what could have happened.

"Why?" he asked, concerned. Why did he have to look so good? It took Susan a moment to collect herself and answer.

"Aslan didn't say why. He only said that 'circumstances he did not anticipate have arisen', and so we get to stay." she said, shrugging. Caspian's brow furrowed, an indication of his contemplation. Perhaps he knew what these 'circumstances' were.

"Well, I can only thank Aslan that these circumstances have arisen." he said, and gave her a small smile. She smiled back, and moved to leave. However, something stopped her. There weren't many things that could stop Aslan from following through on a plan. However, anything and everything Pevensie-related was one of those few things. And if Susan was being honest with herself, she knew she was feeling something for the newly crowned Telmarine king. In a spur of the moment impulse, Susan spun back around, and pressed her lips to his. She felt his surprise, then she felt him relax into the kiss. It probably only lasted a few seconds, but for Susan it lasted ages. She pulled back, and immediately the sounds of the world came back to her. She thought she heard Edmund and Lucy exchange words, and she definitely heard the hum of the crowd of Narnians. That's when Susan realized the extent of what she had just done. Shoving away the desire to grab Caspian by the hair and kiss him again, she turned and walked, rather slowly, to the exit in the courtyard. Once she was out of sight, she broke into a run.

And that, leads us back to where we started. Susan, hiding in the broom cupboard. She was so, very embarrassed. How could she have done that? With no warning, and in front of what basically amounted to all of Narnia? However, another thought was fighting to make itself known as well. How Caspian had look after she kissed him. The look in his eyes, well, could only be described as pure elation. Like he had been waiting for that to happen for the past month they had been in each others company. However, this happy though was continually beat down by the embarrassed ones. Goodness, her whole family had been right there! Peter was going to lose his mind.

Susan was unaware how much time had passed since she had taken refuge in the broom closet, but it was clearly enough time for a search to have been started. She froze when she heard the handle of the door begin to turn…

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