"Why... why did you protect me? Idiot!"

"Keh, d-don't get your hopes up, fool." A breathy shake, and soon choking on his blood. His legs felt like jelly, but he stood over his comrade, protectively as a brother should do. "I guess you can say... my body just moved."

"You idiot! We can both die here, you know. But you coulda let me take the hit... you live on."

"No, we both know I'm the stronger one here." He coughed again in his hand. He wished it was spit, or mucus, but the red was obvious in his hand. "He sure knows his points definitely."

"Dammit, idiot, why didn't you move? You really didn't learn a damn thing in the academy, huh?" His voice tried sounded harsh, and like he didn't truly care but his hands shook violently, and tears threatened to pour down his face. He didn't remember anytime he cried so much after...

"I guess... I didn't." The boy smiled, blood caked on his teeth. "I think I skipped out on that lesson."

"Dobe... Naruto... why did you take the hit?"

Sasuke Uchiha still looked upon Naruto Uzumaki's still body standing, still protectively over the downed Uchiha. The enemy was better than both of them and mockingly now, it seemed, let Naruto give a chance to why he jumped in front of him to protect him. Sasuke thought five days ago, when the mission started, that he was ready for everything. But now, he knew that he was still weak. Weak enough to save another person again. Itachi had took so much from him before, for reasons to this day he did not even know why. Now, this enemy, Haku, took another thing away.

Of the five months span Naruto and him were on the same team, the first month he thought nothing of Naruto besides being a pest and an annoyance. However, over that time, Naruto proved himself worthy, as a friend. Dammit, why did become his friend? Then he wouldn't be so damn afraid for him. That's it, wasn't it? The reason he was crying now. He cared about Naruto. Dammit, he was his friend. His friend.

And now...

"Sasuke... you were my first true friend. Probably my only. I don't think I can live any longer. The damn fox refuses to heal me."

"The fox? Wh-what the hell you talking about, stupid?" Sasuke asked, honestly confused and distraught.

"Hah, it's too late to worry about it." Naruto grinned, before violently coughing. His breathing slowed even more. These damn needles were so deeply embedded. "Hey, promise me something."


"Promise me... you'll protect Sakura-chan and make su-sure you complete your dream... no one shouldn't ever failed their dreams." Naruto grinned, giving the Uchiha a thumbs up. Sasuke could see Naruto truly was not afraid anymore. His blue eyes were dimming to a gray quickly. Naruto was bleeding out. Bleeding out and giving off this stupid monologue of his. Dramatic idiot.

Sasuke gave him a smirk. "I will."

"Hold onto your dreams." Naruto smirked back. "Bastard."


"Prick." Naruto fell to his knees.


"Asshole." Naruto closed his eyes.


"..." Naruto had fully collapsed.

Sasuke closed his eyes too. His eyes violently poured out tears for the damn dumb blonde. That stupid dope. That idiot. That dead last. He stood, wiping his eyes, despite tears still coming down. Sasuke kept his smirk too.

Haku came out of nowhere, with a voice seemingly mocking Sasuke for his lost. "He died protecting what he thought precious to him. Is this the first time you have lost someone precious to you? Is this the first time you have seen death?"

"No," Sasuke had said silently. His eyes blazed maniacally with the red eyes. "But it will be the last."

When Kakashi seen the mist and the ice disappear, only one figure walked away.

His eyes were black and red, with three intersecting ellipse.