Author's Note: As my story comes closer to being finished, the chapters are growing shorter. I still hope you like them though.

I got ready for my speech. Gosh, I hope this works. I hope this ends the war, I hope we fulfill the prophecy. I hope Ellie will come home to be with Bryan again, I hope that she's okay, I hope for so many things. 'Cause sometimes when everything is lost, you always still have hope. Because hope is the one thing they can never take away from you. They can take everything else away from you, but they can never take hope. Hope is the fire that burns inside you, hope is the fire that burns through us all.

We arrived at the studio at 10:25. They host was just starting off when they announced a change in plans. They rushed me onto the set. My mind went blank with all the lights, and I knew right now, the whole world was watching me. Think Ally, think. I told myself. Wing it. Wing it. What was I doing? Was I crazy? Well I think we established that long ago, didn't we?

"Hello." I said looking at the camera. Looking at the people, the people who needed me most know. The people who needed to know there was hope.

"I'm sure some of you have heard of the Dawn Of True Light Prophecy. Well, it's true. I guess this teaches us we shouldn't doubt people like the writer of this prophecy. And it's true, I'm the Challenger. And I have to tell you, I'm proud to be it. I've come to tell you all this war, this war is wrong. Right now we live in a world of equality, a world that strives for change. We can't live for those goals if we're fighting a war that's not going anywhere. Have we learned nothing from our ancestors? I'm sure you've all lost someone close to you throughout you're lifetime. I have, lost a lot. My parents, my sister, my uncle, my best friend, my best friend's parents. And I know that if they saw us now, they would be ashamed of us. Think about that, think about what this world means. They downfall of one country, means the downfall of us all. Please, listen to me. Stop fighting for what we don't have and start fighting for what we do have. Isn't that what they taught you when you were growing up? Think about how the world is now, do you really want to mess up the progress we've made? Don't you want to just keep progressing? If this war doesn't stop…there will be no future to look forward to. Their will only be the past to look down upon. Think about it. Please. Thank you."

I jumped off the set. The crew and host and all the other people just stared at me. The cut off the program.

"That was…amazing." Bryan said being the first one to speak. He gave me a friendly hug.

Then, all at once, everyone around me started clapping and cheering. I had just made history, I knew that. I guess I really might be cut out for my role as the challenger. I smiled at everyone. This is the world I want to live in. The world of happiness, not the world of starving and war. This is my country, these are my fellow people I just fought for. This is my life, fighting for the people. Fighting for my country. And I honestly love it.

If this is my life, I embrace it. Of course, I wish the ones I have lost are here. But I have to accept the fact that this is my life, here and now.



That night I was sitting out under the stars alone when Bryan came out to join me.

"Beautiful aren't they? When there is no war going on." Bryan asked me.

"Yeah, they really are." I murmured.

"You did awesome today. I always knew you could do it." Bryan told me.

I blushed. "I didn't." I said modestly.

"Don't doubt yourself. Never doubt yourself. Promise me that." Bryan begged me.

"Why?" I asked him curiously.

"Just promise me that."

"I've made a lot of promises lately. I don't know if I can keep them all."

"Please, Ally, please."

"I promise."

"Thank you."

"Do you want me to pinky swear?" I joked.

"That would be great." Bryan said playing along.

We sat there laughing and joking under the stars. Maybe I could get used to my life being like this. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be too bad. I've lost a lot of people, but I've also discovered something else. I just don't know what it is yet.

Author's Note: Finished! I hope you liked that! I really enjoyed writing this story for you guys and my sequel will be coming out soon. A plan on calling it "Dawn of the Fire." Look for it!