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Seto Kaiba was…confused

That was something the world wasn't prepared for.

The turmoil in his mind keep going at a constant velocity giving him a head ache for the books, and it was all because of her.

He leaned back in the leather chair placed in his office that held him. He was to mature for such childish thoughts of a…crush, he grimaced. He closed his eyes momentarily thinking.

Raven hair and blue eyes…. just like the color of blue eyes white dragons.


Opening his eyes he hurled his fists at the poor mahogany desk under him that had been at receiving end of the young CEO frustration when he became enraged. The wood buckled but he did not notice.

Why couldn't he get her out his mind, why couldn't he get kagome out of his mind? Why did she have to be one of greatest female duelist he had ever seen?

Why did she have to be beautiful and be exactly what he wanted but didn't have? Why was he so weak when to came to the girl?

And why, WHY did she have to be friends with the boy who had taken away his title and continued to show him up time and time again.

"Yugi Moto"

He grounded out the name, true he had learn how to forget not forgive Seto Kaiba did not forgive. He gave mercy when the time was right but did not forgive.

And he could never forgive Yugi for what he did even if it was unconventional on the smaller boy's part.

And now the duelist was causing him more trouble. Unknowingly.

Just seeing her with the geek squad and their trusty mutt Wheeler annoyed him, but even more it raged him to know of the crush Yugi had on her.

It was evident that he had it bad looking for her praise the most after duels, and favoring walking by her side to any others of his little group.

Running or more like shoving a hand through his hair he brought it back down to fold his hands in front of his face. But he had it bad to.

He remembered what Mokuba had told him one time one of the last time they saw Kagome and Yugi.

"I think Kagome likes Yugi"

Kagome likes Yugi, in Mokuba's twelve year old mind he was just simply telling his older brother a fact but in Seto's mind the flood gates opened. Impossible what could she possibly see in that little...little pip squeak!

He wasn't even the same height as her lead alone taller, not even when he suddenly at those unexplained times grew more confident he couldn't even reach her height.

And she liked him! Seto snarled in his mind.

Effortlessly he was leaned forward to press the intercom button.

"Aki" a cold voice reached the secretary on the first floor through the speaker system.

"Yes Mr. Kaiba" an obedient voice slid through the intercom

"I am not taking any appointments today, I have some work to do and I am only to be bothered if it involves Mokuba" he stated not letting his thoughts leave a stain on his voice

"Understood Mr. Kaiba"

He let go of the button on her reply. Seto easily let a smirk onto his face and cover his scowl he had earlier.

He would crush Yugi's little crush on kagome by taking her for his own.

After all Seto Kaiba did not get crushed he crushed.


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