Ten Minute Trickster

What happens when corporate President Eve Phoenix is ten minutes late getting to work on an average Monday morning? Who's taking control of the business meeting in her place? Will the joke be on Eve when she meets Gotham's greatest villain, or will a steamy stalemate ensue?

Chapter One

It's All About the Timing

Eve Phoenix rushed around her extravagant house, hurriedly trying to locate the second stiletto. She was going to be late for work. The one-day she needed to be there on time she was having wardrobe malfunctions! Fuming as she stuffed papers in her briefcase, Eve mentally checked off all of her necessary equipment for the meeting she was hosting. Her family's company may not have been as profitable as Wayne Industries, but it was a close tie!

Eve raced over to the large mirror hanging in the foyer to check her appearance. She'd packed her five foot two frame neatly into a midnight satin skirt suit and curled her light brown hair. Her emerald eyes glinted in the hall light as she carefully applied her lipstick. Many of the men complained about having a female boss, but when she walked into the room; all eyes were on her, regardless. Strapping the recovered black stiletto in place, Eve adjusted her posture for the additional three inches. Oh yes, those big corporate dogs would be whimpering pups when she was done.

Joker waltzed into the main floor of the West Company building. A slender blond secretary turned an awful shade of white as he and his group approached. He smiled and placed a finger to his lips as a gesture to keep silent. The young woman nodded her head rapidly, to afraid to speak. One of the thugs adjusted his gun as he stood at the door to keep watch.

"Remember boys, let's try and keep this professional." The Joker chuckled quietly as another one of his men opened the door to the conference room.

The heavy wooden door slammed shut behind the six men and Joker put on his best smile. The five fearful businessmen sat in their chairs unmoving. A young man with sandy brown hair stood from his seat adjusting his tie.

"Is there something we can help you with?" He asked politely.

"If you don't want to die; sit down and shut up." Joker stated a bit bored at how well things seemed to be going.

"We aren't mob related, this is just a business transaction." The same young man commented calmly.

"Sit down or I will shoot you, simple enough?" Joker questioned as the man finally slunk back down into his chair. He then walked to the head of the conference table and fingered the empty leather chair thoughtfully. "An empty chair? Who is missing?" He questioned, silence was his only response. "If you aren't using your tongues then maybe I can cut them off, hm?" He continued. The apprehension in the room increased, but still no one spoke. "I guess it's just going to be one of those days." Joker said with a sigh flipping out his switchblade.

Eve raced up the stairs from the parking garage. Checking her watch, she glared, ten minutes late! The deal could be sealed by now. Worse yet, they could have stormed off thinking it was some kind of joke! Who knows what could have happened in ten minutes! As she strode out of the elevator and onto the main office floor, Eve could tell something was wrong. All the office help were missing! She quietly stalked to the break room and could hardly believe what she saw. A clown with a gun had her secretary, and two other helpers face down on the floor. The clown walked past the doorframe and Eve made a snap decision. Hurdling her bulletproof metal briefcase at the back of the man's head, she was comforted by the heavy thud as he hit the floor.

"Well get up, I'm not paying you to be hostages." Eve chuckled as she picked up the handgun.

"Boss! That was amazing!" Ricky the messenger boy proclaimed.

"So, what is going on exactly?" Eve asked checking to see if the gun was loaded.

"That guy that Batman's been trying to catch is in the conference room!" Susan stated quietly.

"Should we call the police?" Veronica, the secretary, asked suddenly missing her desk phone.

"No, if they come in we've got a hostage situation. Susan switch me clothes." Eve commanded suddenly.

"What?" Susan exclaimed.

"I'm going to go in there and do your job." Eve chuckled.

"You're going to serve them coffee?" Veronica asked covering Ricky's eyes with her hand as Eve changed clothes.

"The Joker isn't stupid, he probably knows someone is missing from the meeting." Eve stated slipping on the green plaid miniskirt.

"So what are you going to do?" Susan asked as Eve pulled on the knee socks and green corset top.

"I'm gong to play a very dangerous game of chance." Eve stated taking a calming breath.

"Boss, they've got guns!" Susan replied fearfully.

"I'm not sure you'd call it a calculated risk but we've got to get those guys out of there." Eve explained pulling her hair up into two long pigtails.

"You definitely don't look professional." Veronica murmured.

It was true, Eve looked like some kind of centerfold depicting a sexy rebellious schoolgirl. She sighed deeply, the things you do for your company.

Well, there's the first chapter, hope everyone enjoyed it. The Joker is the Heath Ledger version, so sad something so perfect had to die. Review if you are interested at all otherwise there's no point to continue writing this story if no one wants to read it. ~DarkFoxPriestess