Eve woke up to an earthquake. She opened her eyes and saw darkness.

"Eve! Wake up!" Bruce's deep voice shook her form as she grasped his arms.

"Quit shaking me, damn it." Eve growled her speech slightly slurred from the meds and sleep as it quickly left her.

Bruce finally stopped and sat beside Eve with a broad smile on his face. Eve, however, completely uninterested and trying to fall back asleep, rolled over.

"Eve, wake up!" Bruce pestered childishly as he resorted to nuzzling her neck.

Eve groaned and threw a pillow at him. "Leave me alone." She whined as Bruce gathered her into his arms.

"What happened to you?" Bruce questioned gently trailing his fingertips over her face.

"You remember Adam Falcone don't you?" Eve asked her voice scratchy.

"He did this to you?" Bruce murmured darkly anger rolling off of him in hot waves.

"His men." Eve nodded.

"He will pay for this, Eve." Bruce vowed.

"Oh, I know he will." Eve whispered snuggling into Bruce's solid chest.

The phone rang and Eve buried her face in Bruce's neck. "The phone is ringing." Bruce spoke nudging Eve.

"I'm ignoring it." Eve replied plainly.

"It could be important." Bruce tempted in a sing song voice.

Eve grumbled and stumbled out of bed. She staggered, nearly running into the wall as she picked up the phone.