The kid and his Bass (revised)

This story is about the little girl who was bit by a squirrel boyfriend. When he was born, he was born with a disease that made already have pubic hair, but the disease makes him have it all over his body, so his hair is pubic hair, as for his legs and his arms and so forth.

When he went to preschool, the teachers hated changing his diapers, because when they would he had so much hair it would go poof, and end up in their mouth.

When he turned 11 he went to the guitar store to looked around and fell in love with a four string bass, he wanted it so much. However, he did not get it until he was 15, he played it 6 days a week, he got good.

In high school, he was dating a girl named the little girl who was bit by a squirrel, but he was already dating a much smarter girl, but he had bad taste, like the time in 5th grade when he liked a boy named Timmy, and he thought he was just an ugly girl. But yeah he was nasty then too, just like now.

After high school he married the girl he was cheating on, and a year after that he had a baby boy named Andrew, then when Andrew was 11 years old they had another baby boy named Evan, then when Evan was 3 years old they had another baby boy named Owen, when Owen was 1 and a half years old Andrew explained to Evan that while mom was in the hospital that mom and dad weren't going to be married anymore, and Evan didn't like that.

Well Evan and Owen went to go live with his mother with her friend, eventually his mother married to her friend and had a baby boy, well the little kid and his Bass didn't like that, but tuff beanie weenies to him, right? Well he thinks he is the best at the bass, but he isn't, he is in a band now, and he plays the bass, and the little girl who got bit by a little squirrel watches, and sadly she tries to sing about squirrels but she eventually sees a squirrel and chases it screaming wakka wakka wakka, and that is the story of The little kid and his bass.

Real name coming in next story. True story.