Title: The Bad Summer

Author Name: Leo

Author Email: Leo@almasy.zzn.com

Category: Angst/Drama

Rating: PG 13

Spoilers: All Books

Summary: A depressed Harry, a lonely Draco, a confused Hermione and an angry Ron. All are having a bad summer. When they go back for fifth year, friendships are broken and new ones are formed, and evil is forever lurking in the background.

Disclaimer: All characters are copyright to J.K. Rowling

The Bad Summer // Chapter 1 // A Depressed Harry

'I wanna believe you, when you tell me that it will be ok.

Yeah, I try to believe you, but I don't.' – Avril Lavigne / Tomorrow

Harry lay back on his bed and sighed. This had to be possible the worst summer of his life. The events of last year kept going over and over in his head, Cedric dieing there in front of him and then Voldemort rising again to full power and having to duel with him. Not to mention having the Cruciatus curse cast on him. Then Professor Moody turned out not to be the real Moody but Crouch's crazy son. It was all too much for Harry. He kept dreaming of it over and over again, especially Cedric. He felt like it was his fault. If he hadn't convinced Cedric to grab the cup with him…also it made him think more about his parents and how they must have died.

He had no one to talk to about all of this. Sirius was away helping Dumbledore and so was Hagrid. They both had enough problems without having to listen to him. Hagrid had already told him not to worry at the end of last year. There was always Ron but Harry could predict his response immediately 'don't worry, Harry. It's not your fault at all.' Harry had considered writing to Hermoine but she'd already sent him a letter asking him what he thought she should do about going to see Krum. He hadn't answered because he didn't know and he had problems of his own, and it looked like Hermoine had hers as well. So that left him on his own. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to talk to anyone about it.

The Dursley's were rather happy with his strange behaviour. He was quiet and he gave them no lip. Dudley, however, was getting quite frustrated that Harry wasn't rising to his taunting. Harry was getting to the point now where he was grinding his teeth in frustration at Dudley but he refused to show it was bothering him. So he just ignored him totally. This just infuriated Dudley even further, and on countless occasions Dudley and one of his sidekicks had threatened to beat Harry up, but the mere mention of Sirius always resolved the problem. It was almost like being at Hogwarts with Malfoy and his cronies. Well, even Harry had to admit that Malfoy was a better sight to see then Dudley in appearances at least, but that didn't make the prospect of seeing Malfoy any better, especially seen as his father, Lucius Malfoy, had been part of the clan of death eaters who had been with Voldemort at the end of last year. Harry figured it wouldn't be long before Malfoy himself joined them. Well, all would be revealed when he went back to school. He wondered what was in store for him this year…

Harry looked at the calendar on his wall. There was another 3 weeks till the start of fifth year. Another 3 weeks here… Just what he needed? Definitely not. Unless he wanted to blow up Dudley anytime soon, a very appealing option but he didn't want to be in trouble with the Ministry of magic just to add to his problems. He'd be insane by the time he left Privet Drive. He hoped maybe he could go and stay with the Weasley's for a while, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to be around company, as much as he loved Ron's family. Not only that Dumbledore might not permit it because of Voldemort. Why did everything have to be so awkward? That was his life for you. Nothing was ever black and white. He'd been presented with the chance to stay with Sirius, his godfather, but of course that opportunity had been snatched away from him, just like most other things; his parents, Cedric and his happiness.

And people thought his life was great. Ha. He felt like laughing in their faces. Sure, he had a great life, no parents, a crazy wizard trying to kill him at every opportunity, he had family like the Dursley's and now he was responsible for someone's life. Great. Of course there were good points to his life, he wasn't saying there wasn't but he didn't have the kind of life everyone thought he did. At the end of the day he was still your average teenage boy with problems, some slightly bigger then most people his age. Yet people still got jealous. Even Ron got jealous, why because he had some stupid scar on his head. It really got to him how people thought he had the perfect life. Harry could understand it with Ron a bit more because he felt like he was over shadowing him, but Harry would gladly swap places if he could. Let Ron and whoever else was jealous try and deal with some of the things he had to put up with.

(Tap Tap) Harry sat up and looked at this window where the sound had come from, to see an owl hovering there. He opened his window and let it in, hoping the Dursley's wouldn't hear. The brown, tawny owl had dropped a brown bag and a letter on his bed and then flown back out of the window. Closing the window after it, Harry sat down on his bed and examined his parcel and letter. The brown, paper bag contained food supplies. Including sandwiches, sausage rolls and other snacks and sweets. Smiling for the first time in days, Harry opened his letter.


Hope you make good use of the food supplies, I thought you might need them. Why didn't you respond to my last letter? I'm sorry to bother you with my problems, but I really need your help! I know you have your own problems as well Harry and you can always talk to me about them anytime, but I just need your advice on this matter.


Hermione x

Harry felt guilty now about not replying to the first letter. It was strange that Hermione, one of the smartest witches in the whole of Hogwarts was asking him for advice. Harry allowed himself a small smile at that thought, and walking over to his desk, he pulled out a piece of parchment and his quill and began to write a reply.