I DO NOT own Dragonlance or any of the characters read in this Fict with the exception of Farren Timechaser, Theogaroth Half-Elven, Amethyst Nightshade, Ryun Nightshade and Aeram Silverleaf.

This story takes place at the begging of the war of the lance just after the companions have fled Solace. Farren nineteen year old fair haired and green eyed young woman travels magically back in time to the War of The Lance which was thought to be just fiction.

Chapter one; Awakening

The voice became clearer and the only way I could describe it is The Chipmunks on speed. "Hey you're awake, who are you? Why are you lying in the rain? Gee your clothes are funny where did you get them? What's this? Is it yours? Oh, then you must have dropped it! People are sure carless these days, this one time Flint, he's a dwarf. Anyway this one time Flint lost a bracelet that was very important to him and Tanis, he's a Half-Elf. And Tanis set him off looking for it, I found it and we had this wonderful adventure. Would you like to hear about it?"

The figure in front of me was four feet tall, maybe, with blue leggings a fur vest and a vibrantly orange shirt beneath it. His hair was bound tight on the top of his head and his face was extremely wrinkled yet child like. In his left hand was a forked staff with a sling at the top and a metal point at the bottom, his other hand held the charm bracelet my mother had given me.

Still oblivious to the rain and the cold, I gawked open mouthed at him right in front of me stood a creature that existed only in fiction. Right in front of me stood a "Kender…"

"What's the matter haven't you ever seen one before?" he asked curiously he would have continued except for several voices began shouting his name in the distance.

"Tasslehoff Burrfoot you dratted Kender where are you?" A gruff voice called accompanied by several more.

"You're Tasslehoff Burrfoot?" I asked now sitting up wide eyed, head reeling.

"Yep didn't I introduce myself, how rude of me. My name is Tasslehoff but you can call me Tas!" He apologised sincerely taking my hand and shaking it.

"Can I have my bracelet back please?" I was still whispering and by now shaken quite a bit not to mention drenched.

"Oh yes I was just holding it for you so it wouldn't get dirty." He summarized handing it back to me. I hugged the bracelet to my chest it was the only familiar thing in this strange place then it hit me I should still have my brown leather book bag!

Scrambling around I found it and breathed a sigh of relief.

Tas gave me an odd look and called to his friends. "Flint, Tanis, Sturm over here!" Tas waved his hoopack in a small circle so it produced a whoop.

The three men arrived as I was getting to my feet; ignoring them I slung my bag across my shoulder and clipped on my bracelet. The knight who I knew to be Sturm helped me to stand without falling. I ignored Tas who was introducing the men whom I already knew of.

A headache the size of Cuba had just formed in my temples, the little voice in my head warned me that I was insane. Somewhere deep inside I knew already, at the same time I desperately wished it to be real.

All my life books have been my refuge I never imagined I would fall into one, never mind my favourite series of all time. Apparently it was too much because I fainted.