"Kurt?" The voice was soft and frantic. Over every syllable it cracked, before it died breathlessly so the t wasn't even pronounced.

Kurt Hummel pressed the phone hard against his ear, desperately trying to listen. Nothing came out from the other end again except for a irregular breathing pattern. The only noise in the world was a constant beeping on the other end of the phone. It was the only thing that remained steady. The boy bit his lip, trying to bring his reel of emotions into check. If Blaine had been in his position, he would've kept his composure. Be like Blaine, Kurt told himself silently.

"Kurt?" the voice asked again, this time not wavering as clearly.

The boy's throat clenched, restricting his vocal chords and cutting off his words. Kurt clamped his eyes shut, recoiling from everything around him. But in the hidden blackness of his eyelids poised a vivid picture which he refused to believe in. He forced himself to take a long, staggering breath, before opening his mouth. His tongue moved slowly like it was stuck in tar, fumbling over the words. "I'll be there soon."

"Don't drive, Kurt. We can't have the two of you-"

"I'm fine."

He snapped the phone closed and shoved it into his pocket. Kurt stood in the middle of his kitchen, not quite sure what to do or how to react. Everything had turned into a spiral downwards in a few short seconds, and with three words. A small weeping noise filled his eardrums and it took him a few minutes to realize he was releasing the sound. Everything was not fine.

Kurt's hands flew to his face as he fell, sliding to the tile. He placed his head against the cool floor, trying to control the bile that was rising in his throat. The tears spilling down his face and lay in a pool underneath his cheek. Stars filled his vision along with a murky black and purple that threatened to take him under. From his mouth escaped a horrible noise; a gut wrenching scream of anguish.

I'm fine was a large exaggeration. Kurt felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest and was being severed amongst the floor. This feeling he tried to avoid at all costs. He had managed it too, until exactly ten minutes ago. Kurt hadn't felt this much pain since his mom died…

The boy wrapped his arms around himself, desperately trying to hold himself together. He tried to concentrate on anything but what he had learned, but his mind betrayed him. Kurt was submerged in the very horror he never expected to happen. He bit down on his lip before pressing his hands to his face again, trying to force himself into a dark corner of his mind to escape the pain.


The boy wondered if he had somehow called someone on his phone. Pocket dialled, perhaps. But then two large hands were placed on his shoulders, pushing him into a sitting position. Kurt's head spun, swirling the walls and the countertops together. He couldn't clearly see anything with the spinning, and the tears didn't help any either.

He felt a thumb swipe off a bunch of the salt water off his cheek that fell from his eyes. Finn Hudson sat in front of him, his face deteriorating with every sob Kurt made. The tears continued to pour, and soon Kurt's vision was completely blurred once again. A shuffle of feet came from farther through the house and Kurt heard a sharp intake of breath. He imagined he looked horrible, but this was the first time he honestly didn't care. Kurt Hummel didn't care what he looked like.

"Rachel," Finn breathed. There was more feet shuffling and then another set of hands had wrapped themselves around Kurt's torso. Kurt could feel the girl's breath on the nape of his neck, before she planted her lips on the top of his head. The room stayed completely quiet except for the unnatural and horrible noises escaping the crumpled boy.

"What happened?" Rachel asked quietly. Kurt felt the hum of her voice through her chest, which she had pulled him against. The boy opened his mouth to speak, but his lip began to tremble violently. He brushed his fingers against it, before forcing his jaw shut on top of them. Anything to take the pain he felt in his heart away.

Clumsily, a set of fingers pried Kurt's own away from his teeth. Kurt could taste the iron liquid in his mouth from the now removed fingers of his. But the small tingling of where the blood ran out of his knuckles was nothing compared to what he felt in his chest. Again, Kurt raised his fingers to his lips but Finn had his hands clamped around Kurt's wrists. Kurt twisted against Finn's grip but the boy had expected the exact reaction and had already braced himself.

The smaller of the boys started to sob again, almost to the point where it was hysterical. He gritted his teeth, a cry escaping his tightened throat. He dug his nails into his palms and felt his chest ripping apart. The tears poured endlessly down his cheeks and onto his shirt, soaking the fabric. Rachel tightened her grip around Kurt's writhing body and tried to sooth him.

"Finn," Rachel begged. Her dark brown eyes were brimmed with tears, asking with everything she had for Finn to do something.

Finn looked at this broken step brother and desperately tried to clear his tears. His cold fingers allowed a small relief on Kurt's swollen cheeks. With uncanny speed, Kurt reached out to find Finn's shirt, and he wrenched him forward so their faces were inches apart. Or what he assumed to be as he could currently only make out watered sillouttes. The smaller boy gritted his teeth and twisted the shirt in his fist. "Drive me to the hospital."


Authors Word:

Well, I didn't really know where this was going. I just kind of sat down and began to write. I have an idea of where this will go now. So, please let me know what you think of it! I'm very curious!