Author's Note

First off, and I say this from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. It's been months since I updated Breathe Me and I've found myself longing to continue this story, but not being able to sit down and translate my thoughts onto the screen and paper. Simply, I haven't been able to sit down. I've been through a hectic, mad, and insane fall - something I wish that hadn't had happened.

Secondly, I do have a plan for this story.

Thirdly, the next chapter will be up in the first week of February. I am in the middle of finals, and they are worth fifty percent of my grade - never complain about your final exams until they are worth this much.

All in all, I need to thank you all for your support and your comments. I know this is a tear jerker of a story, and with how tired the characters are, it makes me tired to write this story. But, I'm pushing through after these exams I can promise you this;

There will be more inexplicably and unexplainable moments that will tear you apart. But there will be relief, and I promise not to leave the ending of this story unfulfilled to it's true potential.

With that, I send you love, and promises that there will be a new chapter, and soon a new beginning for Blaine.

(I will post chapter ten to a new chapter, which will show up as eleven.)