''6 weeks along.''

Haruhi felt as if her whole body was slowly crumbling into tiny pieces as she heard those words coming out of the doctors mouth. At the age of 20, still at university, married for only 4 months she had received the news that she would become a mother. The doctor, taking his papers and shuffling them let out a long sigh before going to his computer. ''That is all. Come visit me again in four weeks.''

Haruhi pale and petrified let out a gently nod before getting up. As she began to walk out, she felt her fingers getting cold and it was as her whole body began to shake. Clutching the door for support, she gained a stare from her doctor.

''Are you... okay miss?'' He asked, his voice sounding soft and sympathetic.

Closing her eyes and letting out a soft sigh she gave herself a second or so to calm herself down before answering the doctors question. ''Yes, thank you.''

As she walked out of the hospital, she gently pushed her back onto a wall as she began to put her hand up to her left eye, wanting to stop the tears she knew would begin to form at the corner of eyes.

Never in her life had she felt so frightened. After numerous of attempts, he finally got her to agree to become his wife. At the age of 19 the both of them were engaged, at the age of 20 she became Mrs. Suoh and now 4 months later, she receives the news she is carrying his child. Her dream of becoming a lawyer in memory of her beloved deceased mother would have to be on hold and she did not want that.

After some minutes of collecting her thoughts together and self-soothing herself she stood up and began walking alway from the hospital. Pausing, she took one last breath and put her hand on her stomach. Her hazel eyes slowly wondering down to look at her still flat stomach.

''I'm actually... I'm actually going to become a mother...''


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