Now in her first week of her last month, it happened. While Tamaki was suppose to be out doing quick errands for work, she went into labor and was rushed to the hospital to give birth.

It was truly happening now.

The very soon to be mother's head fell harshly back on the cushioned hospital pillow as she groaned a agonizing groan of pain as her sweaty palms grabbed onto the bed rails beside her for support as she felt another torturous contraction run itself through her body. Her face began to become more and more drenched in sweat and was holding a expression of pain that expressed the agony pain she was currently feeling causing the midwife beside her to flinch.

''I understand your pain but just taking a moment to breath will help.'' The midwife beside her suggested nervously attempting to help but her femine loud voice ringing through Haruhi's ear only caused Haruhi to begin to feel more annoyance towards her and not only did her loud voice cause Haruhi's annoyance, but the fact that with Tamaki unable to be by her side supporting her, as he and his chaffer were involved in a car accident miles and miles away and currently needed to be talking to the police and the fact that the mid-wife had no real idea of what to do and would only give her support by telling her to breath.

Haruhi suspected she was new as she clearly could see she was inexperienced and for the past four hours Haruhi had been in labor, she seemed of no real help in which Haruhi replied to her with a antagonistic glare. Beginning to hear the midwife's obnoxious high-pitched yells as she apologized and hearing her run out of the room sobbing childishly, she decided to ignore it as she felt another sharp contraction running itself through her body rapidly. Shutting her eyes shut she could could begin to feel the vibration in her throat from her whines from the intense pain her current contraction was causing her.

''Mrs. Suoh?'' A women's voice asked, her tone stern.

Haruhi let her contraction pass before cracking her eyes open to see a more professional looking midwife looking down at her with a austere expression and two or three other doctors beside her. Haruhi replied with a simple nod. A nod was the only reply she was felt she could manage with her current pain.

''From the looks of it, you seem to be in stage two.'' A doctor beside the mid-wife said. He pushed his glasses back up, but a tiny smile appeared on his face trying to help the women in pain. Again, Haruhi replied with just a nod but when seeing the mid-wife grab a chair she glared at her with a look of concern in which when the midwife took quick notice of this.

''I need to see if you're dilated enough to start pushing.'' Was the mid-wife reply, and was replied to with a quiet mumble of ''Oh.'' by her patient.


''Mrs Suoh, I know about your husband and understand you may want to wait for him before starting but you are fully dilated now and are ready to begin pushing.'' The midwife instructed.

''N-No, I-I do-don't mind.'' Haruhi yelled desperately between her heavy pants. With or without her husband present, she wanted to get the birth done with as soon as possible. Placing her head back on the pillow, Haruhi took small breathes heavily as she could hear the mid-wife's voice.

''That's it... just breath and push.''



After months and months of constant work.

After six hours of a grueling labor.

Finally at last. The handwork was at last rewarded.

Joyous claps and laughs congratulating the freshly new mother and loud shierks of a freshly newborn child surrounded every inch of the hospital room. A cry so loud, it was hard to imagine a tiny baby infant was making this loud shrieking cry. It seemed as if the infant child was crying to announce to the entire world, it was here.

''A girl!'' A doctor said happily as he held the fresh baby in his arms. ''It's a little girl!'' He said, now with a joyous loud laugh as he handed the little girl to a nurse to be cleaned off and weighed.

The mother of the little girl was exhausted. Her whole body drenched with sweat, her eyes closing by themselves, all she wanted was to lay her head back on the cushioned pillow and fall into a deep, deep slumber but when hearing a familiar voice shouting out her name, she snapped out of it.

Rubbing her eyes, she turned to see the doors slammed open by her husband who rushed to her side. There was a quick protest from the doctors by this but they quickly dismissed it when realizing he was the father of the little girl just born. He quickly went to her side and grabbed the palms of his wife. He gave her a small smile before grabbing her arm and kissed it so many times as he apologized she had to pull away in annoyance.

Soon the baby was wrapped in a pink blanket and handed to Haruhi. It was technically the first time Haruhi was seeing her daughter, since she almost drifted to sleep before Tamaki arrived. Everything went quiet for her. All the noise from the hospital, her husband's talking, the doctor's talking. Everything. All she was seeing was her daughter. Pushing part of the blanket Haruhi laughed gently as she looked into her daughter's face. A tuft of dark golden hair was set on top of the babies head and her eyes were a exact copy of her mothers. Big, dark brown eyes.


Haruhi laid peacefully with her sleeping daughter in her arms and her husband by her side. Haruhi stroked her fingers across the little babies hair as she slept peacefully.

The moment she received the news she was carrying a infant baby in her womb she felt the complete opposite of happiness and love. In the very start of her pregnancy, she felt a child would simply interpret her studies and make her life nothing but difficult even wishing it would have been best never conceived. Though, as her pregnancy progressed she began to think more in thought with her thoughts and from there began to feel nothing but guilt and worry for her child having felt no affection or love what so ever towards it. Even after confessing her true feelings to her husband about having a child, she still had her minor doubts.

All of those thoughts and worries were all washed away though when holding her for the first time. When holding her daughter for the first time she felt a emotion of such love and affection take over her. She instantly felt motherly love for her. Her worry of not being able to not love enough had been a complete waste of energy considering the immense amount of love she was currently feeling.

''So, I guess I was wrong after all about it being a boy.'' Tamaki chuckled, running his fingers through his daughter's silky hair. He looked at his wife happily, ''What should we name her?'' His hands still stocking the little girls hair. He grimaced remembering he wasn't present to support his wife in the long labor and to witness the birth of his first child but he was just glad to be there now. ''Well, actually I was actually thinking about the name... Chiharu.'' The newly mother said with a gently nod and smile. ''She also just seems to look like Chiharu would be a very fitting name for her.''

''Chiharu means a thousand springtimes, right?'' Tamaki asked his hands clashing together with another smile growing on his face.

''Yes. And I think it's an appropriate name considering she was born during the spring.'' Haruhi said, as the the baby cooed in her mother's arms. ''Don't you think it's also just a pretty name?''

Tamaki opened his arms to hold the baby, ''Chiharu is indeed a beautiful name.''


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