20 years have passed since The Battle Of Endor where The Death Star II
was destructed and The Emperor along with the empire met his doom and
Anakin Skywalker had been redeemed. Luke Skywalker is married to Mara
Jade and together they have a son named Ben. Han Solo and Leia Organa
are married and have a son named Anakin.
But there is still evil and war is
about to break between the Republic and the new Empire. The Sith Lady:
Darth Hordius sends
his Dark Jedi apprentice: Shorn and troops of Imperial
against the Rebel Alliance. Which starts the beginning of a new story.

In The under-construction Death Star III, The Empress and Sith Lady: Darth Hordious, wife of the deceased The Emperor and Sith Lord: Darth Sidious was awaiting the arrival of her dark Jedi apprentice: Darth Shorn.

Imperial Droids circled around as Shorn and his two Dark Jedi bodyguards walked out and walked alongside his mistress.

"I believe you have news for me, Shorn?"

"Yes, mistress."

"What is it?"

"Well, my lady. We have more systems to fight against The Rebel Alliance."

"Very well then. We have space to build the systems inside this buildings."

"I believe that's so, my lady. It won't take long to create them."

"Then let's get to work then."

"Yes, mistress."

And they cackled together in success.

Ever since the war with the first empire ended, many things had changed around the galaxy.

A new Jedi Council was rebuilt on Coruscant and The Rebel Station was moved out of Hoth and over there as well.

Luke Skywalker became married to Jedi Knight Mara Jade and together they had a son named Ben whom they named after Luke's mentor: Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi.

Han Solo and Leia Organa were married as well and had a son named Anakin whom they named after Luke and Leia's father: Anakin Skywalker. Leia had recommended her son's name to Han and herself so that she could have a bit of her father reminded of her because she had never actually met him before his death.

The Solos owned the two droids from their past: protocol droid: C-3PO and astromech droid: R2-D2 and they all lived on Hoth while the Skywalkers lived on Coruscant.

The Skywalkers and the Solos decided to move together to Tattoine so Luke and Leia would still have more of their father in them and Ben and Anakin would have more of their grandfather in them.

Luke and Mara retired from the Jedi Council because of Ben's birth and Han and Leia retired from the Rebel Alliance because of Anakin's birth.

Together, the family enjoyed their lives on Tattoine.

Ever since he became a family man, Han handed his duty over as captain of the Millennium Falcon to his good friend: Lando Calarissian.

His old partner: the wookiee warrior Chewbacca still remained Lando's co-pilot.

The family often looked forward to Lando and Chewie's visits but they didn't come to visit often since they were still part of the Rebel Alliance.

Ben and Anakin were never told by their parents about their career. They enjoyed their life on Tattoine. Everyday, they'd set to work at fixing and cleaning the droids who took a liking to them and during the afternoons, Leia would serve drinks and sandwiches while Anakin would say "thanks, mom" and Ben would say "thanks, Aunt Leia."