Chapter One

A/N: I OWN NOTHING! Except for Katyln and Amy, oh and the Potter cousins.

"James, get your fat arse down here!" a female voice resonated through Potter Manor.

"Katyln!" Mrs. Potter scolded. Katyln rolled her eyes; her mother hated it when she used 'vuglar' language, despite her being a sixth year.

"James, get your overlarge rear end down here!" her younger sister Amy cried, drowning out the sounds of her mother. Amy was the youngest, being only in fourth year.


Before Mrs. Potter could scold her youngest, James slid down the banister with a look of depressed curiosty.

"Finally!" Amy cried throwing her hands up over her head. "I thought you'd leave us to suffer through the reunion all by ourselves."

James' look of curiosty changed to stunned disbielf. "You mean that's today?" he asked. "This is the reason I couldn't go and see Padfoot's new place?"

Sirius had turned seventeen a few weeks ago and had moved out with the thanks of his Uncle Alfred. While James missed having his best friend always by his side, it was nice not having to listen to his sisters moan over how attractive Sirius was every day.

"They are your family young man," Mrs. Potter warned. "Don't forget, you're not an adult yet."

James rolled his eyes. It was infuriating that there were four days until his seventeenth birthay and they were filled with family activities. There was an Auror workshop for possible new recruits the day after next, and his mum was determined to keep him from it just like the war.

"Aunt Linda and Uncle Albert are already here, along with the cousins," Katylin told him as they walked down the hall. James groaned. The cousins were determined to stop his pranking ways. James had around 6 cousins total in his family, but the ones that were the worst were the cousins: otherwise known as Jamie, Ross and Paul. They were the oldest of the Potter kids, something they delighted in rubbing into James' face. As James walked down to the front room, more Potter relatives could be seen. Drunk Uncle Aaron was chatting happily to Crazy Aunt Emma, Grandmother Potter was trying to tell the house elves what to do, and Adam (the youngest cousin) was busy crawling around everyone and getting underfoot.

"Glad to see we didn't warrant an invite," a scratchy voice cried from the front door. Fifteen people in masks were blocking the way out.

"James," Mr. Potter said softly. "Take your sisters and your cousins out the back."

James shot his father a glare. He wanted to stay and fight, if nothing else but to be able to wipe the smug look off of Paul's face. One look at his father's face, and James knew that it would be useless to argue. As he picked up Adam, the Death Eater who had spoken first opened fire. It was chaos. Dogding wayward spells, James shoved Katylin and Amy up the stairs and tossed Adam into Amy's arms.

"Be careful!" he cried and then ran back to gather up Pam and Pat who were twins. Once or twice, the green glow of the killing curse shown through the Manor, but James didn't know nor did he care who got hit or which side cast it. All he cared about was getting his cousins out of the mess. They were only eight; his sisters could at least defend themselves and Adam if they got trapped.

"Hello Potter," a voice sneered from the shadows. The figure stepped out, and to James' horror, had Pam. His wand was pointed right at her throat.

"You don't want to do that," he warned as James moved forward. "One word and whoops!"

"Let her go," James snarrled.

"No, I don't think I will," the voice said and James could almost hear a smirk come from his tone. From the corner of his eye, James saw Crazy Aunt Emma bring down one of the Death Eaters. She was a good fighter.

"Where's Pat?" James asked, trying to keep the Death Eater talking. They were right by the catwalk that looked over the front room. If Katylin or Amy had made it to saftey, he'd be able to signal them.

"Oh," the Death Eater said slyly. "Don't worry about him. He's otherwise engaged."

"With what?" James snarrled.

"Avada Kedavra!" the Death Eater cried and James watched, helpless, as the life was sucked out of his little cousin.

"You ask too many questions," the Death Eater simply said. Outraged, James began cursing spell after spell. The ones he'd learned in Snape's textbook (though he'd never tell him that) came in the most handy, but the Death Eater gave as good as he got.

"Not bad," he said almost as if he was bored. "But not good enough. Stupefy!"

James, distracted by the sound of cries coming from Jamie's direction, failed to deflect the stunner and fell back into darkness.


When James came to, darkness had fallen. The only light was that of a green glow that seemed to wrap the house. James' heart seemed to be caught in his throat. Running outside, he saw a giant green skull with a snake coming out of it floating over the Manor.

"No," he gasped and ran back in. All around him were the dead bodies of his relatives. Grandmother Potter, covered in blood. Jamie and Paul, lying broken from where they had fallen off the stairs. His eyes began to blur, and as he carefully stepped over the bodies of Pat and Pam, he gasped as he saw his parents. His dad's throat had been slit opened while his mother had been hit with a reducto.

Falling to his knees, James bit back the tears that were threating to fall. Katylin and Amy would need him to be strong. Walking slowly up the stairs, his owl flew to his side and rubbed her head on his cheek. James went to Katylin's room first. It was the closest one, and the safest. Nothing. Trying not to panic, James went to his room next. The girls knew that he didn't like them in his room, but he'd forgive them if they were safe.

"Katylin?" he called out. "Amy? Adam?"

No one responed. Breathing sharply, and praying that they were just scared out of their minds to reply, James ran to Amy's room, the one closest to their parents' room. There, a horrible sight met his eyes. Both of his sisters were beaten with some curse, bruses were all over their bodies.

Adam had what seemed to be the quickest death. There was no sign of any marks on his body. The tears fell freely now. James sank to his knees and just bawled. He was all alone. He was the last Potter.