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"You go ahead," Richard told Rebecca, "I'll be right behind you. There's… something I've got to do first."

Rebecca gave a polite nod. "Thank you, sir," she said before darting off in the same direction as Susan. Meanwhile, Richard was making his way back up the corridors of Nemesis HQ. He was halfway to Tremayne's office when Craig and Sharron met him coming out. Both of their faces were lined with worry.

"We heard," Sharron confirmed. They kept walking, out of Nemesis and towards the alleyway a few streets away. The alleyway where Susan and her orphans had decided to make their home.

They found Susan crouching over two figures, a boy and girl, both motionless on the ground. She was breathing heavily, obviously holding back tears as they approached.

"They'll be unconscious for a while," she told them, not looking up, "They always are. They go unconscious and then they start breathing really heavily. When they start choking and shaking you know it's close…" She sighed, standing up and striding further down the alleyway, coming to stop just far enough away so that she could still see what was happening. "Go ahead," she consented, as Sharron gestured to examine the two children.

Scott and Laura weren't much younger than Susan; around eleven years old. They both had messy, light brown hair and deep green eyes.

"They were twins," Susan informed, "Scottish. So bright and full of life. I told them a bit about you three. Scott said he wanted to be American when he grows up." She sent a watery smile in Craig's direction.

"They're not dead yet," Sharron said, noticing the usae of past tense.

"They might as well be," Susan replied sadly, turning and walking out of sight.

Sharron sighed, examining the children. She checked them up and down, looking under their eyelids and rolling up their sleeves. After a while, she paused.

"Susan was right," she confirmed, "Whatever's killing them, it's not natural, look!" She showed Richard and Craig both child's wrist. Each had identical pinpricks on their wrist; recent, and surrounded by a sore redness of the skin.

"They've been injected with something," Richard noted, "Some sort of drug, or poison?"

"Must be," Sharron confirmed.

"Now why would someone kill off a bunch of innocent kids?" Craig mused.

"Perhaps they need the bodies for something?" Richard speculated.

"S-so it's true then?" Rebecca asked shyly, "Someone's been killing us off?"

"I'm afraid so," Sharron confirmed gravely.

"Susan's not gonna be happy about this," Craig sighed.

"If she could be considered happy to start with," Richard agreed, "But whoever this is," he added to Rebecca, who had started to tremble, "I promise we'll do our best to stop anyone else getting hurt."

Rebecca gave a small curtsey, "Thank you, sir."