"You don't think she did it do you?" asked Reverend Harrison. Dean had called Reverend Harrison the minute he found out about the officers death.

"I don't know," said Dean. He left out the part about him and Michelle in the woods fooling around. He didn't need to give Reverend Harrison a reason to hate him. "Would you mind if I go over to your house tonight while Michelle is gone so I can snoop around her room? I just need to make sure it's not her and to see if there is anything else going on with her."

"Do what you need to do. I will not be there tonight there is a Banquet tonight at the church that I must be at but there is a spare key under the mat."

"Thank you." Dean hung up the phone and took a deep breath looking out the window of his car. He's been following Michelle around all day. So far all he has seen was her going shopping, eating, flirting away with men that were twice her age. She has changed though Dean didn't know her personally he could tell before she was happy being the way she was and he knew girls like that wouldn't change for anything especially over a span of a week. He was missing something and he couldn't put his finger on it. She wasn't a demon that was for sure. Maybe it was something different.

Werewolf came to mind but it wasn't the right cycle and the heart was in place on the officer. Whatever had killed the officer did it what looked to him out of anger.

Shapeshifter…maybe. Maybe that wasn't the real Michelle, but her skin felt fine to him last night. Something was bound to tear away with the way he was being rough with her and she liked it.

Dean cringed at the thought of him almost having sex with something that was not human.

Dean sighed heavily and pulled out the parking spot he was in to go back to the hotel. He had to do more research on this. He had to get the autopsy on the dead guy as well to see if there were any clues on what had killed him.


Dean walked into the Harrison's house. The lights were off and there was silence.

"Hello? Reverend Harrison? Michelle?" He had to make sure he was alone. If Michelle happened to be there it would have made his job harder.

He closed and locked the door placing the key on the table next to the door. He lifted the throw rug up that was next to the door and made a devils trap. He just had to be cautious. He had no clue what he was up against.

He walked through the halls and up the stairs to get to Michelle's room. As he entered he saw candles in her room that were lit. First thing that came to mind was witch. Maybe Michelle had been introduced into witch craft and made to practice it. Her sheets were black silk on her bed and she had books piled up on her desk. He looked through them, Astronomy, Physics, Biology…all the kind of books a college girl would need. He looked out the window by the desk that showed him the backyard. He turned around and something on the wall caught his eye. It was a shape of a cross on the wall. He could tell it was hung there and remembered how Reverend Harrison had told him about all the religious stuff she had thrown out from her room. Even the family cross.

Dean sighed wondering what had happened to Michelle. He turned towards her bed and saw a trunk at the end of it. He bent down seeing it locked and grabbed his picking lock kit.

Dean didn't know but Michelle was watching him through the door. She smirked as she walked in quietly. She placed her hands on his shoulders making him jump up and turn around.


"Hi Dean, what are you doing?" she asked her hands behind her back.

"Uh, well your father wanted me to take a look around the house. He thinks someone was trying to break in the other night."

"Oh," she made an O shape with her lips and looked around then her eyes went back to him, "Do you think they were trying to break into my trunk?"

Dean smirked, "You never know."

She smiled, "You know I don't think that's why you came here."

"No?" he asked as she began to back him up.

"No," she shook her head. Her smile was seductive looking and Dean felt his jeans tighten at the look. She laughed as if she knew and placed her hand on his chest making him fall onto the bed. He sat there looking at her as she straddled him, "I think," she wrapped her arms around his neck, "you came here to finish what we started last night."

"Oh…oh yeah. You caught me," he smirked and she leaned in and kissed him. Dean looked around the room hoping to God that her father would not pick this time to walk in or that he was not kissing something supernatural.

She moved her hips against him and he groaned. "You like that Dean?" She nibbled on his chin then licked the side of his face, "Mmmm, you taste good enough to eat." She pulled on his ear.

Dean's eyes widened as he quickly pushed her off him, "Michelle we need to stop."

"What?" she asked getting angry.

"I need to ask you a few questions."

"What? I'm on the pill there's nothing to ask and I have no diseases I'm clean as a whistle," she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to her, "Now fuck me."

"Jesus," Dean breathed and took her hands from his shirt, "Michelle where were you last night?"

"With you silly." She ran her fingers lightly over his chest.

"No I mean after I dropped you off."


"Are you sure?"

She looked up at him, "Of course I am sure. Just ask my father. I was here after that pig interrupted us."

"That's what I'm talking about Michelle. He's dead."

Michelle looked at him and shrugged, "Death is part of life. No worrying over spilled milk."

"Jesus Christ this is not you Michelle!" he yelled.

"How do you know who I am Dean? We met once!"

"You were not like this! You were innocent and sweet looking not some cheap dime store slut! Your father is worried about you sweetheart!"

She gritted her teeth, "I'll show you cheap dime store slut!" She pushed him into the wall and ran out.

"Michelle! Michelle!" He yelled going after her. She ran out the door and that's when Dean noticed she was able to get through the devils trap. Demon is definitely being ruled out of this one.

Dean had driven around all night looking for her but he couldn't find her. It was as if she disappeared. He ran a hand through his hair as he got out of his car and walked into his motel room. A few minutes of just lying on his bed he fell asleep.

He had nightmares of Michelle. She was strapped to a table screaming for help as demons were torturing her. Her clothes were torn and blood was everywhere. Dean kept trying to get to her but she kept getting farther and farther away. Her screams are what tormented him and the he heard her scream his name.

Dean's eyes opened wide staring into the darkness of the room. The light from the no vacancy sign was blinking outside his room.

He went to go back to sleep when he heard something moving in his room. His hand tightened on the knife under his pillow and his eyes scanned the room the best he could but he was lying on his stomach so he couldn't see much.

He counted to three in his head before he sat up turning the light on and staring at Michelle. She was just staring at him, her eyes held nothing, no emotion at all. Her face was blank as she stared at him but that wasn't what got to him. The blood is what got to him.

Dean swallowed hard getting up slowly staring at all the blood on her. Blood was on her face, on her lips, dripping down her chin to her neck, on her clothes, her hands and jeans.


She didn't wince; she didn't move she stared at where he was laying. That same blank stare. Dean placed the knife in his back pocket as he slowly moved towards her.

"Michelle." He placed a hand on her shoulder.

With this touch she slowly turned her head; he could hear the bones in her neck cracking with this move. Her eyes stared into his. They were cold but they held fear in them.

"What happened? Whose blood is this?"

She just continued to stare at him in a catatonic state.

"Michelle?" Dean has never dealt with something like this before. It was actually starting to frighten him but he would never show it.

Before he knew it she turned her head and a black substance came out of her mouth as she fell to her knees puking it up. Dean ran to the bathroom grabbing towels. When he came back he saw her just on all fours staring at the black substance that was now all over the floor of the motel room. To him it looked like tar and it was actually bubbling.

Dean got down on his knees turning her to him and wiping her mouth from the blackness and blood. "Come on sweetheart let's get you cleaned up." Dean helped her up and looked back at the black mess on the floor as the last bubble popped and it just laid still in the room.

Dean turned on the water on in the tub and sink. He helped her take her clothes off and threw her clothes in the tub to soak. He took the towels and wet them cleaning her up as she just sat there on the toilet staring into nothing.

"Michelle you need to talk to me. Tell me what is going on. I can't help you if you don't speak to me." He finished wiping the last of the blood.

She looked up at him now and said, "Vai jūs ticat Dean Winchester? Vai vēlaties saglabāt savu? Nebūs pagrieziena atpakaļ. Viņa ir mūsu un daudzi vēl ir priekšā. Tā ir beigām."

Dean stared at her as she spoke in this other language. "What? Michelle what was that? Michelle!" He shook her, "What did you just say? How do you know my last name? What is going on here?"

She just stared at him and he couldn't help but feel a little defeated. She began to laugh and Dean looked back at her and backed up seeing a different face. Her teeth were sharp, her eyes black and she was pale and horrible looking, "Tā ir beigām. Jums nav win Dean Winchester."

"Who are you?"

The face on Michelle just laughed and disappeared making Michelle scream and fall to her knees, "Please…make it stop." She cried before passing out. Dean picked her up and carried her to his bed. He placed a t-shirt over her head and helped her arms through it.

He couldn't sleep now. That face was haunting him. He had to translate what she was saying to him. He pulled the blankets over her and she slept. He had to save her. Something knew he was here and something was hurting Michelle.

He grabbed his knife and gun and sat in the chair watching Michelle the rest of the night. He wouldn't take his eyes off her. He looked over to the black mess that had stained the floor. Tomorrow he was going to figure everything out.

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