Wilson sighed and visibly slumped at his desk. He could already here the step thumb that signified House coming down the corridor to his office and knew there was no time to escape now. He may be a cripple but damn he was fast! Maybe if he looked like he was heavily involved in this patient file House would have the maturity and dignity to realize he was busy and – Ha! Who was he kidding this was House for Christ's sake!

It wasn't that House annoyed Wilson – no far from it. It was the fact that House always managed to distract Wilson from his work. For example two days ago House had suggested going to eat at the new Thai down the road – his treat of course. House had ended up taking him to a new strip club and insisted that they deserved the afternoon off work. Wilson being the enabler that he was when it came to Gregory House let him sway him over. The night was a blur and he woke up the next morning on House's sofa with House himself haphazardly draped across his chest breathing softly. They both stunk of boos and alcohol and two loud shrill beeps that vibrated throughout his soar aching head informed him he had missed two consults and one meeting. Shit.

Snapping back to the present Wilson firmly planted his fist on his deep mahogany desk. No, House would not tear him away from his work. Not today.

"Hey Wilson its lunch time!" house informed him in a merry singsong

"Not now House, I'm busy" Wilson said gruffly focusing on the page infront of him

"but mummmmmmm" house whined, his dazzling blue eyes widening considerably


"Feed me!"

"For god's sake-"

'Never use the Lord's name in vain jimmy, shame on you!"

Wilson growled clenching his fist, he had a patient due in five minutes and he just didn't have time for this.

"House go amuse your self for a change, some of us actually have to work"

"Ouch, harsh. I'll have you know I worked two hours in the clinic this morning!"

"Somehow I find that hard to believe"

"Are you questioning by integrity Dr Wilson?"

"House out now!"



House sniffed and gave him a puppy dog eyed look with shimmering eyes.


"For god's sake house can you not act like a child for once!"

"Excuse me?"

Both he and I froze as we turned to my office door. There stood my next patient and I groaned inwardly when I saw her. It was loopy lizzie. Lizzie was lets just says a tad shy of a full tool set, not the brightest bulb in the tree, a few screws missing…In other words she was frankly quite bizarre and a bit crazy. She was old, in her late 60's yet her grey hair still came down to her waist which she wore in abstract styles coiled on her head, although today she had it down. She wore the same lumpy black dress, skirt, top thing that she always seemed to wear and carried the same picnic hamper on her elbow she took everywhere, though what was in it I would never no. The oncology ward had labeled her loopy lizzie and trust me by the way she acted, I made no judgments.

A realization suddenly dawned on me and with chilling dread I turned to look at House, waiting to see him reaction to Lizzie. He was glaring at her like she interrupted a very important moment.

"Problem here?" Lizzie asked cracking a wide freaky smile and I winced as House watched

"No, no problem. Sorry about that please come take a seat my colleague was just leaving, weren't you house?" I say forcefully glaring daggers at him.

"But we still haven't had lunch" he whines

"House stop this childish behavior and go, I have an appointment"

House pouted and glared at Lizzy while she grinned madly back at him.

"Me, childish? Never" he grunts

"Oh I disagree" Lizzie states laughing widely and I cringe. Of all the people to insult…

"Oh do you know?" House growls

"From the sounds of things, you don't really act your age do you Greg?"

"How the hell do you know my name? And really, your one to talk, maybe its time to cut the hair into the traditional grandma style don't you think?"

"HOUSE!" I shriek

Lizzie just cackles at that "Ill tell you what, ill except my age when you except yours, you act like a 5 year old, so you might as well be one"

"hah. Slight problem there you withered old crone, I'm a grown adult"

"Well then why don't you act like one and get the hell out of here" I growl, fed up of this.

"Bye Greg. I hope to see you soon, when you are a lot more like the age you act" Lizzie smirks giving him a small wink as he stalks away.