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Chapter 16 – Heart attacks

I sighed in contentment. This was the life, laying on a sunbed with a fruit punch in one hand, a book in the other and basking in the heat. My companions were much the same; all of us just enjoying the peaceful feel only interrupted by the muted the screams of children and splashes from the pool. Of course the only reason we were this relaxed was because Greg was asleep. After hours of forcing different people to drag him around the pool I eventually managed to pull him out when he started to resemble a prune. He was now sprawled on his sunbed, fast asleep with a towel draped over him to protect him from the hot glare of the sun. Just small tufts of damp hair poked out but I could still hear the soft snores underneath the towel. I had been worried that with this exciting new atmosphere and all the kids running around, it would be a struggle for his nap, and he would definitely need it if we were going out in the evening. Luckily it seemed the swimming and heat had tired him out and I didn't even have to remind him before he was zonked out.

"He learnt how to swim yet?" Foreman asked from where he was fanning himself with a newspaper

"Not really, someone pulls him around on a float and he thinks he is swimming. I don't really have the heart to tell him he isn't" I admitted sheepishly

"Yeh well you didn't have to drag him around the pool for a good hour did you!" Chase grumbled from his sunbed "I don't get why he is the one that is so tired, I did all the work!"

"Would you rather he drowned?" Cameron asked dryly which shut him up immediately

"Maybe we will try with the arm bands later, that way he will have to move his legs and arms more" Cuddy pondered "oh and its nearly cream time"

She reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of children's factor 50. With a family of doctors looking after him, Greg really stood no chance in being smothered with sun tan cream every hour.

"Yes, I'll get him up in a bit, if we are going out tonight we don't want him to get ratty"

"Yeh good point, maybe if we stay out late one night we should consider taking a buggy? I mean I know his too old for it but look how useful it came in at the airport and he could just sleep in it in the evenings if we stay out late" Foreman said

"yes but can you imagine House's face if we confined him too a buggy!" Chase laughed

Our laughing seemed to wake up Greg who stuck his head out from his burrow irritably and glared blearily at us surrounding his sunbed, squinting in the bright light.

"It awakes!" Cuddy joked which earnt her a glare from Greg

"Your stupid laughing woke me up. You sounded like a cat being strangled" He grumbled, rubbing at his eyes

"Hmm that's nice, now cream time" I announced, grabbing the bottle from Cuddy and plastering a grin on my face

Greg's eyes widened comically and he shuffled backwards on his sunbed.

"No! No more sun tan cream! Its sticky and oily and it smellsssssss!"

"Greg, do you want skin cancer?" Cameron reasoned

"Maybe I do!" he cried, crossing his arms and turning away with huff

"That's a horrible thing to say Greg" I scolded in my 'I'm disappointed with you' voice and he lowered his head in shame

"but it makes me look like a ghost" he whined

"yes, a well protected ghost that doesn't get burnt"

"Fine. Just so you lot will stop nagging" he muttered, coming to stand by me

"We only do it because we love you" Cuddy said sweetly

"Well you have a funny way of showing it, making me look ridiculous"

"That's what parents do for their kids" I retorted but froze as I realized what I had just said

Greg seemed to realize as well as he stopped and narrowed his eyes. I could see his little brain turning, a glint fired in his eyes

"but your not my parent are you! Your not even related to me!" he cried, attracting the attention of a few surrounding sunbeds

"Greg…" I murmured, my heart dropping into my stomach

"No! Where even are my parents! I haven't seen them once! Did you kidnap me or something!"

"Greg!" Cuddy cries, standing up sharply and Greg turns his glare to her

"I've had enough of your orders!" he screams and turns around and runs

"Greg come back here this instant!" I shout after him in panic but realize I am only sounding more like a parent and causing everyone to stare

"Don't worry there is not many places he can go in a hotel" Chase tries to reassure me

"Yes but there are plenty of places for Greg to get in trouble" Foreman adds only making me worry all the more.

"Look don't panic, we will just go search for him" Cameron tried to reason

"Yes but what am I going to tell him about his parents!" I exclaimed

"We will worry about that when we get to it" Cuddy cut through my worrying and already starting after Greg.

I rushed off after everyone, eager to find Greg and sort out this mess. I should of thought of this before, Greg was bound to question why he never saw his parents at one point. He obviously knew who I was but he must wonder why I had been looking after him and not his mum and dad but I really did not know what went on in a five year old/50 year old brain.

Fifteen minutes later and there was still no signs of Greg. We had checked the ice cream parlour, kids club and even the pool bar but there was no sign of his curly head anywhere. I was starting to panic. This hotel was large and what if he wondered into the lobby and out of the entrance and into the street and into the road and into the path of a car…. Oh god I need to find him now.


I turned around to the source of the sound and saw Chase. He was by the pool but up on the little fake mountain where the flumes started that snaked down into the pool.

"Wilson!" he screamed, causing people to look up at him

"His at the flumes!" he screamed

My heart immediately plummeted in a mini heart attack. Greg was on the flumes. Flumes that led to the deep end. The deep end where Greg would not be able to stand up in and Greg could not swim and was not wearing any armbands or anything! Oh no, he was going to drown! Surely they wouldn't let him on the flume, he was only five! Then again he was tall for his age, just like the adult version, so he looked older than he was. Dammit!

"Chase stop him!"

"I won't make it in time, there's a huge queue and I can't get past, get the to the deep end!" he replied, looking urgent and annoyed as he stood on the stairs in the que leading up to the flumes.

I sprinted to the flumes without another word, pure adrenaline urging me faster and ignoring all the indignant cries after me. I had to get to the end of those slides before Greg got there. Obviously Foreman had the same idea, as he was already there and waiting when I reached the flumes area. We exchanged anxious glances and looked towards the five flumes exits where people were shooting out. Which flume would he come out of?

"Do you know which flume he went in?" I asked desperately

"No idea, surely Greg knows he can't swim"

"He thinks he can though, he doesn't understand the whole 'floats keeping you floating' bit!"

We must have stood for about five minutes frantically checking each flume, I even kept glancing at the bottom of the pool incase we had missed him and he had sunk helplessly to the bottom. I felt so powerless!

"Wilson looks there's chase!" Foreman shouted, bringing me out of my revere.

Chase landed in the pool in an large graceless splash and immediately resurfaced, pushing his hair from his face and looking around frantically.

"Guys I lost him! I didn't see him go into any of the flumes" he explained on sight of us, quickly swimming over

"This is ridiculous, a five year old can't just disappear!" I groaned in aggravation

"Apparently they can"

I spun around at that familiar voice behind me. Standing there, contently licking an ice cream with a small smug smile stood Greg. His smile widened at my gaping mouth and flustered appearance and he with a small chuckle he asked calmly:

"Miss me?"