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When Carlisle goes to confront his wife about cheating on him in a rather peculiar place, he never expects to find the alluring, yet innocent Bella Swan. She agreed to attend a certain party to shut her friends up, but she definitely never expected to find Carlisle.

Fate seems to have thrown these two together. Will one explosive night of sex be enough or will destiny bring them closer? Can a relationship develop among the shambles of both of their lives? OOC, AH.

And now…on with the show.

Chapter 16~ Yes

"Mmmm, Carlisle whatever you are doing…don't stop." Bella moaned in pleasure as Carlisle dropped wet kisses along the inside of her wrists before blowing a soft cool breath against her wet skin.

The combined sensation was causing her to writhe with need. He loved to see how the different things he did would affect her. They had been experimenting a lot more lately. It had been three weeks since his last battle with control and Carlisle finally felt confident in pushing their limits. He wanted nothing more than to ravish her and pleasure her in more ways than were in the Kama Sutra, but he did not want to push her. She had awkwardly admitted to him that she was still a virgin, though he had suspected. He hoped the day would come that she would willingly give him that wonderful gift, but until then…

Carlisle began to drag Bella's sweater up her abdomen exposing her flat tummy. He drew intricate designs along her exposed skin with his tongue. The skin tightened and erupted in goose bumps following the trail he had just blazed. Bella clutched the duvet in both hands to keep from moving too much. She knew his teeth could be a major mood killer.

He slowly pushed her sweater higher but waited for Bella to look at him and give him the okay to proceed. Bella unclenched her eyes once his tongue assault had stopped. She saw the question in his gaze and sat up; ripping her sweater above her head then laying back down. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders, tickling the tops of her perfect breasts. She wore a berry colored bra that complimented them like a frame on a work of art.

Carlisle's breath caught in his lungs for a moment as he studied the round orbs in front of him. It didn't matter that he had seen them in black, white, hunter green, light and dark blue, pink, yellow and his personal favorite plum, he just loved seeing them. Bella giggled at the way he appeared to be hypnotized by her boobs. The sound brought his attention back up to her, and she smiled as she opened her arms beckoning him closer.

Carlisle stretched his body out next to Bella's as his right leg hitched over hers. Their lips met as his hand found purchase on her breast. They moaned in unison when his cold touch caused her nipple to harden through the satin and lace.

Bella ran her hands up his bare arms till she hit the bottom of the short sleeves of his shirt. She let her fingers skim under the material dancing over his skin. Everywhere he felt her touch set off tiny fires under the surface. It was so incredible; he never wanted it to end. But it did end and Carlisle couldn't find it in him to complain because her fingers were now locked in his hair. She scratched and pulled on his silken locks as their lips met over and over. She tasted sweet on his tongue which made him want to taste more of her. And then, as if she could hear his mental wish, Bella released her hold on his tresses and brought her hands down to the valley between her voluptuous mounds. With a flick of her thumb and forefinger the clasp snapped open and her breasts were released into the world.

This time Carlisle stopped breathing all together. If he could cry at their beauty, he would have. He sat back on his haunches stunned, staring. Bella carefully reached for his hands and placed them on each of her breasts covering them with her own. The warmth of her chest and hands encased him, and he closed his eyes to focus solely on the incredible heat.

Her nipples peaked against his ice cold palms, and he reactively squeezed them causing Bella to arch her back and moan in delight. His eyes darted up to her face to make sure he had not hurt her. He couldn't stop the smirk that graced his lips when he saw that she was getting as much pleasure out of this as he was. She was so soft under his powerful hands. He loved the feel of her heart beating against the tips of his fingers. The rhythm was strong and determined. He contracted his fingers around her warm flesh then released his grip watching the color pale for a moment then flush in a corresponding pattern.

Without realizing it he had leaned in closer. Bella's hands were now at the back of his head encouraging him until he was face to areola with her right breast; his left hand refused to lose the contact it had so close to her heart. Her scent was different here. More intense. More Bella. He gingerly pressed a kiss against the taunt skin, and as he pulled back, he slipped his tongue out from between his lips to lick it; pulling another moan from deep within Bella.

"Oh my…more. Please Carlisle more." She whimpered as her body hummed with need.

He dipped his head back down and laved around the rose colored flesh before moving his head side to side causing his lips to rub over the stiff peak. Bella's heart rate and respiration picked up as he switched to her other breast. His hand teased the right nipple rolling it between his thumb and index finger. He licked and kissed her other breast in an identical pattern as he had the first.

Her sounds and scent had him painfully erect and he thrust forward into her thigh; seeking out some form of friction. Bella did not even notice. She was lost in an ocean of sensations.

Carlisle continued relentlessly. He could not get enough. He wanted her in his mouth so desperately. He tried to hold back, but couldn't deny his desire. He wrapped his lips over his teeth and opened up to carefully engulf her heated flesh. He tasted the slight glaze of sweat that coated her skin giving it a salty taste. He suckled gently while running his tongue over and around her nipple. Then as he rolled and pinched the other peak in his hand, Bella screamed out his name.


He jumped off the bed and nearly to the opposite wall in fear that he had caught her with a tooth. He was back by her side a split second later looking her over. There was no sign of injury nor could he smell any blood in the air. Bella lay shaking slightly on the bed. Her arms stretched out from her body as her heart beat and breathing began to return to normal. The rigidity left her body and she opened her eyes with a lazy grin playing on swollen lips. That was when Carlisle realized he had just brought Bella to climax. She shivered as her flushed skin rose with goose bumps. He quickly grabbed the blanket from the end of the bed and draped it over her. He lay down next to her and she turned to cuddle into his side.

Carlisle kissed the top of her head; his own need forgotten as he relished in what he had just given her. His name was a breath of a whisper on her lips before she slipped into unconsciousness.


Bella woke up a few hours later, not realizing that she had even drifted off. Her leg was securely hitched over Carlisle's manhood and just as she was about to reach for it to give him a little release there was a knock on the door.

Carlisle groaned, "Go away Alice."

But since Alice never listened to anyone, she cracked open the door. Bella scrambled to make sure she was sufficiently covered before Alice popped her head in.

"Sorry guys, but it is time to trim the tree. I didn't want you two to miss it." She added with a smile.

Carlisle nodded in resignation, "We'll be right there, Alice. Give us a moment please."

"Okay." She chirped, and with that she was gone.

"If a moment is all we have, there's no time to waste." Bella said as she cupped his hardened length through his pants.

Carlisle moaned and thrust up into her warm grasp but then placed his hand over hers to move it away. He had yet to allow Bella to pleasure him like this and it didn't look like now was going to be any different. Bella looked at him confused and a bit hurt by his rejection.

"Not now, sweetheart. The family is waiting for us." He explained as he began to sit up, adjusting himself as best he could.

He smiled at Bella's pout, "Now, now. None of that. If I could lock you away and keep you to myself for months on end, I would. But they all want to spend time with you too and Christmas has always been a special time for the family."

He leaned in and kissed her pouty lip to make her smile. Their kisses became heated as Bella pulled him down over top of her. Her hands wrapped around his cold neck as he made a trail of kisses down her neck and nearly to her…

"If you aren't coming out, then we are coming in!" Emmett called from outside of the door.

Bella and Carlisle huffed as he rested his forehead against hers chest.

"We're coming," they called out together.

"I sure hope not!" Emmett retorted.

"Ugh," Bella groaned, "Go away Emmett!"

She heard a loud guffaw and then nothing.

"Come on. They are obviously not going to leave us alone." She sighed in resignation.

"You know them too well, My Bella."

Carlisle kissed her on the forehead and helped her out of bed. She kept the sheet around her since she was still topless and grabbed her bra and sweater before heading to the wash room. Carlisle waited for her to be ready before they walked into the living room hand in hand.

Bella stopped short when she saw the massive blue spruce that stood in the living room. It was so tall it nearly touched the peak of the cathedral ceiling. The furniture in the back corner of the room had been moved to allow for the large girth of the tree. Jasper was on the edge of the half wall of the upstairs family room stringing lights around the top section while Emmett was on a ladder in the living room on the opposite side of the tree doing the same. Alice and Rosalie worked in tandem to string the bottom section.

Emmett smiled down at Bella as she was still slack jawed in her astonishment. "So, B. What do you think of the tree?" he asked in a classic Yogi Bear voice.

She shook off the initial shock, "Does New York City know you stole this out of Rockefeller Center?"

Everyone laughed including Carlisle who let go of her hand wrapping his arm around her waist. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head as he breathed in her intoxicating scent. Bella circled her arm around Carlisle and rested her hand on his hip.

Alice bounced over to them, "Come on you two, we have boxes of ornaments to put up."

Bella looked over to where Alice had gestured and thought she was seeing things. There were at least fifteen boxes of decorations stacked up by the glass wall.

"Oh my God! Those are all going to go up on the tree?" she asked as she continued to stare at the wall of boxes.

"Yep." Alice responded popping her 'p'. "So let's get started."

She pulled Bella over to the first three boxes that were filled with beautiful ornate balls and prism shaped ornaments. They were as big as Bella's head. She was surprised at how light weight they were. She began hanging them where she could reach as Alice ran up the stars to the family room to hang some higher. Rosalie had vanished from the room but before Bella could ask her where she was going, the room filled with the sounds of Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols and she floated back in with a tray of Christmas cookies and a mug of cocoa for Bella.

"I hope they turned out okay. Emmett and I have never attempted to make cookies before." She said with a shy smile.

Bella took one and took a huge bite. She closed her eyes and hummed in appreciation as the cookie practically melted in her mouth.

"Oh mah Gawd! These are so good!" she said as she took another bite.

Rosalie smiled and Emmett winked at her from his perch on the ladder. Bella finished her cookie as she watched Alice throw ornaments at Emmett to hang on his section of the tree. Bella laughed. It reminded her of something you might see at a Ringling Brothers show. Rosalie joined in on the fun by tossing ornaments at Jasper as he still teetered on the edge of the wall. Normally a scene like this would have freaked her out, but she had become very accustomed to their antics over the last couple of months.

Carlisle came up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her midsection as he placed a kiss on her neck. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." She whispered back.

Jasper felt the adoration radiate off of them and smiled. Bella caught him watching them and smiled as he winked at her. The love in the room enveloped everyone. It was a perfect moment of comfort and family unity.

Carlisle pulled out a couple more boxes out and Bella helped him hang those ornaments. She squealed as he lifted her up onto his shoulders so she could reach higher on the tree. He would pick an ornament out and hand it up to her then she would direct him where to walk until she found the perfect spot for it.

Bella was surprised at how fast they made their way through the boxes. The last boxes were all personal ornaments belonging to each of the family members. Rosalie stopped when she pulled out a tiny piano ornament. She looked unsure as Bella saw the miniature instrument in her hands. Rosalie didn't need to say anything; Bella knew who it had belonged to. Carlisle and the others had frozen in place waiting to see how Bella would react.

She pulled in a deep breath and smiled before she stepped over to Rosalie, "Do you know the story behind this one?" she asked as she took it from her gently.

Rosalie nodded.

"Will you tell me?" Bella beseeched.

"It was actually from Esme. She had seen it in a window one day when Alice and I had taken her shopping. It was fifty-seven years ago. Edward had been more morose than normal and she had hoped it would make him smile." Rosalie laughed lightly, "She couldn't wait till Christmas to give it to him. Since she knew that he would pick it out of her thoughts the first time it crossed her mind. So as soon as we came home she was singing the Star Spangled Banner as she walked in and placed the box in his hand; never stopping the tune."

Everyone chuckled at the memory.

"Esme was never good at hiding her thoughts from Edward. So she couldn't even sing it in her mind without slipping which meant that she had to sing out loud." Rosalie finished.

Bella smiled brightly at the image, "Thank you Rose." She said as she turned towards the tree and hung the ornament right in the front.

Bella asked for stories from all of them as the ornaments came out. They each took turns telling the stories behind Esme and Edward's ornaments as well as their own. Then Carlisle handed her a small box. She looked up at him in question.

"It is your first addition to our tree." He explained as he opened the box for her and pulled out the crystal pair of swans that arced their heads together to produce the shape of a heart between their bodies.

Bella smiled and kissed him, "It's beautiful." She said as she hung it just to the left of the piano.

The couples came together in front of the tree to witness all of their hard work. Emmett quickly made his way over to the light switch and flicked them off. The room glowed with the warm colored lights shining from the tree. Bella saw its reflection in the glass wall making it look even more magical. No one said anything. They just enjoyed the moment.


It was two days before Christmas and Alice, Rosalie and Bella were heading into town for some last minute Christmas shopping. It was fun to spend time with just the girls. They laughed and joked and teased Alice about her choice in music. There was only one major mall in the area and it was nearly a three hour drive, but it didn't feel like that as the friendly banter continued.

They insisted that Bella have an early lunch when they got there so she would have the energy for Christmas shopping 'Alice style'. Bella had a sandwich and fries in the food court and then they were off. They had gone to five stores when Alice cold stopped as a vision hit her. Rosalie and Bella circled her and started talking so no one would notice. When Alice came out of it she got that knowing look on her face.

"What did you see Alice?" Bella asked.

"We need to get you a dress."

"A dress?"

"Yep. And I know just where to go." Alice said as she turned Bella and pulled her into a surprisingly chic boutique in the middle of the mall.

Alice went through the racks till she found exactly what she was looking for. It was a plum colored long sleeve wrap dress. It was simple with a deep V-neck. Bella was about to protest, but she knew how much Carlisle loved this particular color on her. So for him, she would try it on. It fit her perfectly and hugged her curves in a sensual way without looking cheap.

Rosalie found her a pair of low heeled pumps and a pair of earrings with tear drop diamonds on the end of a long dangle. Bella protested but Rosalie insisted that she accept them as an early Christmas gift.

Five hours later they were on their way home. Bella fell asleep in the back seat of the Hummer when they were about an hour out. Five hours of shopping with Alice was enough to exhaust anyone.

When they got home Carlisle was already out in the garage to meet them. He had missed Bella terribly all day but had taken advantage of her absence to get in a good hunting trip with the guys. He opened the back door and found his sleeping angel. He threaded his arms gingerly underneath her and carried her into the house.

As he laid her on the bed she stirred awake.

"Carlisle?" she questioned in a raspy voice.

"Shhh. You are home sweetheart. Are you still tired or possibly hungry?"

She stretched out like a cat. Carlisle tried but failed to not stare at her breasts as she arched her back pushing them forward.

"Hmmm. Hungry." She replied.

Carlisle welcomed the distraction of her voice, "Then let's get you something to eat."

He walked Bella into the kitchen and kissed her temple as she sat at the table and watched Carlisle make his way quickly around the kitchen throwing together a quick snack of some tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

He set it in front of her, and she kissed him sweetly in thanks.

As she ate he took the opportunity to ask her what he had contemplated all day.

"Bella, would you like to go out with me tomorrow evening?"

Bella smiled at how sweet and unsure he seemed of himself. She reached across the table to grab his hand, "Of course I will."

He smiled and pulled her hand to his lips to kiss it gingerly.


The next afternoon, Bella had just finished working out on the elliptical and was walking to her room to take a shower. She opened the door to find Alice and Rosalie sitting on her bed.

"What are you two doing? You both looked like the cat that ate the canary."

"We're here to help you get ready for your date tonight with Carlisle." Rosalie smiled.

Alice jumped up and started herding Bella into the washroom before she could protest, "Now go get in the shower and don't take all day. We only have a couple of hours to work our magic."

She closed the door behind Bella then she and Rosalie started giggling. Bella stood in the middle of the washroom for a moment. Giggling vampires are never a good sign of things to come.

Bella showered enjoying how the hot water loosened up her muscles. She scrubbed, buffed and shaved before washing and conditioning her hair. She was excited for her date with Carlisle tonight. They had spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks together. Touching and kissing and talking on the beautiful gazebo that he, Jasper and Emmett had built. It was one of her new favorite places to be. She couldn't wait for the weather to warm up so she could spend hours out on the old fashion swing. The intricate scroll work was incredible and they had strung up tiny white lights inside the peaked ceiling which gave it a dreamlike ambiance. Even when she had to go in, she loved to sit by the window and look out at it.

As Bella continued to lather her hair, she thought about some of the conversations she and Carlisle had shared. He asked her all about her childhood and her life before moving to Forks. He told her about his favorite places and times in history.

She smiled to herself as she thought about their most recent conversation where he had told Bella all about his time in Ireland. He had told her about the castles and how green the entire country was. He went on to say how amazing the people were and how vibrant the night life was.

'I'd love to go there someday.' Bella mused.

'Then we will go there, together.' He promised.

"Hmmm someday." Bella hummed quietly before she was surprised by a loud knock on the door.

"Stop daydreaming Bella. Time is ticking away!" Alice called to her.

"Alice!" Bella admonished, "You scared the hell out of me!"

"What? You were scared by a vampire? I'm shocked." Her tinkling laughter rang out in the washroom before she closed the door.

"Stupid pixie-vamp." Bella mumbled.

"I heard that!" Alice called out from the bedroom loud enough for Bella to.

"I meant you to." Bella replied and was greeted with another round of laughter.

After drying off she found the new plum colored bra and matching thong on the counter top. She cringed at the non-assuming undergarments because she had never worn a thong. She always thought they looked exceptionally uncomfortable. I mean, come on, who the hell wants a perpetual wedgie? She sighed and decided to give it a try. She slipped them on and was surprised at how comfortable they really were. She put on her robe and walked into her room; her hair still wrapped in a towel.

"Alice, you always get to do her nails and make-up. You do the hair this time, let me do the coloring."

"Fine Rose, just keep it light and simple." Alice conceded.

"I know how to apply make-up Alice." Rosalie scowled.

"Hello," Bella stood waving her hands at them, "Bella Barbie here. Do I get a say in any of this?"

The girls looked at her and said, "No." Then began laughing again.

Well at least they agree on one thing.

Rosalie led Bella through the house to her room with Alice skipping behind them. Bella sat in the chair in front of the huge mirror in her ensuite. Alice handed Bella a bottle of water and had a plate of fresh fruit waiting for her. Rosalie turned on her iHome and the sounds of 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA filled the two rooms. Bella choked on her water.

"ABBA? Seriously Rose?" Bella asked between coughs.

"What? Their sense of style was hideous, but the music is awesome."

Bella laughed again shaking her head in disbelief. Alice just bounced her head back and forth as she released Bella's hair from the towel and began to blow it out. Rosalie sat on the floor as she painted Bella's toes a similar shade of plum to her new undergarments. The two vampires sang in unison to every song that played.

An hour later Carlisle was waiting in the living room. No, not waiting, pacing would be a more accurate description of what he was doing. He worried his hair as he made another pass by the fireplace. Jasper came into the room having sensed Carlisle's unease. Carlisle paused in his next circuit and took a deep breath. He looked up to where Jasper was standing and gave him a grateful smile.

"Carlisle, you need to relax. If you were human, you would most likely have a stroke or go into cardiac arrest any moment." Jasper said in his slow southern drawl.

Carlisle sat and rested his elbows on his knees clasping his hands together. Jasper sat across from him continuing his flow of calm and relaxation to the man in front of him. He didn't ask Carlisle why he was so anxious, he knew. It was ironic that Jasper had unceasingly looked to Carlisle as a leader, but never as a close friend or confidant. Carlisle had always turned to Edward or Esme for those roles. With their deaths, Carlisle had turned to Jasper quite a bit more over the past year. Wow, has it been almost a year already? So much has changed. Jasper continued to keep his silent vigil with his friend. Carlisle took a deep breath and met the steady gaze across from him.

"Thank you Jasper."

Jasper nodded. Carlisle did not need to articulate what he was thankful for. Jasper somehow knew.

"You know that even though you never asked for it and we would never expect you to change your intentions based on our approval or disapproval, that we all want this for both you and Bella." Jasper said softly.

Carlisle nodded, "Thank you. You are right. It would not change my mind, but I am grateful for your support as I am sure Bella would be as well."

Emmett came bounding in from outside to see the two men staring intently.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just keeping Carlisle company while he waits for Bella."

"Ahh, that's right. The 'big date night'." He said with air quotes. "Well, let's have a look at you."

Emmett looked Carlisle over. He was wearing a custom fit Italian suit in black. He wore a crisp white button down with a silver satin tie that had a slash of red in a diagonal design. It was finished off with a scarf the same color of the tie.

"Hmm…lose the scarf. It makes you look old." Emmett said as he crossed his arms over his massive chest. "I mean she knows you are older than dirt, but you don't need to look it."

Carlisle was about to defend his scarf when all of their heads turned at the sound of a door opening followed by Bella's fluttering heartbeat. He stood up and quickly whipped the questionable material off from around his neck and tucked it behind a pillow on the couch.

His eyes began at the floor to take in the sweet little black pumps with the plum accents that accentuated and lengthened her slender legs to the hem of the dark plum wrap dress that secured itself to her body in a way that made him ridiculously jealous of fabric for the first time in over three hundred and fifty years. The neck line dipped to show off her exquisite cleavage and long neck where he watched her pulse tap out a slightly accelerated beat.

Her hair was down in soft curls except a piece over her left ear that was held back by an ornate hair comb that reminded him of a peacock tail. The stones matching the shade of her dress perfectly.

He couldn't bring himself to do or say anything. He was rendered speechless by her incomparable beauty. It wasn't until he felt a stiff elbow, courtesy of Emmett, jab him in the ribs that he was reminded of where he was. He cleared his throat and stepped forward. He bent his body forward in a gesture long forgotten to take her manicured hand into his. He kept his eyes locked on hers as his cold lips pressed against the warm flesh on the back of her hand. Bella's heart skipped a beat; Carlisle heard it along with the others.

"Isabella, you look simply breath taking tonight." He said as he stood back up without letting go of her hand.

Bella blushed, "You look very handsome yourself."

They stood and stared at each other; lost in the moment and completely unaware of the rest of the family standing by watching them. Rosalie left the room only to return to Carlisle's side. She cleared her throat quietly to garner his attention. He turned reluctantly away from the beauty in front of him to see Rosalie holding a black velvet hooded cape. He smiled and nodded in thanks. He released his hold on Bella's hand to take the cape and kiss Rosalie on the cheek.

He walked behind Bella and opened the warm cloak to drape over her shoulders, "Shall we?"

Bella tried to answer, but her words were lost in her throat so she nodded instead.

He offered her his arm and she happily entwined hers with his. He walked her to the door and opened it as she stepped out. He looked over his shoulder at the two smiling couples behind him.

"Don't wait up kids."

He heard their chortles as he closed the door behind them. He released Bella's arm and offered her his opposite hand as his arm reached around behind her to guide her down the walkway to the waiting Mercedes. He opened her door and held her hand till she was sitting comfortably, shutting her door before he was around to his side. He had used the automatic starter when Rosalie's door had opened so the interior was a comfortable seventy-two degrees.

Carlisle sat down in his seat and looked over at the incredible site of his love by his side.

"So, do I get a hint of where we are going?" she asked playfully.

She was doing her best to hide her nerves and her never ending urge to say 'to hell with going out' and beg him to take her to bed. He looked absolutely delicious in his tailor made suit. Bella didn't know fashion, but she knew that she had never seen anything sexier than Carlisle dressed to the nines.

He smiled and had to stop breathing for a moment to compose himself as the scent of her arousal drifted to him. "We are going to a place called Manos. They have an excellent menu and tonight they have a special treat. They are having a live band play."

Carlisle's eyes lit up with excitement when he told her and she smiled brightly in return. She didn't know Carlisle was into listening to live bands, but as long as he was with her, she was up for anything. Carlisle turned on the radio and let soft Christmas music fill the car as he headed out on the roadway.

The drive was pleasant as Bella regaled Carlisle of her day with the girls and non-stop ABBA music. He laughed and explained how ABBA was a long standing tradition with the girls since their music was first released.

Bella looked at his outfit once more and realized something was missing. "Carlisle, don't you normally wear a scarf when you are dressed up?"

He shifted in his seat, "I thought it looked a bit out of style." He offered as an explanation.

"Oh," she sat quietly, "I kinda like them. They look debonair on you."

He internally cursed himself for ever listening to Emmett.

They soon pulled up to the restaurant where a valet was standing in wait to open Bella's door. Before he could offer her his hand to stand up, Carlisle was there.

"Thank you. I've got this under control." He said as he took Bella's hand in his and helped her to step out of the car.

She smiled at Carlisle not even noticing the way the valet stared at her appreciatively. Carlisle brought her hand to his mouth but instead of kissing the back, as he had earlier, he turned it slightly and kissed the inside of her wrist. He smiled at the look of desire she gave him before he looped her arm through his and escorted her into the restaurant.

Manos was decorated in dark tones giving it a very intimate ambiance. Carlisle helped Bella off with her cloak and handed it to the hostess as he gave her his name.

She greeted them both and introduced them to their waiter who bowed slightly and led them to their table. Carlisle held out her chair as he had done the day of their skiing trip. Bella got settled and began to look around; noticing their table was at the edge of a dance floor. She began to question it when she saw the band take their place on the small stage across from her over the dance floor. This was not the type of band she had expected.

They looked like a mini orchestra. There was a piano, along with several woodwind and string instruments. The band leader stood up in front of the musicians and then they began to play 'I Love You for Sentimental Reasons' and Bella's heart nearly stopped. She sat in awe as she listened to the beautiful sounds that floated throughout the room. She turned and smiled at Carlisle who had been watching her intently the entire time.

The waiter gave them a moment before handing them each a menu. He offered them the specials and asked what they wanted to drink. They both opted for red wine tonight as the waiter took his leave.

"Carlisle, this is amazing. I have never heard live music like this before." Her voice filled with awe.

"I'm glad you like it. They only do this a couple of times a year. Do you like this era of music?" he inquired.

"Very much. I love Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole and the music by George Gershwin is some of my favorites."

Bella enjoyed her dinner of Chicken Alexander while Carlisle seemed to 'dig into' his Prime rib. He offered Bella several bites which she hummed in delight at the taste. The smile seemed to have a permanent placement on her face, and it made Carlisle's heart fill with such unending joy to see her like this.

When they finished with their dinners, Carlisle had said something quietly to the waiter and discreetly slipped him a tip. Bella quirked her head to the side in question.

"And what was that little covert conversation about?"

He smiled widely at her, "Just a little surprise I asked for some assistance with."

Bella wanted to call him out on his cryptic answer but she was in too good of a mood. She could feel the flush in her cheeks from the wine as she had drank both hers and Carlisle's. Then an old familiar tune began to come from the band.

A beautiful woman stepped in front of the orchestra and began to sing.

'There's a saying old says that love is blind,
Still we're often told, "Seek and ye shall find."
So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind.'

Carlisle stood and offered his hand to a stunned Bella.

"May I have this dance?"

She bit her lip nodding as she whispered, "Yes."

He helped her to stand and led her to the center of the dance floor. There were several other couples dancing slowly to the melodic tune so she did not feel like the center of attention. Carlisle knew better, as all eyes followed the gorgeous woman on his arm as they made their way across the polished floor.

He took her right hand in his left as her other hand rested on his shoulder and his right slipped around to the small of her back.

'Looking everywhere, haven't found him yet;
He's the big affair I cannot forget.
Only man I ever think of with regret.
I'd like to add his initials to my monogram.

Tell me, where is the shepherd for this lost lamb?'

He began to lead her into a simple box step in time with the music. She didn't think she could be any more in love with this man if she tried. Carlisle's golden eyes shown down on her chocolate ones with such love and affection it could be crushing if it wasn't so comforting. He pulled her closer as they swayed to the lyrics that seemed so fitting to them.

'There's a somebody I'm longing to see,
I hope that he turns out to be
Someone who'll watch over me.
I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood.
I know I could always be good
To one who'll watch over me.

Carlisle's mind, of its own accord, took him back to when he first found Bella in the meadow. He wasn't sure at the time if he would be able to save her. He shuddered at the thought of not having her in his life; in his arms; in his heart.

Bella sensing the dark turn Carlisle's thought had taken raised her hand up to cup his cheek, "What's wrong Carlisle? You look sad."

It took him a minute to find the words he wanted to say. He smiled softly, "I thought I had lost you."

She stroked his cheekbone with her thumb, "Where would I go? You are my family." They continued to dance as Bella went on, "If it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have been able to find my way back. You saved me. You pulled me back from the abyss. I love you Carlisle, with all my heart."

The air caught in his lungs for a second. He was floored by this incredible woman he held in his arms.

'Although he may not be the man some girls think of as handsome.
To my heart he carries the key.
Won't you tell him please to put on some speed,
Follow my lead, oh, how I need
Someone who'll watch over me.'

"Bella, if it wasn't for you needing me, I think I would have fallen into madness. It is you who saved me. You gave me a purpose. I love you beyond all reason."

With that he stopped dancing. He stepped back from Bella but held onto her left hand as he knelt down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor and reached into his jacket's inner pocket and pulled forth a light blue box which Bella recognized as being from Tiffany's. He opened the box and presented her with a two and a half carat Lucinda diamond with Trilliant side stones in a platinum setting. Bella gasped as her brain caught up to the events playing out in front of her.

Carlisle looked up into her beautiful eyes and hoped beyond all hope as the words left his mouth.

"Isabella Marie. You are my love and my life. You have restored my heart and soul when I believed them to be lost. I will love you and watch over you till the end of my days. Your joy will be my joy. Your sorrow will be my sorrow. But I will spend every moment of every day ensuring that you feel nothing but love and laughter till the end of time. Would you make me the happiest man to ever walk this earth and marry me?"

She looked into the eyes of the man who has been her friend, her savior, her confidant, her protector and guardian angel. He has nurtured her, cared for her and loved her without ever asking for anything in return. He is the man that she knew she wanted to spend eternity with. And so she took a deep breath as she held tight to his hand and spoke the only word in her heart.


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