Things shift quickly in their relationship. A playful argument leads into a fall out...but what does lemons have to do with any of this? Slightly more angsty then I was expecting it to be. AUish and probably a little OOC. Prompt from indecisive-ays ^_^

To be honest; Sinedd had completely forgotten the reason as to how this argument had started. It wasn't like he cared about the subject matter either. There were just two reasons why he was persisting in the argument:

A.) He was Sinedd, and Sinedd never backed down from an argument.

B.) He loved winding her up because then she got all hot and flustered, and stumbled over her words in an adorable rage.

Yes, when Mei got into an argument behind closed doors –specifically when the argument was with Sinedd- she tended to get very wound up, in comparison to her usual dignified self.

"Lemons are sour Sinedd! That's why people do that weird face when they suck them!"

Yes, the two great Galactik stars and powerhouse couple were arguing about...lemons. Smirking, Sinedd leant against the counter and stroked the lemon, he was holding, gently with his index finger.

"All I'm saying is; Mei, I've heard of bitter lemons." He replied.

Who knew such a 'hot', 'sexy' couple could argue about such trivial things?

"Well that lemon's sour," Mei declared. "Like most lemons."

"Mhmm." Sinedd placed the lemon on the counter.

"They are!" Mei insisted as she yanked her training top off, over her head.

"Mhmm." Sinedd repeated, knowing full well that would wind her up. Oh Sinedd did so love winding people up!

"They are Sinedd." Mei growled, now furious.


"Urgh you're so infuriating. You can be just like D'jok sometimes!" Mei shrieked.

Immediately the playful atmosphere left the room. Sinedd's eyes hardened and he strolled out of the room stiffly. D'jok's name had become a taboo subject for the couple. Mei had insisted Sinedd was not to talk about him to her, and she had agreed to the same rule.

Sinedd was aware that she still had feeling for his enemy, but he wasn't willing to accept that, and nor, he believed, should he.

Sometimes Sinedd wondered what it would be like to have somebody completely dedicated to him, no feelings for anybody else.

He loved Mei, he really did. At first, maybe, it hadn't been about love, but now it had been a year that they had been together and he truly did love her. Yet, even after a year, Mei still seemed to have feelings for D'jok. And honestly? It tore his heart apart. The one person he'd let in, would never be able to...

"I love you, Sinedd,"

Sinedd, turned, Mei had followed him into the next room; she was at the doorway, her large blue eyes fixed on him; determination, compassion and love; burning within them.

"You know that...right?"

There was a tense moment of silence and then, sullenly –not quite willing to let it go that easy- he shrugged, turning away from her, he sighed.

"I gues-mmf."

He was cut off by a lemon being stuffed into his mouth. Wide-eyed, he glanced down at it and then at Mei.

"Then stop being such a whiny idiot." She smirked before taking the lemon out of his mouth.

Sinedd licked his lips. "Bitter." He muttered before smirking at her.

"Don't make me stuff it in another hole mister." Mei warned, before wrapping him up into a passionate kiss.

...yeah. The prompt was Sinedd, Mei, Lemons...I don't know what's wrong with me. They were completely OOC weren't they? Obviously it's slightly AUish as Sinedd and Mei have been together for a year in this fic. Oh and I'm guessing you're like: WTH GERKYHEN? It was all happy and naice and then...whammo! ANGST ANGST ANGST. I'M SORREH! Anyway, this was for indecisive-ays, I hope it wasn't too disappointing.