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Chapter 1

Keira tossed her short green hair back, and tried to catch her breath. Her breasts were exposed along with the rest of her body. A strong pair of hands grasped her thighs, aiding in the rocking motion of her hips. She kept her hands on the man's defined chest to keep her balance. Keira opened her eyes, and stared blankly down at the man below her. It wasn't Jak that she was on. It was Torn. His heavy breathing was in sync with hers. His eyes were closed, and his head was tilted back in ecstasy. Keira leaned forward and placed a firm kiss on his lips.

"Gah!" Keira sat up quickly. She looked around and saw that she was alone in her bed, and completely clothed. She wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, and laid back down. She stared off into space, and tried to remember every detail of her dream. She had been having the same nightmare for weeks now. Almost every night. Ever since she found out that Jak had kissed Ashelin, her mind had been flipped around. Her and Jak still saw each other. They weren't an item, but he asked her out on dates, but they only kissed once. She wasn't sure what the deal was with him. He said that he enjoyed her company, and that he always wanted her by his side. He even said that he loved her. If he did, why was he acting so distant? And why did he kiss Ashelin? She sighed heavily and closed her eyes. She was to tired to dwell on it now. She needed sleep. She had to go to the garage early, there was to many projects that she started, but hadn't finished. Hopefully the sandman would be kind to her, and let her sleep peacefully, and not plague her with that horrible nightmare.


"Keira? You here?" Jak's voice called. Keira looked up over the race car hood. She had been rebuilding the engine to make it go faster. She wiped the grease from her hands onto a rag, and walked up to him.

"Yeah. Just finishing up the new racer." she said while motioning towards it. Jak glanced at it, but turned his attention back to her.

"I was wondering if you would maybe want to go out tonight? Have a couple of drinks?" he asked while pulling her into a close hug. Keira smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm sure I can fit you in tonight." she teased while looking up at him seductively. Jak grinned down at her.

"Alright, I'll pick you up around nine." as Keira leaved up to kiss him, he let go and left the garage. She sighed, and went back to work on her car. Hopefully tonights date wont go unrewarded.


Jak was at her house at nine waiting for her. She decided to try and spice things up a bit. Maybe Jak just needed a little push. She wore short cut off jean shorts with a black tube top that showed off her lean shoulders. She work black eye liner, and had her lips painted a bright red. She slipped on a pair of pink open toed wedge heels. She walked into her living room, and beamed at Jak. He raised his eyebrows, and his jaw dropped.

"Wow...look at you. You look...gorgeous." he breathed. Keira giggled and took his arm in hers.

"Well thank you. Ready to go?" she leaped into the back of Jak's bike, and they raced off to the Naughty Ottsel. The crisp night air licked at Keira's bare thighs, but she loved it. She wrapped her arms around Jak's waist tightly, and rested her head on his back. When they reached the bar, Jak escorted her inside. Keira's eyes instantly locked on Ashelin. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of skinny jeans, with a pair of red pumps. The straps of her top clung around her upper arms to show off the Krimzon Guard tattoos that littered her shoulders. Like always there was a large amount of cleavage exposed that caught the attention of all the men. She was chattering with Torn, and Jak led her over to the couple. Keira put on a happy face even though she was fuming inside. Ashelin flipped her long red hair back over her shoulder when the two appeared.

"Hello Jak. Hello Keira. So glad that you could take a break from the garage to show up." Ashelin said while grinning.

"Easy Ashelin..." Torn grumbled at her while downing a shot. She flashed a smile to him, and then turned to Jak. They began to discuss political views, and plans to further rebuild the city. Even Torn joined in, but she wasn't surprised. Work was his life. She wandered over to the bar to speak to Tess. The small ottsel looked her over.

"Wow, you look hot! Jak will be all over you tonight!" she squealed. Keira frowned.

"I doubt it. He hasnt even tried to make a move. He's way to interested in other things right now." Tess glanced at the group.

"Hmm...well, lets show you off a bit. Ashelin is drinking a vodka martini. Lets show everyone that you look way more classy with it in your hand." Tess poured Keira the drink, and garnished it with a tooth picked olive. Keira took a sip, and placed it back down.

"Tess...that's disgusting." Keira hated the taste of alcohol. She rarely drank. Tess pushed the glass back towards her, and poured a mix of rum and coke.

"You don't have to drink it. Just hold it for show. Give this one to Jak." Keira took the two drinks, and handed the mixed one to Jak.

"Oh, thanks hun." he said, and turned his attention right back to the conversation with Ashelin. Keira sighed, and tried to pay attention. But when the conversation turned into a heated argument, Keira had enough.

"I'm going to go get some air." she said, and left Jak's side to step outside. She spotted Torn leaning up against the side of the building a cigarette between his lips. She leaned against the wall next to him, and closed his eyes. He glanced down at her, and then turned his attention back towards the water.

"Jak not biting?" he asked. Keira opened her eyes and sighed.

"How did you guess?" she groaned. Torn held out a pack of cigarettes to her, but she shook her head. She didn't feel like trying them tonight. Torn returned them to his back pocket, and took a long drag off his. She knew that Torn didn't want to hear it, but she had to tell someone. "I just don't understand it! He asked me out on dates, but doesn't do anything but hug me goodbye. He says he loves me, but doesn't show it! What the hell is his problem?" Torn stayed silent for a moment. Keira stared up at him. He sighed, and threw his cigarette on the ground, and stepped on it to put it out.

"Don't beat yourself up kid. You're both young. He'll come around. You'll see. Coming back in?" he asked while opening the door. Keira sighed, and walked back in. Torn came in after her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Try inviting him in when he takes you home." he whispered to her. Keira glanced up at him and caught a quick grin from him. Jak half glared at Torn when noticed him talk to Keira. When they joined back together, Jak placed his arm around Keira's waist. She shot a smile to Torn, and did her best to finish the drink that Tess made for her with much difficulty. Jak pulled Keira towards the exit when it was starting to get late. Keira took one last passing glance at Torn. He looked nice in dark jeans.