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Chapter 6

Keira yawned and stretched slowly. She felt the empty spot next to her and discovered that they were still warm. She smiled to herself. Something about waking up in Jak's bed naked felt right. She heard the shower kick on, and knew where Jak had ran off to. She must have been feeling bold because she decided that she would join him. She tiptoed inside the bathroom, and drummed her fingers on the glass shower door.

"Want some company?" she chimed. Jak pulled back the door allowing her to come in.

"Of course. No need to ask." Jak said to her before planting a kiss on her lips. Keira pressed her body up against him as she absorbed the kiss. Before she could really comprehend what was happening, Jak had her up against the shower wall. He was being way more aggressive now. He was pulling at her hair, biting her neck, and really trying to force himself deeper. Keira moaned with enjoyment every second. As they finished up Jak wrapped a towel around his waist, and teased Keira by not giving her one. "How about we go out tonight?" he asked. Keira snatched the towel from him.

"Alright. But you'll have to take me home. I cant go in my ugly pajamas." she giggled.


Torn and Ashelin laid in her bed in silence. Ashelin had her head on Torn's naked chest. Torn was absent mindly running his fingers through her long hair. Just being with each other was enough.

"You know...after everything I've been through...being separated from you hurt the worst. I guess sometimes love hurts more than war." Ashelin breathed. Torn looked down at her.

"I know how you feel. You cut me deep when we separated. But I couldn't stay away from you for to long. I love you to much." Ashelin smiled, and laid on her stomach to look at him.

"Why did we split?" Torn snickered at her.

"Someone got caught in the heat of the moment and shoved their tongue in Jak's mouth." Torn whispered.

"Damn Torn. Why didn't you tell me you and Jak got all hot and heavy in the sand?" she teased. "But seriously, i don't know what came over me. It was just a thank you kiss. If it was Tess coming out of that sand storm, I would have kissed her. It didn't mean anything. Jak is just a boy. A stupid, foolish boy. But he did save all of us. But you Torn, a very handsome man. I'd take a man over a boy any day." she smiled warmly at him. Torn gave her his traditional half grin, and locked his lips with hers.

"Yeah...I guess it just killed me to think about you with someone else so I panicked. Instead of trying to pull you closer I just pushed you away." he said. Ashelin sat up on her knees, and held his hands in hers.

"We're together now. And that's all that matters." her toned turned to a more serious note. "Now, enough of this talk. You are to join me in the shower. That is an order soldier." Torn stood up, and scooped her up in his arms.

"Yes ma'am." he grinned.


Jak dropped Keira off at her house later that day so she could change and get ready. As she slid off his bike, he gave the top of her hand a quick kiss. He grinned at her before he revved the engine, and sped off through the streets. Keira studied herself in the mirror. A small smile seemed to be stained to her lips. She looked happy. No longer frowning at her own reflection. Jak had really stepped up, and made her what she always wanted to be. Dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a blank tank top, she sat down on the couch waiting for Jak to ring her door bells. She didn't bother doing her makeup. She no longer needed to try and outshine the other girls. Jak loved her, and that was enough for her. When the door bell rang, Keira slipped on a pair of black pumps, and bounded out the door to greet Jak.

"Damn you look amazing." he whispered as she ran her hand seductively down his back.

"Thank you. Not to bad yourself." he grabbed her hips and followed her to his bike. As he sat down in front of her, he closed his eyes as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"How does the Naughty Ottsel sound my dear?" Keira rested her head against Jak's back.

"Sounds fantastic."

As they walked into the bar holding hands, Keira spotted Torn and Ashelin. She was shocked to actually see Torn on the dance floor, but you could tell that both were heavily intoxicated. One leg in between each others, grinding their waists together. Ashelin was flipping her hair back, and Torn's hand was wondering all across her back and down past her belt line. As they sat down at the bar Keira thought about what Torn had said, and he was right. The awkwardness was something that they both had to experience. If Torn had made love to her, when Jak showed up the awkwardness would have been all on him. It would have just embarrassed Keira instead of her having her own equal part. He would have known something was wrong, and that would have been some very heavy explaining. But she was happy that Torn played the father card and stopped her from making a very huge mistake. Tess placed a drink in front of Keira as Daxter consumed Jak's attention.

"You are just absolutely glowing Keira." Tess said with a wink. "Jak is to. So I'm guessing that things went well?"

"Things couldn't be better." Keira took a sip of her drink and saw that Tess did not put any alcohol in it. She smiled and took another sip.

"Good to hear. I saw that Ashelin and Torn seemed to patch things up as well." Keira looked over her shoulder, and had to stop herself from laughing. Torn and Ashelin were locked in a sloppy kiss, her leg was wrapped up around his waist, and his hands were attached to her ass as if they were glued there. There was a few hoots and hollers from the other bar goers before Daxter had to step in and break them apart.

"Hey, go get a room you to. No one wants to see that." Ashelin laughed loudly.

"I think someone is feeling a little lonely. Maybe we should show him some love Torn." Ashelin snatched up Daxter, and Torn gave her a massive hug sandwiching Daxter between the two. With a loud scream he was able to wiggle free gasping for air.

"Watch the fur you two. Ugh, a hug from Torn...bleh" Daxter shivered, and proceeded to the bar to try and get some sympathy from his wife.

"Keira, I need to talk to you outside for a moment." Jak whispered to her. She nodded, and followed him outside. He stopped her in front of the water, and turned to face her. He took a hold of her hands, but dropped to one knee. "Keira...I love you. I always have. Will you please do me the honor of marring me?" he pulled out a small box and opened it up. Keira gasped when a silver band with a single white diamond shinned brightly.

"Of course I will!" Jak stood up and wrapped his arms around her. She kissed him deeply acting as if she would never be near him again. The sky lit up with fire works as they broke apart, and Keira glanced at Jak. He blushed lightly.

"I uh...had that set up for this moment. Sorry, I can be kinda corny." he said with his crooked grin.

"I love it Jak." Keira whispered, and kissed him once again.