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Anubis Wedding:

"I still can't believe this," Amber said shoving several dresses into a suit case, "it is simply too much."

"I know, who would have ever guessed Trudy would be getting married," Nina answered, packing things away as well.

"Then again they were quite chummy during the play..." the blond continued, pondering the subject.


Nina and Fabian were in the kitchen doing chores after supper. Usually it would have been Amber with Nina, but she had a project for French Class due in the morning, so Fabian was helping her instead.

Trudy came in putting the salt and pepper grinders away along with some unused utensils. As she did this, Nina noticed a slight sparkle.
"Trudy," she said pausing, "Is that an engagement ring on you finger?" she then asked in complete surprise.

Trudy looked at her hand, and then gave her a little nod and a grin.

Nina hugged her tightly, reeling with excitement, "Oh my goodness Trudy, I'm so happy for you!"

"So what's his name?" Fabian asked, excited as well.

Trudy shook her head, "not yet, you'll find out along with everyone else," she said grinning again, and then walking out of the room.

"Wow, this is, wow" was all Nina could say, beaming.

"I know... I really wonder who it is," Fabian answered.

"I suppose we'll find out tonight," Nina said return to the dishes.

Later on that evening in the common room Jerome and Alfie were wrestling on the floor with Patricia watching, Mara was helping Mick with biology homework, and Amber was reading a fashion magazine while Nina was reading a book about Egypt.

Fabian was returning downstairs with his guitar, when the front door opened and his Uncle Ade walked in.

"Uncle Ade, what are you doing here tonight?" he asked confused.

"Oh, just some matters I must attend to," he said with a smile, then walking off in another direction.

Fabian continued into the common room, but stopped at the door in a realization. He bent over the couch and whispered to Nina, "I know who it is!" excitedly.

Nina's face lit up, but before she could even ask who it was, Trudy and Uncle Ade walked in, his arm loosely around her shoulder.
"Attention everybody," Trudy said.

Jerome and Alfie stopped and looked up along with Patricia, Mara, Mick, and Amber.

"We have a bit of news," She continued.

Nina looked from the couple before her, to Fabian, who nodded.

"We want you all to know that darling Trudy and I are getting married," Uncle Ade announced.

Everyone in the room jumped up from their seats, squeals of excitement, and surprise going around. They all gathered around Trudy and Uncle Ade, and hugged them.

"We want you all to be in the wedding party," Trudy added, talking from the middle if the mass.

"Aiee!" Amber squealed, "Bride's maid dresses!"

The group congratulated the new couple, then went to bed when Victor came out to make his bed time speech.

: End Flashback

So now Trudy and Uncle Ade were to be married. It was going to be over spring break, at Uncle Ade's brother's (Fabian's father) estate. (Don't be surprised, I mean he's going to a private boarding school.)

"So Nina, are you excited to be going to Fabian's home?" Amber asked with a smirk.

"Not extensively" she answered with a blush and not making eye contact with her.

"I knew it," Amber sang smiling.

"Oh stop," Nina whined, with an underlying kidding air about it.

Nina and Amber continued packing and talking, while down the hallway Fabian and Mick were doing the same.

"So, Nina'll be meeting your family? Excited?" Mick asked, eating a power bar.

"You all are going to meet my family," Fabian said with a light blush forming on his face.

"C'mon mate, I'm not an idiot, I know your sweet on'er. She's different," he continued, pouncing on Fabian's shoulders.

"Alright, alright, get off me," he said in an admitting tone, "maybe a bit,"

"Knew it!" Mick cheered.

Okay i know that was really short! sorry! this is definitely a multi-chapter. It would really help me out if someone could give me a suggestion for what to happen next, I know what the actual wedding will be, but not what happens when they arrive at the house. So watch for the next chapter, and review!