Hey, I really couldn't just leave this story i loved it too much, soooo here's the epilogue:3 enjoy:)

"Hurry up Fabian, they'll be here soon," Nina said.

"I'm hurrying," he said, finishing putting up a welcome home sign. He climbed back down the ladder, and stood back looking at their decoration job. "Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself," he said putting an arm around Nina.

She laughed, "Yup, that's the best welcome home sign I've ever seen,"

Amber came running down the staircase, "They're coming! Don't just stand there Romeo and Juliet!"

They all ran to there hiding spots. Several moments later Trudy and Uncle Ade walked in.

"It's so quiet," Trudy said setting her suitcase down at the entrance.

"SURPRISE!" everyone shouted coming out from behind the furniture and out of closets.
Alfie came running up to hug her first, "finally! Real food!"

"We missed you so much!" amber said as well.
They were all hugging her and Uncle Ade the same as when they found out they'd even be going on a honeymoon.

"So, how was Monaco?" Fabian asked.

"Lovely my boy, a place you might want to visit," Uncle Ade said with looking from him to Nina.

Fabian and Nina smiled both tinted pink; they were still getting used to the whole "couple" thing.

"Umm, we made you a cake," Nina said trying to change the subject.

"How sweet," Trudy cooed.

"Well actually it was three cakes," Patricia added.

"Yeah, never let Jerome and Alfie ever cater an event for you," amber said with a smile.

"It wasn't just us," Jerome said defensively.

"Yeah, alien sabotage, it had to be," Alfie said as well.

"Then how bout we go gave some of this sabotage cake, shall we?" uncle Ade said

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