This was Glass Martinez's fifth time changing schools in the past two years. It was only natural that she would be nervous, on edge, and somewhat... out of place. She certainly didn't feel like she belonged here.

This was only the sixth grade, yet it already felt like high school to her. She got the feeling of being a freshman, a newcomer, somebody who wasn't woven into the tight niches of the school yet and probably never would be. Cliques had been formed long before she got to this school, and they would continue probably long after she'd left. Looking around the cafeteria from her table (which was naturally empty except for her), she got the feeling that she wouldn't be welcomed into any of the cliques that already existed here. Jocks, preps, snobs, nerds, goths, et cetera. Casting another sweeping glance to cover the entirety of this student-eat-student hellhole she would be forced to attend for the next three years, she was displeased to find more "et cetera". She shoved a fork into the remains of her macaroni and cheese and pushed it away, having lost her appetite. She took small sips of her milk, not really that thirsty either.

All of a sudden, a boy slid into the seat across from her, and held a paper in front of her face. "Hey there! You must be new. You wanna join my club?"

She blinked her green eyes a few times. "... Could you maybe get the paper out of my face and then I might just consider thinking about it?"

"Oh, sorry about that." The paper, along with the boy's hand, moved. "I get a little excited when it comes to the club." She saw that he had reddish-blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. A small black mask obstructed part of his face from view, but just around his eyes. Some freckles were splashed across his cheeks (which looked so adorable), and he was smiling, revealing slightly bucked front teeth. He was dressed in a blue-and-white outfit - almost like a uniform - accented by black. "Hiya!"

"..." She looked down, trying to fight off the blush that was trying to seep its way into her face. "Hi, I guess."

"I haven't seen you around here before, so you must be new. How come you're sitting alone?"

"... I dunno. 'Cause I don't think anyone else would want me to sit with them."

"Yeah, a lot of the kids who go here are really stuck-up. And jerks. None of them even wanted to join my club! I mean, I've known most of them since pre-k, so they already thought I was a loser. But they shouldn't with you, they don't know you." It looked like his cheeks were a light pink under his freckles; he was blushing, too. "But anyway, I can sit with you... I mean, if you want. It's not like I sit with anybody, either."

Glass felt her heart thumping against her ribcage. He was so nice. "... Yeah. I'd like that."

"Cool. Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I?" He pointed to his head. "See this right here? It's called a scatter-brain. My name's Buddy Pine. However, I prefer to be called..." He puffed out his chest, striking what Glass assumed to be a heroic pose. "Incrediboy!"

She raised an eyebrow, then took the paper from him. "Incrediboy?" She glanced at the paper. It was a flyer for The Mr. Incredible Super Fan Club! In smaller print it read, President: Buddy Pine AKA Incrediboy. "Oh, you mean like that superhero Mr. Incredible?" She leaned forward, suddenly interested. It wasn't like she was obsessed with superheroes, but it would really be something if Buddy had actually... met him. "Have you seriously met him? That would be so cool!"

Buddy shrugged, rolling his eyes and looked bored as he leaned back. "Oh, yeah, sure! I have a bunch of autographs and stuff. And we go on missions together. I mean, you know, sometimes. Just when he needs my help." He acted like it was no big deal.

Glass cocked her head. "Mr. Incredible needs your help?"

"Ah, well, you know. Sometimes he needs my special gadgets to finish a mission or whatever. I can only go after I do my homework though, he says that's important." Before she could even interject on that, Buddy pointed to her bowl. "Oh, mac and cheese is my favorite! Are you gonna finish it?"

She pushed it toward him, tucking some hair behind her ear. "I'm not really hungry. Knock yourself out."

"Cool, thanks!" He dug into what was left of it, using the fork as a shovel. "I like the kind that has the cowboy shapes, and I usually eat it with ketchup, but this is good too!" She thought it was kind of cute that he didn't swallow before talking. With most boys, she'd be completely disgusted by it. But the way Buddy did it... he almost made it seem endearing. He suddenly looked up at her. "Gee, I never asked your name! What is it?" he asked, his mouth still full.

"I'm Glass Martinez. I just moved here a few days ago, and this is my first day at this school."

"Glass, huh? That's a pretty name."

"I think it's weird. Who names their kid after a window?"

Buddy chuckled, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Glass is also used in mirrors, you know. Maybe it has a double meaning or something. You can see through others, but everyone else can only see your reflection. Yeah, that sounds good."

She giggled. "Well, I think Buddy sounds like something you'd call a dog."

Buddy gave her a sort of pouting/glaring look.

She reached over and adjusted his mask a little, her tongue poking out of her mouth. "I love dogs."

He looked down, almost in a shy manner. "How do you feel about superheroes? I mean, like... ones who weren't born with powers but are smart enough to... you know... still save the day?"

"You mean like Batman? I think they're pretty cool."

"W-Well... actually, I was... kind of talking about... I dunno... me." He squeaked out that last word in a small, sort of timid voice.

"Incrediboy?" She smiled. "I think Incrediboy's pretty darn cool, too."

Buddy smiled back, but looked down at the table instead of at her. He suddenly swiveled his head around to look at the clock. "Oh, man!" He stood up, scraping the chair legs against the tile floor. "I have to get to science class early. Mr. Hess helps me with my projects." He picked up a backpack from the floor (obviously his) and turned to leave. "I'll see you around, Glass!"

As he ran off out of the cafeteria, Glass looked back down at the flyer he'd left her. "Incredible, huh? I may have to check that out..."

She remembered that sweet smile of his, and how kind he was. This school might not be so bad, if she spent every day - even just every lunch period - with Buddy. It made her feel good to know that there was another outsider here in this God-forsaken school full of preps and wannabes. It was a good thing to know that there was somebody who didn't fit in with anybody else and wanted her to fit in with him.

It felt good to know she had a friend.

OK... first Incredibles story but I've been in love with Syndrome for THE longest time. It's tough to find one with an OC though, and I don't much care for Synlet (for whatever reason, XD it's probably because I see them as at least 10 years apart and that kinda creeps me out). Soooo... decided to do this. It's probably gonna have a lot of darker themes, and might delve into what happened before the movie and what happened after. (I still believe Syndrome/Buddy is out there, HE DID NOT DIE! lol just my opinion I know the official Wikipedia thing says he died but I honestly distrust SOME of the info on there, not all but some.)

The movie was on Disney tonight and I'm watching it and I actually felt like working on this story. So I decided to post the first chapter, see what people think.

PLEASE review. How will I know to continue if peeps don't review? XD I love hearing what you think and I hope you like Glass. She won't stay as antisocial and pessimistic, she'll change and grow, but for the most part she'll be somewhat the type of person who sees the glass (HA, GLASS) as half empty. As for her name, I wanted to choose something that could be used for a hero or villain name but that most people would just shrug off as the result of hippy-dippy parents. LOL