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As they raced down the streets, Buddy skidded to a stop and looked around, sighing. "There's no time! We gotta get there!" He clicked his heels together, and sure enough his rocket boots began working. "Yahoo, the upgrades worked!"

"Buddy!" Glass cried from her position on the ground, trying to adjust her rocket belt again. "Hello! I-I don't know how to work this thing!"

He looked back and sighed. "Just press the button in the middle! For the love of-" He flew back down and grabbed her hand. "We don't have time for this! Come on!"

"Whoa! Hey! Buddyyyyyy!" she shouted as he decided to just string her along on his own flight. "H-How am I supposed to fly without having to hold on to you!"

"I told you press that button! It should work!"

She was dangling all over the place, and Buddy obviously couldn't support her for much longer. It was worth a try anyway. She managed to get her arm to stop shaking and punched the button with her fist.

Almost immediately, she was shot upward, forcing Buddy to let go of her. She screamed, flailing her arms and legs as she was being catapulted every which way. She tried to regain her balance, but she wasn't used to this and she had no idea how to control herself. "Buddy! Help me! I don't know how to steer!"

A few seconds later he had his arms around her and was helping her straighten out. "Okay! All good now? Let's go!"

By the time they had arrived at the building where everything was going on, there was another explosion, smaller this time but still, an explosion! They could hear people talking, everything was so loud. "Bomb Voyage!" someone shouted.

Buddy looked over at her and winked. "That's Mr. Incredible! Come on, let's go!"

He had started to fly up, and she was trying to follow him.

"Monsieur Incroyable!" That was a different voice, and sounded a lot nastier.

Buddy was already there, standing in the window (which was broken) and posing in what was probably supposed to be a heroic stance. "And Incrediboy!" he announced, grinning.

"Incrediboy?" That was the other guy, Bomb Voyage, and he sounded almost disbelieving.

Glass was struggling to catch up to Buddy. She made it, but then tripped and went somersaulting forward, eventually landing on her stomach. She held up one hand weakly, her index finger shaking. "A-And Incredigirl," she managed to choke out.

"Buddy, who is she?" Mr. Incredible's sighing voice reached her ears.

"That's Incredigirl! We're a team!" Buddy pulled her up. "The Increditeam!"

"I am okay," she spoke up, shaking her head to clear her mind. "W-Well... not really... but I will be..."

Her friend's touch was gone just as fast as it had come, and she saw him racing over to the hero with the rocket boots as she regained her bearings. "Hey hey!" He landed. "Aren't you curious about how we get around so fast? See, I have these rocket boots! And she's got a rocket belt! It's so cool, I made-"

"Go home, Buddy," Mr. Incredible told him, an extremely serious look on his face. Glass was thinking right about now that maybe they should just go home. He probably had this under control... but why did he have to be so blunt?

Buddy looked absolutely crushed, his eyes wide and apparently not believing what was happening. "W-What?"

"Now," the superhero reiterated.

And of course the villain had to put in his two euros. "Petit naïves libes," he spat.

Glass shot a glare at him, but was a little too busy trying to stop her rocket belt from smoking to fire an insult back at him.

"Can - Can we talk?" She watched as Buddy pulled Mr. Incredible to the side, away from Bomb Voyage. "You always, always say to be true to yourself..." He turned around and walked toward a gazing ball-type thing, looking into it. "But you never say which part of yourself to be true to!" He turned back around. "Well, we finally figured out who we are!" He struck another pose, throwing both of his arms out to the side. "We are your wards - Incrediboy and Incredigirl!"

Glass had been watching him up until a movement in her peripheral vision caught her eye. She turned her head and noticed Bomb Voyage trying to sneak away. "M-Mr. Incredible!" she tried to call.

Mr. Incredible shook his head, still paying attention to Buddy. "And now you have officially carried it too far, Buddy." He finished this sentence just as he reached over and grabbed Bomb Voyage, who yelped. He proceeded to hold him up, looking ready to beat the ever-loving hell out of him.

She saw Buddy starting to get a little mad, and limped over to him. But he kept moving, she couldn't catch him; for God's sake, he talked with his entire body, not just his hands. "This is because we don't have powers, isn't it? Well... not every superhero has powers, you know! You can be super without them! I invented these!" He pointed to his rocket boots, and then back at Glass's belt. "We can fly! Can you fly?"

"Fly home, Buddy," Mr. Incredible insisted, "and take your little girlfriend or whatever she is with you. I work alone."

"Et tes costumes sont complètement ridicules!" Bomb Voyage added.

Taking that as the final word on the subject, Glass put her hand on Buddy's shoulder. "Buddy, maybe we should-"

But he wasn't listening. "Ju - Ju - Just gimme one chance! I-I'll show you! I'll go get the police!" He turned around and started running toward the window.

Glass had saw that before he turned around, Bomb Voyage had attached a small, blinking red bomb to the bottom of his cape. (Well, there was another reason that capes were just a bad idea.) "Buddy!" She was frozen, and could barely move to go after him.

Luckily it looked like Mr. Incredible had seen it too. "Buddy! No!"

"It'll only take a second, really!" Buddy called as he activated the boots.

"No! Stop!" Mr. Incredible let go of Bomb Voyage and ran after him. "There's a bomb!"

Buddy had already gone out the window, but Mr. Incredible had managed to jump and grab onto the bottom of his cape. Glass's eyes went wide, and she remembered what had happened when Buddy tried to carry her while flying. I.e., nothing good. It would be even worse with someone bigger...

She slammed her hand onto the button on the middle of her belt and followed them out the window. "Buddy! Buddy, stop! Land or something!"

They were going all over the place, just like he had with her earlier, and Buddy was quickly losing control. "Whoa! Hey, let go!" he yelled, clearly not knowing how to maneuver with more than one person. "You're wrecking my flight pattern! I can do this, just let go!"

"I'm trying to help!" Mr. Incredible shouted in reply, trying to free the bomb from Buddy's cape.

Glass flew after them, trying to follow exactly where they were going, but it was difficult. Buddy's path was definitely less than predictable, and it was still hard for her to keep control of her own flight. "Buddy! Buddy, will you JUST LAND ALREADY! It's going to blow up!"

Buddy was still freaking out. "Let go of my cape!"

Glass reached them and gave one swipe at the bomb. Unfortunately she'd also bumped into Mr. Incredible in the process. The bomb detached, falling below, and Mr. Incredible followed. "B-Buddy!" she cried, grabbing onto him. Harried, she wrapped her arms around his waist, trying to just hold on to him and never let go of him. "Are y-you okay?"

He looked a little ragged too, and started flying backwards. "Oh man, there really was a bomb..." He raised his eyebrows, eyes wide. "Geez, it's gonna blow up the train track!" He grabbed her wrist and tugged on it. "Glass, get back!"

There was an explosion, and Glass couldn't even find her voice. She couldn't do anything but bury her face in Buddy's chest and kick her legs in fear. She could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks and knew she was getting his outfit wet, but she didn't care. It was all she could do to just hold on to him.

When she looked back, Mr. Incredible was trying to stop the train that had come barreling toward the broken track. It looked like he was using all the strength he had to hold it back.

She turned around again and pressed her face against the area where Buddy's neck met his shoulder. "P-Please Buddy!" she wailed, grasping onto his waist with one arm and his arm with the other hand. "I-I want to go home! I don't like this! I want to go home, let's just leave!"

Buddy wasn't crying, but he did have a look of horror in his eyes. "I... I'm sorry, Glass," he muttered, his arms around her and holding her as tight as possible. "I shouldn't have brought you here. I'm... I'm sorry."

French Translations...

Monsieur Incroyable - Mr. Incredible (you probably already knew that lol)

petit naïves libes - little oafs (it was singular in teh movie)

Et tes costumes sont complètement ridicules - And your outfits are completely ridiculous (also singular before I changed it, thank you 3 years of French!)

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