.Stealing for Keeps.


He could steal all he wanted...

But he could never steal what he wanted.


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00. Stealing for Keeps: Prologue

I crouched in the corner and sniffled as quietly as possible, trying to brush away the tears left on my cheeks. I heard the maids and servants as they called for me as softly as possible. I retreated farther back into the darkness as one of them walked past. Hiding in the shadows, I sat there for awhile until it became silent; the only sound was my soft hiccups.

It was quiet, and I started to doze off, until I heard (more?) light footsteps. I snapped back awake. Then I saw him: a boy my age with long, violet hair and amber eyes. He wore all black, carrying a bulging sack along with him. He looked around shiftily and nodded to himself, as if satisfied that nobody was there. I squinted my eyes and tried to shrink back more. Who was he?

He scanned the room again, more carefully then before, and his eyes narrowed slightly at my little corner. He took slow, deliberate steps towards me, until he stopped. I knew he saw me, even if I was tiny. His eyes wide, he stooped down to my level and met my eyes uncertainly.

He tilted his head in confusion and brought a finger forward, and almost hesitantly, he wiped a tear off of my face. I stared back in curiosity and wonder. He paused and started to search his pockets for something, and when he finally found it, he handed it to me and offered a small smile. I took it reluctantly. We never said a single word to each other as he examined me while I buried my face into the handkerchief. Strangely enough, it smelled like Sakura blossoms, mysterious and soothing.

Our exchange seemed short, to me. We just watched each other, but the difference was, his eyes were more mature than mine, or, in general, any kid's would be. He seemed intelligent and stealthy, almost as if he was the night himself. But, as was the night, he was kind and gentle, aloof and dark. He sat in front of me, crossing his arms as he did so, looking me over as if I'd disappear as soon as he looked away.

Suddenly, he raised his head. He seemed nervous, and I recognized the muffled voices of a few maids. He backed away from me quickly, and I stood up and took a step towards him. I opened my mouth, but closed it again when I saw how pleadingly he gazed back at me. He raised his finger to his mouth, and soundlessly begged me to keep quiet. He speedily crept towards the window and pried it open. He slipped out of the tiny opening and almost dropped outside, until he stopped, as if debating internally about something.

Then he turned his eyes back onto me, those eyes that were much too old for a kid that was as young as him and me. His amber eyes gleamed in the darkness, brimming with sorrow, confusion, and an unfamiliar feeling I couldn't even begin to recognize. And, even though it was silent in the dead of night, I still had to strain my ears to hear what he said next.

"I'm sorry."

00. Stealing for Keeps: Prologue

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