Right, then. This song is dedicated to the best LoTR writer on this entire site, dearest Nemis, who is currently in danger of beheading for killing off the best LoTR character on this entire site. However, said Nemis also wrote the sweetest Elrond story I've ever read, and thus, though our perceptions of the relationship between him and Celebrian differ greatly, I had to dedicate this song to her anyway

Disclaimer: Don't own Elrond and Celebrian, for various reasons all of which are known to you. Now get on with the reading.

Note: Two things: one, don't ask me why I perceive said relationship like this. I just do. We were never told much about Celebrian anyway. Two: written originally for an LoTR LARP, so it's different than my usual stuff. Oh, and isn't the rhyming scheme neat?

Must stop babbling. Onto the poem.

Love may come from emptiness

And joy from sadness spring

All the times, both worst and best

A single word may bring

Thus of change and what it brings

And how it two made one

Today our song we weave – we sing

Of Elrond and Celebrian

On Rivendell, last friendly home

Spring had dawned with blooming bliss

The winds were blowing soft and warm

The early rains made way for sun

On tower high and pearly dome

There Lord Elrond of Imladris

Beheld the fair Celebrian

In Rivendell there wasn't one

As joyous as Celebrian

'Tween stony walls with burdens laid

The weight of ages seemed to fade

She danced – and in her dance sown life

And banished memories of strife

The pressing pain of history

Defeats and fruitless victories

She danced – and so appeared to him

And seemed to ease his weary soul

His treasures' glow to lessen seemed

For she was young by Elven years

And full of young and hopeful dreams

And innocence – and he was old

And full of ancient doubts and fears

Then she was gone – and left to him

But memories and precious dreams

Days came and went, and years flew by

He said no words for all that time

Till one good spring, just as before

He heard her youthful song once more

He came to her, and took her hand

And led her through the beauteous land

He told her tales of ancient times

Of glory, battle, hearts and minds

She wove for him her silken rhymes

They walked together all that day

Their Elven voice like silver chimes

He raised one hand – unsure and kind

To touch her face – and turned away

"Nay, I shall not pay that cost!

"Too many have I loved and lost –

He called, and in his voice was pain

"And vowed to never love again!'

The story might have then been done

Had not, at once, Celebrian

Her shyness and her doubt forgot

And said: "you love me, do you not?"

He glanced at her with tear-filled eyes

"I love you… yes… and now be gone!

"Know you that love can only die?

"You are too young to know learn

"The truth about that cruel old lie

"The uselessness of holding on

"The fact that love can burn!

"Too long I've dwelled in this cruel land

All dreams I've seen crushed by cruel hands

"I dare not hope – for I may fail!"

No answer had she – silence fell

Then she stepped forth, and stroke his hair

And took his trembling hand in hers

And unafraid of all she heard

She softly spoke: "not so, my lord".

"By this despair I won't abide,

If I've eternity to spend

I wish to spend it at your side!"

She proudly spoke, her words rang true

"Change is – from it we cannot hide!

Better that two shall brave time's pain,

Together – me and you!"

And then through fading teary haze

His eyes had met her merry gaze

Her beauty shone like rising sun

Then something special there begun

And thus her heart had touched his heart

They knew nothing shall ever part

'Tween two by loss and love made one

'Tween Elrond and Celebrian

So when there are dark times at hand

For Lorien and Rivendell

They know together they must stand

To light the darkening world like sun

Two everlasting sister-lands

United by the old, sweet tale

Of Elrond and Celebrian