Sparks Fly: Epilogue

Kurama sighed as he unlocked the door to his apartment. Hiei stomped in after him and went immediately to the window.

"Are you honestly still upset?" the redhead demanded.

"That human kissed you," Hiei snapped.

"On the cheek."

"She was overly familiar."

"She's my cousin, Hiei. She was familiar because she's family." When Hiei didn't respond, Kurama threw his hands up and walked into his bedroom.

He fell onto his bed and pulled his pillow over his face. The two of them had spent the last six weeks in the Makai helping Mukuro secure the border and ripping off people who weren't all that loyal to her.

As soon as they'd arrived back in Ningenkai, Kurama had insisted on stopping to see his mother since they were close. Unfortunately, Shiori had been having lunch with her sister and niece at the time.

Hiei had been forcibly introduced to more of the family and had been witness to Kurama's cousin Kimi bidding him farewell with a kiss on the cheek.

So now they were fighting about it.

Kurama heard the bathroom door slam and the water turn on and walked back into the living room in time to see Yusuke letting himself in the apartment.

The half demon stopped and grinned when he saw his friend. "Hey! You're back!"

"We are," Kurama replied wearily, accepting a hug from Yusuke.

"How was it?"

"Exhilarating. Freeing." The redhead walked into the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Was it hard to come back here?" Yusuke wanted to know.

"I was expecting it to be, but it really wasn't. I have truly come to see both places at home and I know I can return to either when I feel like it."

"Cool then. I'm guessing you and Hiei are fighting again," Yusuke remarked.

"How did you guess?"

"Sounds like he's in the shower, and you're not in there with him. What happened?"

Kurama sighed and explained what was going on. "I can't say I'm surprised though. We barely fought at all in the Makai, and we were over due."

Yusuke laughed. "Probably."

"And how have things been here?" Kurama wanted to know.

"You know, same old same old. Ningenkai is reliably boring."

"Yes, I appreciate it for that quality at times. I was Youko quite a lot in the Makai, and it sapped much of my strength."

"How did that go over?"

Kurama grinned. "Hiei loved it."

"Ew. That is way more information than I ever needed, fox boy."

"You're welcome," the fox replied teasingly.

"Aside from the fighting how are you and Hiei doing?" Yusuke asked. "I saw Koenma for a bit while you were gone, and he bet that you two would have called it quits by now. I really want to prove him wrong."

"Well you already have. I love Hiei very much, but sometimes he's exasperating. I don't think we'll break up over something as silly as this though," Kurama replied.

"Yeah you're- Wait. Did you just say you love him?" the half demon demanded.


"And you meant it."


"Wow. When are you going to tell Hiei? What do you think he'll say back?"

"I expect he'll say that he loves Kurama too," a dry voice said from the bathroom door. Hiei leaned against the doorframe with a towel slung low on his waist. His hair was wet, but still stood on top of his head in defiance of gravity.

Kurama ducked his head. "It's admirable that you try to keep up with our relationship, Yusuke, but you could do a better job of it."

"Hey, it's not my fault you don't tell me anything," the mazoku protested.

Hiei rolled his eyes. "Get out," he deadpanned.

"You can't kick me out!" Yusuke shouted. "It's not your house."

"It's not a house period, you moron."

"Hiei," Kurama chided.

"It's not. And he needs to leave."


"Because I want to get the scent of that human girl off of you, and I don't think he wants to see it. I'm really doing him a service," Hiei replied.

"What are you going to do?" Yusuke asked. "Wash him off?"

"In a way," Hiei responded. "Probably with my tongue."

That was all Yusuke needed to hear. He was on his feet and near the door in a second. "Well, nice to have you two home," the half demon said and was gone.

Kurama shook his head. "You shouldn't do things like that to him."

"Things like what?"

Kurama sighed, tired of this already. "Say things you don't mean just to get him to leave."

Hiei dropped his towel. "Who said I didn't mean it?" he growled and pounced.

Later, they were lying on the living room floor tangled in each other. Kurama was missing his shirt, and Hiei was still naked. Moonlight fell in bright shafts from the windows, lighting up Kurama's hair and Hiei's side.

The jaganshi yawned and tucked his face against Kurama's neck.

"I take it you're over the incident with Kimi," the fox whispered, stroking a hand through the black locks.

Hiei just grunted and skimmed his nose over the soft skin of Kurama's neck.

"You know, we really should make an effort to spend more time with Yusuke and everyone."


"Are you refusing to speak now?"

"Not refusing. I just see no need. You've always been content to listen to yourself talk," Hiei replied.

"Remind me why I'm in love with you again?"

"I thought I just did that."

Kurama smiled. "If you think I love you because of the wicked things you can do with your tongue, then you are sadly mistaken."

"Was it my winning personality then?" Hiei asked dryly.

"In part."

They returned to a companionable silence then with Hiei pressing occasional kisses in the juncture of his fox's neck and shoulder. Kurama hissed when one was more nip than kiss and closed his eyes. "Thank you," he murmured.

"For what?" Hiei queried.

"Just…" Kurama searched for the words he was looking for, and when nothing seemed to fit, he shrugged and gave up. "For everything."

Hiei seemed to know exactly what his lover meant though. His answering smile was small and hidden, but the redhead could feel it against his skin. "I guess I should move some of my things over here," the fire demon remarked.


"If I'm going to be staying here, I should have things here."

"Yes," Kurama said slowly, "But that would also require you have things, and I am convinced that you are the poster child for the minimalist movement."

Hiei shrugged. "So get me some things."

"Are you saying you want to move in with me, Hiei?" Kurama asked cautiously.

"Don't make a big deal of it. I've been practically living with you since we met."

The fox couldn't deny that, but something about this more official declaration made him grin. "What kinds of things?" he asked.

"I don't know. Clothes? Some of that bathing stuff you use only in less girly scents."

"You've seen what I can do with a rose and you still call it girly?"

Hiei snorted. "I draw the line at smelling like you."

"Well I suppose I can accept that. What else will you need?"

"How the hell should I know? You're the one well versed in living like a human."

"Very true," Kurama agreed. "It's a good thing I stopped at one of my dens before we left the Makai. I've been looking for a reason to better furnish this place other than 'I got bored with it.' You moving in is the perfect occasion."

"You're a lunatic, do you know that?" Hiei grumbled.

Kurama laughed. "Of course I do. But let's keep that our little secret. There are still a fair few people who mistake my lunacy for genius. But then…who's to say they're wrong?"

Hiei rolled his eyes and sprang to his feet.

"And where are you going?" The fox wanted to know.

"To bed," the jaganshi replied. "I am done indulging your sentimental foolishness for the night."

"Alright then." Kurama stood up and stretched, popping the bones in his back. "I'm going to take a shower and then I'll join you."

Hiei waved over his shoulder as he headed to the bedroom. The door shut with a soft click, and Kurama smiled. He moved around his living room, making sure that his plants were still thriving, murmuring to them softly, and letting his energy stretch to them. Yusuke had been making sure they were watered in his absence, but Kurama could tell that they had missed him.

He made sure to give each of them special attention, then made his way into the bathroom.

Kurama shook his head when he saw the state it was in. Clearly he needed to have a talk with Hiei about returning things to where he found them. He picked up towel which was balled up on the floor and set in on the counter. He grabbed a clean one from the small closet by the toilet and hopped in the shower.

The redhead let the warm jets of water relax him deeply, smothering a yawn with one hand while he fumbled for his shampoo with the other. It had been a long six weeks, and truth be told, Kurama had missed the life he had built for himself here in Ningenkai.

It would be nice to be able to be here with Hiei without having to worry about school.

Kurama rinsed his hair of shampoo, conditioned it, and then turned the water off. He stepped onto the bath mat and shivered as the chill from the air conditioning swept over his wet body.

Using speed he rarely tapped into, Kurama dried himself and his hair off, then reached for the towel he had placed on the counter. He picked it up and shook it out, frowning when he heard something clatter to the floor.

Bending down, Kurama saw a glittering blue gem on the floor.

Hiei's tear gem.

Kurama frowned harder. He knew for a fact that Hiei never took the thing off. Not even to bathe, and that even if he had, he would never have left it balled up in a towel. Not accidentally.

Which meant it was purposeful.

Which meant Hiei knew that Kurama would find it.

Which meant…

Kurama tapped into their link. Hiei?

I'm trying to sleep.

You left your gem in the bathroom.

I know where I left it.

What would you like me to do with it?

It's meant to be worn.

Hiei disconnected then, leaving a confused Kurama in the bathroom. It seemed like Hiei wanted him to wear the necklace. An almost giddy smile broke over the fox's face then and he picked up the gem, slipping the leather cord over his head. As the cool gem settled over his chest, Kurama mused on how they had come full circle.

"I value our friendship, and all we've been through... But I'm not interested in you that way."

"You fool! I'm not giving my stone to you.

"Relax. It's a joke."

And it had been a joke at the time. Now though…everything was different. Better. They were both happy.

Kurama tossed the towel into the hamper and made his way to the bedroom without bothering to put on clothes.

This was the life he had made for himself after the destruction of the one he had been living. True, he had had to give up most of the things he was accustomed to and start over completely. It had been hard.

Kurama had never been more grateful for it.

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