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I was standing at a fork in the road staring at two signs. One said Quest and pointed to beautiful meadows and a huge forest. The other said Snudd and pointed to creepy looking barren wasteland. A tree sat in the middle of these two signs and only one half of it was blooming green leaves and rainbow flowers while the other half was dry and dead. I sighed not knowing which way to go.

"Now what do I do?" I sighed and walked up to the tree to sit down and take a break from walking. The sun had set a long time ago and I didn't want to take any chances of traveling in this place at night. I walked over and sat down in front of the tree. I leaned my head back against it and closed my eyes.

I tried to think of the people I met and how many more I have to go. I met the creepy, evil twins. I met the hare, mouse and… Wait who was that one guy. Suddenly my head began to pound with pain. I screamed because it hurt so badly. I put my head between my knees and waited for the pain to ease.

It felt like hours had passed after the headache slowly began to ease up to where I could think again. I looked up and looked around. It was still dark out and I heard someone singing. I looked for where the voice was coming but didn't see anybody. I sighed giving up and leaned my head against the tree trying to sleep.

"Lose something?" A voice said soon as I closed my eyes. I quickly jumped up and looked up at the tree where the voice came from. I still didn't see anything there until slowly a man began to form. Soon as his body was solid and not transparent I recognized him.

He looked like Italy but he had cat ears and was wearing the biggest smile ever. He was lying across a long tree branch looking down at me and laughing.

"Well, uh, not that I know of." I said getting closer to the tree to get a better look.

"OK then see ya." Then he slowly began to disappear.

"Wait please, I do need help." He began forming back to normal.

"Yes." He said dragging out the s at the end.

"I need to know which way to go, cat."

"It's Cheshire Cat, thank you. And it depends on where you want to go."

"Well I... I need to go to…I don't remember." Why couldn't I remember? The only thing I remember is meeting the caterpillar and that I need to make friends and that's it nothing after that.

"Well it doesn't really matter which way you go, Alfred." He said sitting up to stand on the branch.

"How do you know my name?" I asked confused about everything.

"Everyone knows who you are."

"OK Then who is everyone?"

"Let's see the white rabbit went a that a way." He said pointing to Snudd. "The Hatter, March Hare, and Door mouse are that a way." He said pointing to the road behind me. "And the twins live over that a way." He said pointing to Quest. I felt like I should know all these people but I don't remember any of them.

"OK that helps me in no way what so ever."

"What doesn't help?" He asked in a serious manner. I shook my head confused.

"What you just said." I said angrily.

"I didn't say anything."

"Yes you did." Getting angrier.

"No I didn't." I was so mad at that point I thought about just leaving.

"What is with you!" I yelled and he began to laugh he laid back down and hung upside down on the branch.

"Everyone here is mad. If you haven't noticed I'm not quite all there myself." He said slowly beginning to fade away. He began singing his song and after he disappeared I still heard him humming it and laughing.

"That was just weird." I reached in my pocket and pulled out the small vile of liquid. It had a lot more in it now that it had at the beginning. The problem was though I don't remember any of the people I met and why I can't remember. I can't even remember where I'm supposed to be going. I thought about the people he had told me about and tried to think.

I faced towards the road behind me and remembered the Hatter was that way. For some reason though I didn't feel like going that way. Then I turned to Quest and remembered he said the twins were that way and I shivered at the thought. I felt like that way was dangerous. So I turned to Snudd and remembered the Rabbit was that way and I didn't get any weird feelings about him so I began walking down that road.

The walk wasn't long before I saw a huge red and pink castle. The architecture of it looked as if it was supposed to resemble a bunch of hearts. I nodded and took another step forward and suddenly I felt and great pressure on my shoulders and I was no longer on the ground.

I looked down and realized I was flying through the air and towards the castle. I looked up at the thing holding me and saw it was a red and white bird with a striped tail. I sighed deciding not to bother since nothing could really surprise me anymore.

"Here I come girly heart castle."

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