My very first Silmarillion fic, on the fascinating and tragic story of Feanor and the Silmarils. As usual, don't own anything, sadly.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't actually read the Silmarillion, don't bother to read this. Most of the tragedy will be lost on you anyway; it's wasted skill. Sorry.

Blaze the forge and burn the fire!

Blow hot wind and sparkle gems!

Capture light and sweet desire

In the encompassing flame!

Feanor the gem-smith great

Forever seals the Noldor's fate

Shaping, hammering, he smiles

In creation's pure delight

Not for many days and trials

Will he know what brought his light!

Burn, the fire! Forge and heart

From this day shall never part

For the moment, knowing not

He tarries on, and pride now swells

'Tis the very light he sought!

'Tis the heaven soon turned hell!

Yet though hate he soon will learn

For the moment, fire burns!

So shine, oh joy of blessed trees!

Sparkle, shell of magic bright!

Harden 'round the treasury

Of the Valar's godly light!

For many yet will die for them

The triumphant fire and will

And the fair, spellbinding gems

The graceful, fateful Silmarils!