The next morning at six Dean walked into Haley's room and slammed the door causing her to jump up in the bed. "Rise and shine!" Dean yelled.

Haley rubbed her head at his tone. "Don't yell." She said and lay back down. "Go away."

"No can do. Get up." He said.



Haley moaned against the pillow. "I need to sleep."

"No what you need is to get up and moving around. I have a few things I want you to do. I want you to clean up the kitchen and help me then clean the guns." Dean knew he had to keep her busy. She was fighting a serious addiction and today was officially day one.

Haley sat up and looked at him, "Dean…" she sighed, "I cant. Please just let me sleep."

"No. Now get up before I drag you out of bed."

"Why do you even care!" she yelled at him. Here comes the anger.

"I just do!" he yelled back. "You want help and I am giving you help now get you boney ass up now and get down stairs." He said before walking out of the room. This was the first official day of getting her clean. This was going to be the hard one. Any minute she was going to want to run out and get high and Dean wasn't going to let her. He had to keep her busy. She was going to hate him but in the long run it would make her stronger.

Haley threw on a large shirt and a pair of sweatpants and made her way down stairs. She stumbled her way into the kitchen and leaned on the door and just staring at Dean, "Well….I'm up."

Dean smiled and tossed her a rag, "Great. You can start in here. Wash and dry the dishes."

"You cant be serious."

"Oh I am sweetheart."

"Don't call me that." She said and walked over to the sink. She knew she really didn't have a choice. She could leave but Dean would follower her and just bring her back. Either way she was going to lose so why not just suck it up.

Haley turned on the water and poured the soap in the sink. She head a chair pull out and saw Dean sitting at the table, "What are you doing?"

"Just making sure you get it done and don't try to sneak out the back door." He smiled.

"You don't trust me?"

"Not really."

"Good because I don't really trust you either." She said and turned back around.

Dean sat there and watched her. She was pissed and he knew it but this was expected. She was going to go through a lot of different mood swings before this was over. Who knew when that was going to be?

He watched as she picked up a plate from the counter. Her hands were shaking. It was as if the plate weighed a ton. The more he watched her more he just wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok. But he couldn't do that. He wanted her to be strong again, not weak. He remembered a time when they were happy, normal….well as normal as they could get.

Dean sat at the kitchen table in Haley's kitchen eating a ham and cheese sandwich that she had made him. "This is so awesome." He smiled as he took another bit.

Haley turned around and smiled at him, "No one can put ham and cheese on two slices of break like me." She said as she put the plate in the drainer.

"Need help?" he asked.

"No I got it. I don't mind doing dishes at all. I don't know why." She laughed, "But thanks."

Dean got up from his chair and walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a small kiss on the neck, "You are almost perfect." He said.

"Almost?" she looked over her shoulder at him.

"Yeah. You do have that awful Linkin Park CD in your car." He joked.

"Hey you have your music and I have mine." She smiled, "But I love you anyways."

"You love my music and you know it." Dean said as he turned her around to face. "Along with other things of mine." He said and gave her a cocky smirk.

Haley pulled her hand up and wiped suds all over his face, "Keep telling yourself that." She laughed.

Dean wiped his face and stared at her, "Oh now you're going to get it." He said.

Haley squealed and took off running through the small apartment.

Dean missed those days with her. She was stronger then she was now. Maybe he was to blame for the way she was now. Maybe thats why he felt like he should help her. No that wasnt it. He still loved her. He helped her before and now he was going to do it again. If anyone could help her it was him.

"So where you're done in here you can come into the den and help me." he said and she never gave him a answer. "Did you hear me?" he asked and still nothing,"Haley!"

She slammed down the plate and turned to him, "I heard you!" she yelled before turning back around to the sink.

Dean stood there and watched her for a few minutes before walking out of the room. His heart was breaking for her but he had to be strong. He had t keep it together of they were going to lose her.

Dean was sitting on the couch with the guns in front of him. He hadnt touched them yet. He just sat there staring at the clock. Every now and then he would hear Haley talking but wasnt saying much just "Stop." and "Leave me alone" followed by a few sobs.

Bobby and Sam walked into the house and looked over and saw Dean. Sam sighed. He knew his brother was hurting and there was really nothing they could do for him. He was on a mission and Dean never gave up.

"How's it going in here man?" Sam asked as he and Bobby walked in with something to eat.

"Fine I guess. She's ill as a freakin hornet but at least she's up." Dean said.

"Just going to have to give her time. These things get worse before they get better." Bobby said.

"Yeah I know. I just want her to go back to the way she was." Dean said.

"I know but that aint gonna happen. That girls been through a lot."

"I know that am I'm going to fix it."

"Well we are here to help with whatever you need." Sam said.

Haley put the last plate in the drainer and looked to her left and jumped a little when she saw a man, the same man she saw while she was locked up, "What do yo want?" she asked.

"Just you." he smiled at her, "I'm not going to hurt you. Not like Dean did. All I want to do is help you. Dean wants to make you what he wants you to be. Me...I just want you happy."

"Who the hell are you?" she asked. "You keep taking to me and I dont know who you are or what you want."

"I'm a future friend. You shouldn't be here. You weren't hurting anyone by what you were doing. It made you feel better."

"It was wrong." she said. "I know it was wrong."

"Why because Dean says so? He left you. I would never leave you. I can give you everything you want to make you feel good and all I ask of you is t help me if I ever need it. Let me be there for you. Just walk out that door right now and run away from here."

"Why should I trust you?" she asked him, "You once said if I didn't come with you I wolud die."

"Not by me. I wouldn't hurt you. You cant trust Dean. You don't know the things I know about him. He's far from perfect. He hurt you bad didn't he? he asked and Haley just nodded, "I would never do that. He didn't want you then so why now? After you're better is he just going to leave you again?"

"I-I don't know."

"That's right. Come with me and start a new life where you can be who you want to be and be with other like you.

"There are others like me?" she asked.

"Yes. We can be there for you. What's it going to be?" he asked.

"Who are you talking to?" Dean asked as he walked into the kitchen. He had been standing there for a long time but out of sight. He didn't like the way she was talking and was worried about who she was talking to.

"No one. Just myself." She smiled.

Dean didnt believe her for one second, "Why dont you try that again?" he asked.

"Dean no one is here so who the hell would I be talking to?"

"I dont know that's why I'm asking you." Haley looked to where the man was once standing and he was gone. "Looking for someone?" Dean asked.

"No." Haley said. "I think I'm just going to go lay down. I dont feel so well." She said before walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Dean sighed. He really had to figure out what was going on with her. It was a lot deep her than drug and he knew it.

Haley paces back and forth in the bedroom chewing on her nails. She could feel the walls closing in on her. She had to get out of her. She felt like she was losing her mind and just needed to get out and breath again.

She looked over to the window and knew that was going to be her only way out. Dean wasnt going to let her walk out the front door. She was on the second floor but she has done it once and she could do it again. Haley slipped on her shoes and and headed over to the window and opened it up. It was now or never.

Dean was sitting in the den when head head something, "Son of a bitch." He said.

"What?" sam asked.

"I'll be right back. I swear its like living with a teenager." He said before walking out the front door.

Haley moved quietly on the roof over to a large tree. She reached out and grabbed the large limb and got on it. This was much easier when she was younger. She carfully made her way down. She was almost free...or so she thought.

"You know, Bobby does have a front door." Dean looked up and said.

"Cant use it. Dean's down there." She said and she continued to climb down.

"Yeah...that guys a real dick."

"You're telling me." She said and jumped down. When she turned around she saw Dean standing there with his arms crossed and he looked pissed.

"Don't look at me like that." She said and pushed by him.

"Where are you going?" he asked and he was hot on her heals.

"Just for a walk." She said.

"Yeah and I believe that."

"I dont care what you believe. I dont need your aproval to do anything." Haley said as she stumbled up the driveway.

"Well princess you arent going to get far. You can barley walked."

"I'm doing just fine!" she yelled.

"Ok that's it." Dean said. He grabbed her by the arms and turned her around.

"Let me go!" Haley screamed and Dean just lifted her over his shoulders and headed back to the house. "You cant keep me here."

"I'm pretty sure I can do what I want." Dean said.

"I will get out of here!" she yelled.

"And I'll just keep bringing you back. Hey it gives me something to do." Dean said and headed inside the house.

"What's going on?" Bobby asked when he saw the two.

"I was going for a walk and this big ape started man hadling me. Abusive bastard!"

"I didnt hit you." Dean said, "God you are so dramtic."

"Just let me go please!" she begged him as tears fell from her eyes, "I'll be good."

"Sure you will." Dean said as he carried her up the stairs and back into her room.

He walked in and slammed the door before dropping her onto the bed. "Listen, I dont care what you do I am not letting you out of this house. You can fight me all you want but sweetheart I will always win and you know it."

"Try me." Haley said and the look in her eyes scared Dean a little but he knew she would never hurt him or anyone no matter how messed up she was.

"I'm doing this to help you! Why cant you see that?"

"I dont want you to help me! I told you that. No one can help me." She said and more tears come pouring out.

"Let me try!"

"No! You'll just get hurt!"

"By who?" he asked and Haley said nothing, "Who is after you Haley?"

"I dont know ok! I dont know who he is. I just want him to go away." She said and placed her face in her hands, "I'm so confused."

Dean walked over and saw beside her and pulled her into his arms, "shh, no one is going to get you. I promise. You just have to let me help you. Stop trying to run away. You'll get better."

"what-what if I dont?" she asked as she cried into his shoulder.

"You will. Just give it time." Dean said. He wasnt sure if he was saying that to make her feel better or if he was saying that make him feel better. Either way he knew they needed to find out who was after her and why.

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