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Mr. & Mrs. K

"Will you marry me?"

Are you serious? That was what I wanted to say. He wanted to marry me. He WANTS to marry me! Gillian Smith, with no sparkling personality, a dark past and a slight serial killer disorder. He knows all about me, and yet, he seems to be content with never leaving my side.


"Really?" He was grinning like a kid who saw a Christmas tree for the first time and so was I.

"Really, I want to be ." I wanted to say more, to shout and interrupt Opie and Lyla's beautiful reception, but he caught me off guard with a kiss so powerful, that thank God he was holding me, or else I'd have fallen.

Good thing everyone else was too busy focusing on the bride and groom to pay any attention to us.

"I'm getting married. Can you believe that?"

I was never a person to talk to inanimate objects. Its obvious they can't respond, but this case was different. Everything was different.

"To that man I brought here once to meet you. Kozik, do you remember him?" It was a beautiful start of the day. The sun was coming up. Koz and I decided to leave early and get to Tacoma before lunch. But first I needed to visit someone.

"You told me once that someday I would meet a great man who would make me happier than I thought it was possible. I always got angry at you because I didn't believe that could happen to me." His gravestone was a little dirty, so I had to take some of the mud to read the name.

"I'm so sorry for being mad at you." A tear rolled right onto my hand as I read suae quisque fortuna faber est and below it said Henry Jacob Donaldson – Beloved father and husband.

"Now I can't stop doing that, all that time! Am I leaking or something Henry? Look at my face, I look like a sponge!" I don't know what I was expecting. Was he going to wake up and give me a lecture about how wrong I was that life would suck for the rest of my days and that I was not going to end up an old hag?

"You were always right, Henry." For the first time, I felt that there was nothing for me here. I could just walk away without any baggage.

And that's what I did. I stood up, put the white roses beside his name and went straight for my leather jacket prince.

"Goodbye father."

"Here we are! What do you think, babe?" Kozik decided that we should stay in a hotel instead of taking the hospitality of the Tacoma clubhouse. He said that the place was too crowded and they didn't like visitors very much. That was the worst lie I'd ever heard.

"It's beautiful! But, what's up with you? Why can't we stay with your brothers? There are a lot of people I don't know yet, remember?" His features changed when I mentioned them. It was a holiday right? So, why not take this little time off and get to know our extended family?

"Do you really want to go out and socialize with everybody else?" there was something going on in the sexy eyes of my future husband.

"Hey, what is it?" We had this crazy and according to Phil, very spooky sync that allowed me to see everything that was going on just by looking into his eyes. And what he didn't tell me, I snatched out of him.

He took me by my hands and guided me to the bed.

"There's something I didn't tell you last night."

I never thought it could get this far. But, from what Kozik told me, some things were left in the dark.

"And this is only the beginning." His tone was sad, yet forceful. There was still a little thing in there that he didn't want to share.

"Koz" I tried to make him look at me, but with no avail. He just stood up and started pacing. "Love, what is it?"

"I don't think like I used to anymore. I can't. I've met you and now we're getting married…" To put an end to his ramble, I took his face in my hands and forced him to look straight into my eyes.

"You and me, remember? I'm not going anywhere." His eyes relaxed for a brief moment. "Now, what is it?"

"I just think that…for now, we could try to live our lives somewhere else…away from the club." He was being serious! I understand that their new deal might bring some trouble to us all. But, stay away?

"Isn't that a bit extreme?" My voice was low. There was no sound coming from outside and I was afraid that he might explode at any time. What he was telling me was extremely serious. Why would he want to break from his family?

"I'll keep doing my errands as always, and all the things the guys ask me to. I just want, to try and see how our life together would be away from all that." I wasn't sure how to respond to that. I sure as hell wasn't going to cut ties with Milla ,Chantal, Tara, Phil, Gemma, Lyla and the kids! But, whatever my soon-to-be-husband says, I'm 100% with him.

"Whatever you say hubby"

"Beautiful, isn't it?" We were driving to the middle of nowhere. Ok, I'm overreacting; it's about 45 minutes of the clubhouse. And let me say, it was a nice view. There was this vast green, with plenty of room to do a little picnic.

And, as cheesy as this sound, that's what we did. Well, after we practiced our shooting.

"Oh, somebody needs to practice a little more!" He was so not mocking me! My next shot topped his.

"Sorry dear, what were you saying?" Next time, it was his aim that went wrong. Score one for Gilly!

"Somebody needs to practice a little more!" My attempt to mock his voice went wrong when he reholstered his gun and decided it was better to chase me. Good thing mine was on the ground. Sadly, I couldn't keep up with his ostrich legs.

"What did you say, little nurse? Are you mocking my aim?" I was supposed to fake being mad at him. But the way the sun shines on his hair is almost impossible for me to ignore with such sight.

"Yes, I am. What would Henry say if I found a man to marry with such poor skills?" Now, that touched a nerve.

"You really shouldn't have said that." I really shouldn't. Because we spent the rest our day, and part of the afternoon with him proving to me how good his aim is.

"I don't know how no one has passed by and charged us with indecent exposure." The smile was evident in my voice, and as much as I tried to, without any real will to, we spent the day wrapped on the blankets that my smart fiancé brought.

"I don't know a single person who would try to come near us and disturb our vacation, darling" He kissed my lips gently, and once again, I was in heaven.

"I could get used to this place." He said, finally getting up to search for his pants. "Living here must be nice. No traffic, just us and nature. What do you think?" I had to laugh at the idea, that doesn't seem like the badass biker I know and love. Then again, there's another side that he only shows to me.

"Great idea, but where would we live, in the trees?" My blouse was actually in one of the apple tress. How did that happen?

"A-ha smarty pants, very funny. I was thinking more on the lines of making us a home. I could build it, you know? Right here." He was dead serious. My Koz is just full of surprises! He started to ramble on and on how he could make us a perfect cozy house in record time, for us to live in after we get married.

"And then you'll cook my meals, like a nice little housewife." He winked and the playful glint didn't go unnoticed by me when he slipped his hands to my butt.

"Very funny, mister authority. What about my work?" That was a touchy subject. I knew that Kozik had that primary desire to grow and protect his family, but I still have needs that I need to fulfill in my type of work, as in helping to save lives…

And taking them.

"Do you really have to?" I knew what he meant; did I really have to go out and play Dexter?

Well, will the police go out and do their jobs to arrest every pedophile and sex offender?

"Yeah, I do." Because no one else does it.

"I understand, just…can you stop it, for a little while?" Could I? I wouldn't be alone anymore. I had to think about what would happen to my husband if someday I got caught. I managed to dodge the penitentiary system so far, I couldn't go there after I became .

"I promise"

Pick up, pick up, pic…

"Milla, hi!" I sounded cheerful, well too cheerful for my own taste. So, it was only natural for my friend to find my tone strange.

"This can't be Gilly speaking, so this is either a very good replica of my friend or something really great happened and I need all the good news I can get." Milla sounded a bit odd; I thought after her husband got out, she'd be happier, her family was all together again. So…

Oh, that subject…

"So, you heard about it, huh?" I immediately regretted my words; Koz and I had a very open display on how we view things, so he told me all about his job and I told him about mine. I never told anything that I knew about what my man told me to anyone. Even Milla.

"Heard what?" She was alert and I didn't even have to see.

"About the proposal, of course!" Partially true. I felt bad for not telling my friend and asking her if she knew about the Russians or not; but it wasn't my place to tell.

"OH MY GOD! HE PROPOSED! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" The next part of our conversation was a round of exclamations that I couldn't possibly understand. All I knew is that my friend was very happy for us.

And so was I, I'm not going to let anything spoil our happiness.