Jake was right his steaks were the best, after I unpacked and fixed my room up which was not as big as the house Allison and I had back in Pullman, this felt right in a way. Being back home with Jake and dad. I can tell that they loved having me back; it has just been those two for the past four or five years. I did almost forget how much I loved Jake; he could make me laugh no matter what mood I was in. That night we stayed up and talked about everything it was two in the morning by the time he went to bed.

The next few weeks where different, I was use to waking up early going to classes, then working, now I am completely thrown off. I have caught up with a lot of old friends from High School, almost of them have said "I have been stuck here, how did you leave?" I could never really give them a straight answer, considering I don't know how I left either. How I ran from everything, how I ran from the truth. "You want to go to the beach?" I looked up from my laptop to see Jake standing there in shorts and a t-shirt, while I was in my pajamas under three blankets and was still freezing. "Jake its freezing," "we aren't going to swim stupid, just hang out, take a walk," I sighed, "let me change."

I really missed First Beach, I remember I would come here everyday after tutoring and soccer. "Why did you leave Ray?" Jacob has called me Ray for as long as I can remember. I was quiet trying to think up a reason, but if I lied to Jacob then when he figured out the truth it would just hurt him more. "I ran," "from what?" I sighed, "From the fact mom was gone, from this place, I felt like I was closed up, like this place was all I will ever know. I didn't want that neither did Rebecca," Jake was quiet for a long time was we walked, "I missed you so much," "Jacob I'm sorry," he was quiet I jumped in front of him, even then he was looking out to the ocean. "Jake, look at me," he did as I said, "I am truly sorry."

After that day I felt like a little bit of weight was lifted off my shoulders, one person to tell down tons more to go. I also started running again, I forgot how much I loved running, it feels like nothing can touch me that everything is left behind and I am running into a new future.