It was a dark and stormy night when the Potters, Lily and James, were murdered by the darkest wizard who everyone feared the most. Everyone knew his name but never speaks of it, for it frightens all. So instead they call him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. For that night he came to the Potter's house. Lily was taking her baby son upstairs to bed while James was downstairs in the basement with another baby. It was a baby girl in fact. James was trying to find something he needed in the basement and he had brought along his baby girl with him. Both of the babies were twins even though one was a boy and the other one was a girl. Lily and James had both named the boy Harry, but they didn't know what to name the girl because she came a few minutes after Harry.

"How about we name the girl Sarah? What about that James?" asked Lily.

"Hmm. I don't think so. How about we name her Ryan?" he joked.

"No. We are not going to name her Ryan. Besides, Ryan is a boy's name," protested Lily. James laughed.

"Okay, but Ryan can be a girl's name," said James. Lily just looked at James with a stern look.

"What?" James asked. Lily shook her head.

"What about if we name her Jane?" asked Lily.

"Hmm. That name does sound nice," he answered.

"So? Should we name her Jane?" Lily asked again.

"Let's name her Jane," he finally agreed.

So then it was decided to name the baby girl Jane. Lily and James Potter couldn't ask for more because they were happy with their new baby twins. But, terror struck the night. One week after the twins was born. James was in the basement of his house trying to find something Lily wanted. He had one of the babies with him, which was the baby girl, Jane. Lily had Harry with her. Suddenly, there was a blood-curdling, terrifying scream that came from upstairs. The scream was very loud that you could hear it from a couple blocks away. James immediately stopped what he was doing and ran up the steps from the basement and up the stairs to go find his wife because he knew from that scream that it was hers. But, what he didn't know was that he had just left Jane all by herself in the basement!

"Lily! Lily!" James shouted trying to get her to answer. "LILY!" There was no reply. James now was frightened that something had happened to her. Boy, was he right. He ran into the babies' room to find his wife, Lily, on the ground, motionless. He looked for Harry but didn't see him until he heard the spell that had frightened him for a long time.

"Avada Kedavra!"

James instantly put his hands over his body to make sure that he wasn't the one being killed, but he wasn't. Suddenly, he knew whom this person was trying to kill. He was trying to kill Harry! James fled to the window and saw a dark black figure standing in front of a fence and before the dark black figure was Harry. He was just lying down in a blanket in front of the figure. James ran down the stairs and outside. He grabbed his wand out of his pocket, but before he could conjure up a spell, the dark figure pointed his wand at James and a green light showed brightly in James's eyes. Instantly, James fell to the ground dead, his wand still in his hands. The dark figure now turned his attention toward the baby boy lying down in the blanket on the grass. It raised its wand and a bright green light shown in front of the boy. Then disappeared quickly just like that. But, the baby boy was still alive. The dark cloaked figure looked down at the baby boy, then fled into the air and disappeared into the night sky. All was silent. No one made a single sound for the night air would surely devourer the sound and all. Then out of nowhere came a grumbling sound. It sounded like a huge big bike was near. Just like the dark cloaked figured fled, a big giant motorbike came out of the sky and hit the ground. It skidded to a halt in front of Harry who was asleep at this point. He picked up Harry very carefully, not to wake him up. He put Harry in his baby sling that was already on him. He carefully got onto his bike and left into the cold night air. Meanwhile, while the man was getting Harry, he didn't realize that there was a baby crying her heart out in the basement of the Potters. Jane was still in the basement crying and crying. She didn't know what had just happened. The basement was all quite except for the crying of Jane. She was in a baby carrier so that she wouldn't get out. Soon minutes passed and Jane was still crying. As hours and hours went by, Jane's crying decreased and decreased. Soon there was no crying at all. It was just silence.

At about 9:00 in the morning the next day, Jane was sleeping when there was a big bang. The sound echoed throughout the entire house. Then there were footsteps walking around above where Jane sat still as a statue. The footsteps came closer and closer to the door to the basement. Suddenly, Jane could hear the footsteps coming down the steps and then, there standing by the steps to the basement door was a woman. She was about 40 years old. She had long red hair. She had freckles and her face was a face of sorrow and worry. The woman had on long dark blue jeans and a jacket to keep her warm. When the woman saw Jane she gasped.

"Oh, my! What has happened to your parents?" she said with a sad voice. "And what has happened to you, my dear?" Did your parents forget about you? Well, let's go find them. I think your mother might be upstairs. I found your father dead outside. Hopefully, your mother is alive with your brother." She picked up Jane and they both walked upstairs to find Lily's body that lay limp. It lay motionless on the ground. The woman gasped and put Jane in the crib that was nearby. The woman knelt down next to Lily and then without knowing it, tears started to run down the woman's cheeks. Jane, at hearing the woman crying decided on it being okay to cry, started crying herself. The woman looked up to see Jane's arms and legs waving in the air.

"Are you crying too?" she asked as she got up from her knees. She picked up Jane and tried to calm her down.

"How about we go to my house and you can go to sleep? How does that sound?" The woman walked out of the house and walked down the block to her house. This is where everything started. This is the house where Jane Potter grew up and lived with her neighbor, Mrs. Walton. Finally, the day came. That one specific day that will change her entire life and future forever.

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